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4 Ways You Can Market Your Blog Ethically (And Avoid Google Penalties)

market your blog ethically

So many factors affect search engine results and keyword optimization. Customer behavior studies show that many low-ranking websites are completely disregarded, because prospective clients follow top links to find a solution to their query.

But few businesses have time to market their blog effectively. White hat SEO tactics require time, patience, and imagination to create. Companies have to watch their analytics and generate up-to-date reports to see which processes are effective and which to throw away.

Here are five ways to market your blog ethically, and avoid getting penalized by search engine algorithms.

1. Guest blogging

Search rankings improve as more authoritative industry websites link back to your company’s webpage. Take advantage of this by networking with the digital business community: offer to write guest blog posts for other websites.

Discuss the value of your company’s service and products, and invite readers to visit your blog for more information. In turn, you can invite other industry experts to write something for your blog, and create a culture of sharing. Fans of prominent bloggers will often follow them to new websites, which will bring more traffic to your blog.

2. Authoritative content

A blog should offer a fresh, unique perspective. What will distinguish yours from scores of other websites and blogs? Never using canned material or recycled content.

This is one of the major red flags that come up for search engines when they score the reputability of a website. Entries copied and pasted across various blogs will inevitably receive low rankings. Be sure to link to authority resources, such as academic journals, business articles, and industry news.

3. Relevant keyword usage

Many blogs are penalized for flooding their website with irrelevant keywords, hoping that customers will stumble upon the site after typing a query into a search engine. This actually hurts rankings, since a blog should use only the few keywords that pertain to its area(s) of expertise.

Content keywords should be succinct phrases. Picture what users would type into a search engine when trying to find your blog.

4. Incorporating social media

Another great way to increase traffic is to market via social media. Sign up for major networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Download administrative tools such as the Facebook Pages app to review how effective each post is. Get into the habit of updating social media with short, attention-grabbing lines that encourage readers to learn more at your blog.

As blogs grow, many individuals and companies recognize that effective marketing tactics like social media campaigns, keyword crafting, and content production require significant time investment. Expert SEO services can help deploy ethical blog tactics, which frees you to focus on business operations.

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