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  1. Torkild Smith

    Great article and thanks for sharing these tips.

    I have a couple of resource demanding web sites that I host on my server and I will implement this.

  2. Jerralyn Tanoc

    Yes. I agree. Thank you for sharing this cool plug-ins. I am very satisfied using smush it, where in the plug-in optimize all the images. Really cool and tested that it can improve the fastness of rendering of your site.

  3. netuser

    thanks a lot Simon , i will try those plugins today !

  4. Jonny

    Nice article. Often the biggest culprit is the cheap shared hosting. Bluehost VPS or WP Engine are the best options for WP webmasters.

  5. Pamala

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  6. Rahul Sharma

    I was looking for these plugins from many days, thanks for sharing.

  7. precious

    Thank you so much.This very useful

  8. Hidayat Mundana

    For some websites I use W3 Total Cache to speed up my website, but for others, I instantly optimize use. Htaccess

  9. toko online murah

    I also use a plugin wp database optimizer

  10. rohit marathe

    i had got a google page speed of 90/100 but i was unable to maintain it but now it is only 60 then i changed themes did few changes can you tell me the plugin which would maintain the page speed or remind me when i do certain changes

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