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The Truth About SEO & Dedicated IP For Bloggers

dedicated IPThere is a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue of whether or not having a dedicated IP offers a significant boost in terms of SEO. For a long time many webmasters believed that having a dedicated IP address would improve the website’s page ranking and even although Google have dispelled this myth there are still many people who believe this to be true.

Getting To The Root of The Myth

The myth that a dedicated IP can improve SEO rankings has been around for a long time and it is difficult to trace where it actually came from. However, in 2006 Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team stated once and for all that there was no connection between the two. “There is no PageRank difference whatsoever between these two cases (virtual hosting vs. dedicated IP)”, said Matt Cutts.

Is There Any Value In A Dedicated IP?

So is a dedicated IP address a complete waste of money? In short, no it is not – there are still reasons to choose one. One particular situation in which a dedicated IP is not only a good idea, but something of a necessity is if your website is dealing in e-commerce. When you are operating a shopping cart on your website it is very likely that you require an SSL certificate in which case you will need to ask your hosting provider to allocate you a dedicated IP address for your website. This will make sure that all of your customers’ data is secure during transactions.

Understanding The Difference Between Dedicated IP and Dedicated Hosting

Where some webmasters are getting confused is that they are putting a dedicated IP in place of dedicated hosting. While the value of having a dedicated IP address is only apparent in a small selection of situations, there are many benefits to having dedicated server hosting.

dedicated IP

With dedicated hosting, your website does not share a server with anyone else. This means that all of the available resources are accessible to you at all times. Dedicated hosting is considered more reliable, more secure and offers higher levels of performance than shared hosting does. However, while these are good things for any website, it will not have any impact on your SEO rankings – just take a look at the Webmaster Guidelines from Google and you will note that a dedicated IP address is never mentioned as a best practice.

Improving Your SEO Rank

The fact remains that in order to have a good SEO ranking, you need good SEO practices and that begins with having some great content on your website. You should not even begin to start tweaking your SEO until you have unique and relevant content as this is what Google and other search engines are really interested in.

Once you have great content, you also need to think about your web hosting. This is where choosing a dedicated server comes in as it will improve your website’s speed giving you the edge over slower websites. This will also improve your uptime and overall performance which will leave a good impression on your visitors.

In conclusion, it is time for webmasters to stop looking for shortcuts in terms of their SEO. Instead of wasting time trying to ‘get one over’ on Google (because it won’t happen) it is better to put that time and effort into creating a fantastic website full of useful content that people will want to visit. There is no SEO advantage in having a dedicated IP address, although you will want to consider dedicated hosting. The key to better SEO rankings is focusing on content first and foremost as this is how you will build a genuine audience.

Correy Weimer is a writer for hosting provider Correy specializes in helping others to choose the right type of hosting to meet their needs. You can find out more about dedicated hosting by Singlehop by visiting their website.

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    Yes i agree with dedicated hosting is the best idea for your multiple domains. but one thing i just want to know is there any role of ip address in seo ranking factor? if yes then please reply me.


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    i agree with dedicated hosting is the best idea for your multiple domains..


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    the article does not answer the main question, the dedicated IP address is or is not a factor in SEO? We know that we need to create content, new, fresh, exciting, but it comes to IP ….