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Top 10 Plugins You Should Always Install on Your WordPress Blog

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These best way to make the most of your blog is to produce high quality content and have the right plugins to get you to where you want to be. Lets explore the Top 10 plugins that you should install on your WordPress blog.

Yoast SEO

What – Yoast is a complete SEO tool that comes with features such as Post Title and meta description templates, RSS enhancements, Permalink clean up and many more.

Why – This is crucial for your website because you need to rank high in the search engines to get found and be seen by your target audience So the better you optimize your blog, the more visibility you will receive from the search engines.

YouAPPi Content Recommendation Plugin

What – When you’re reading through a blog about your favorite sports team or financial advice this plugin adds app recommendations at the bottom of the post that are relevant to the content on the page and to the individual engaged user.

Why – The importance of this plugin is that not only will your readers be more interested in downloading the apps suggested because they are relevant to the topic they’re reading about but it puts a little money in your pocket because YouAPPi pays publishers per download of apps.

W3 Total Cache

What – The focus of this plugin is to be your WPO or WordPress Performance Optimization tool. It helps with your user experience and the speed of your page.

Why – Because people aren’t going to stick around your blog very long if your page doesn’t load in a timely manner and the user experience is poor.

Vault Press

What – Every site needs a security system and a way to keep things backed up. That’s what Valut Press does.

Why – As a blogger you want to be able to sleep well at night knowing your amazing blog isn’t being messed with. Here’s some other security plugins for WordPress, right from the Blogging Pro blog.

Digg Digg

What – Digg Digg works hand in hand with buffer to be an all in one social spreading plugin. It allows you to display all your buttons in one place.

Why – You don’t want people to just read your latest post and say: “that was cool” and then forget about it. You need to remind them to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. so they share it with their friends.


What – Disqus is a community of communities that helps you build your community of active readers who are interested in your content. At the end of the day, this helps create stronger engagement with your readers.

Why – Well there’s not much of a point in having a blog if you aren’t trying to share content that people are going to be interested in reading.


What – Are you tired of comment spam? Then you need to get the plugin called Akismet. I know that sounds like a lame infomercial but that’s exactly what it does and it’s awesome so deal with it!

Why – People aren’t going to take your blog seriously if you’re allowing every spammy junk comment on your site. Keep it together man. It will be appreciated.

Gravity Forms

What – Well you want to include an sweet contact form into your blog but it’s way too much work to figure it out yourself so you install gravity forms and it takes care of that for you.

Why – Because you’re interested in what your readers think you should improve or have to say about your material you’re putting out. Also you want a way to be contacted by advertisers and guest posters who want to be included on your blog as well.

Facebook Subscribe

What – This allows people to like you on Facebook so they are subscribed to whatever cool stuff you post on your FB page.

Why – People want to feel and be connected. What better way than to let them connect with you on Facebook and be your “Friend”? I can’t think of a better way, can you?

Backup Buddy

What – This excellent plugin allows you to do three crucial things. Backs up all your info, restores your site if it gets hacked or broken in any way, and moves it to a new domain if you change your domain name.

Why – You never know when you’re going to need any of these features but it helps with your piece of mind knowing you have that capability whenever it comes up.

These are all handy and helpful plugins and we recommend you install all of them once your blog is up and running. Happy blogging!

Greg is a member of the youAPPi marketing team. youAPPi is a mobile application company who helps app developers grow the number of app installs through their app recommendation and discovery publisher program. To learn more about youAPPi, you can visit their blog.

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  1. Wordpress says: 8/8/2013

    Thanks for the useful add-ons that helped me a lot


  2. David ) says: 8/8/2013

    Thanks for including Gravity Forms in your list. We really appreciate it, and agree that many of these should be on your “must install’ list.


  3. Rudd ) says: 8/9/2013

    Great list, except for Disqus :D Not sure if it’s just me that dislike that plugin. Digg Digg is great and we’re using it on our blog, but the people over Beginner just released a floating plugin that make use of socialite script to reduce loading speed for those social buttons.


  4. Devtard ) says: 8/9/2013

    You forgot to mention my awesome and obviously must-have plugin Automatic Post Tagger: :) Please check it out, it may save you a lot of time when tagging posts.


  5. David says: 8/10/2013

    Good list with some important plugins. For article rating I would recommend the Purple Heart Rating Plugin, available as free and as premium version:

    It helps me to get these stars in the google search results snippets and also offers a good feedback option after rating. All this comes for a decent price in the premium version and it’s easy to use, no unnecessary gizmos.


  6. Global Uc ) says: 8/16/2013

    The websites that design and develop the cms Platform like wordpress have require the plugin to work in the mind catching way.


  7. Ashish Jain ) says: 8/16/2013

    Good Post Sir,

    I came to know about “YouAPPi Content Recommendation Plugin” and “Disqus” after reading this post. Really Informative !

    I have also posted My list Most essential WordPress Plugins on my blog.

    Check this out..

    Please share your thoughts on this list, it will helped me a lot.


  8. taha says: 8/24/2013

    i have been using W3 Total Cache on all my site . A great plugin to speed up a website. will try some of these plugins :) thanks


  9. Chelsea Thomas says: 10/3/2013

    When you hire wordpress developer, you can get an idea on which plugins you can install. Thank you for these pointers. You just made my day by listing these plugins and save me from troubles.


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  12. Kim says: 11/7/2013

    I love yoast SEO the most. It gives you keyword density and a lot more for your blog. The best thing is of course to blog everyday and treat your blog as a business entity. Some other plug in i really think awesome is – super spun for your blog when you dont’ want to write yet having total control of your content.


  13. Vadim ) says: 11/27/2013

    Great list of pluggins!

    I also suggest to use awesome plugin — AtContent ( It help’s me to increase views by 146% in month!


  14. Andy says: 12/31/2013

    Great list, thank you! I use most of the plugins you listed here. I also use Ultimate Post Thumbnails plugin to have images in blogs and portfolios display in slideshow.


  15. naveen kumar rajput says: 1/22/2014

    All above plugins are very important for a good website ,and iam also using some of the plugins mentioned above.Akismet and SEO by yoast is very important according to me.I love this website also.


  16. sarah says: 4/8/2014



  17. Top wordpress Plugin ) says: 7/25/2014

    All plugin is helpful for wordpress user. But some plugin increase website loding time. By the way i have been using some plugin .thanks for awesome article