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It is almost impossible to talk about marketing online today without mentioning guest blogging. Whether your aim is to improve brand exposure, get quality backlinks or attract traffic to your website, it is worth it to consider guest blogging. In this post, a review of guest blogging reveals the best practices you should familiarize yourself with.

How Important is Guest Blogging

With all the talk about guest blogging, it is natural to start asking yourself what the big deal about guest blogging is.

However, this post isn’t going to talk about the benefits of guest blogging — there are a lot of posts about that already. Instead, to show you how powerful guest blogging can be, I will be sharing some top brands that are benefiting from guest blogging one way or the other. Here are some of the top brands benefiting from guest blogging:

  • Intel
  • Evernote
  • Xbox
  • Bufferapp
  • Klout
  • Salesforce
  • Forrester

For a list of more of these blogs, and exactly how they approach guest blogging, you will find this post by Ann Smarty immensely helpful. Review Of How to Guest Blog the Right Way

So, if top brands are using guest blogging, why shouldn’t you? In this section, a review of guest blogging reveals a few tips to help you blog the right way:

1. Stick to Writing Quality Content: As a guest blogger, ensuring that the quality of your guest posts is up to standard will not only go a long way to establish your reputation, but it will also guarantee results for your guest posting efforts.

In a recent article on its blog, a review of these practices highlighted the importance of quality content, and noted that it is critical to avoid contributing content that is not up to par. Otherwise, you can damage your brand.

The better the content you contribute to other blogs, the more likely it will be shared by others, which ensures you get results from your efforts, and the more likely you will be invited by the blogger to contribute another post.

Here are some tips for writing quality guest posts that deliver results:

  • Understand the blog you are contributing to. Understand the topic of the blog as well as its style. Make sure this influences the articles you write. If you are a blogger, you can probably relate to how irritating it can be to get requests from people who want you to publish an article about carpentry on your business blog. Understand the blog first, then pitch your article.
  • Write positive content that evokes the emotions of your readers. Studies have revealed that pieces of content that go viral usually evoke readers’ emotions. However, it is important to avoid writing negative content; not only will it not help your content go viral, but it could also have a negative impact on your brand.
  • Focus on your headline. Make sure your headline helps people to appreciate your content. A good headline will also help you to catch the attention of your host blogger and readers.

2. Ensure Your Guest Posts Contribute towards Building Your Profile

As recommended by, review the importance of building authorship. With all the noise about authorship lately, it can be difficult to determine whether it matters or not. believes that it does matter. Whenever you’re guest blogging under your real name with the aim of improving exposure to your blog via guest blogging, make sure to link your name back to your Google+ account. Not only will this show your picture besides your guest posts in the search engines, helping you to build your brand, it will also help you build your profile as an authority in your niche.

3. Carefully Select the Sites You Guest Blog On

As urged by, review this central principle: guest blogging isn’t about ease, but about relevance. If you blog about health topics, make sure you’re guest posting on relevant health blogs. If you blog about marketing, make sure you’re writing for sites that deal with marketing in one way or the other.

By guest blogging on irrelevant sites, not only are you diluting your brand, you’re putting yourself in a position to be slapped by Google for having an unnatural backlink profile.


As recommended by, review these ways to get results from guest blogging, but don’t think an investigation is enough of a commitment. These strategies won’t necessarily make an impact unless you know what you are doing. The real key to getting results is to take action. Follow the best practices above, and you will be astounded by the results.

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  1. Jason R ) says: 10/7/2013

    Quality content if key! Point number 1 is number 1 for a reason. Not only is it good for the blog and engagement by readers, but Google values it.


  2. greg cobb ) says: 10/7/2013

    Guest posting is key in the right setting. I agree that you need to know what your doing in order to get people engaged.


  3. Adam Felch ) says: 10/7/2013

    If I had to choose one thing from this article, it would be “Write positive content that evokes the emotions of your readers.” If you know your audience, you should be able to write in a way that pulls at their heart-strings. This is huge.


  4. Dennis Brown ) says: 10/7/2013

    You can never have enough positive content about yourself on the net. Make sure guest posts are part of your online presence. Great post!


  5. Angel Santiago ) says: 10/7/2013

    Sticking with quality content is key! Anyone can write a blog, but most can’t get the engagement that’s required to make it relevant. The better the quality, the more engagement.


  6. brooks says: 10/7/2013

    It is clear that content is king, whether your post is sponsored or not.


  7. Matt B. says: 10/7/2013

    Getting yourself noticed by guest blogging is a great new way to bring attention to positive content!


  8. Brian Newmark ) says: 10/7/2013

    The USTODAY just put out an article talking about similar issues. Business owners must engage with people on the web, if not, you will cease to exist.


  9. Celina L. ) says: 10/7/2013

    Content is super important to keep consistent. My motto is to write something I’d be interested in learning about no matter what.


  10. Emily Thompson says: 10/7/2013

    Creating quality, relevant guest posts will not only enhance your online reputation and personal brand, but help to position you as a leader in your industry as well. This article gives great tips on how to do this successfully.


  11. Zac says: 10/7/2013

    See, what I love about Guest Posting, is that it can be fun. Strong content makes the post, and it’s a rule of thumb that if you’re actively enjoying what you’re writing about, your content is going to reflect that. While the article doesn’t say this outright, I think it implies that enthusiasm is a big part of writing a proper guest post.


  12. Ann Johnson ) says: 10/7/2013

    Guest blogging is a great way for businesses to improve their following online. When you allow a leader in the field to guest comment on your blog, not only are your followers seeing the information, but theirs are too!


  13. Cliff S says: 10/7/2013

    Great advice regarding the importance of guest posting on industry specific sights. I have personally found this to be an EXTREMELY effective way to build out and develop brand names.


  14. paul sweeney says: 10/7/2013

    Strong online brands are built on content that engages the reader.


  15. Joshua Griffith ) says: 10/7/2013

    Post where you will reach people who can support or benefit you and your brand.


  16. James H ) says: 10/7/2013

    Quality content and strategy are key to incremental online success.


  17. Harrison Pew says: 10/7/2013

    While guest blogging, it definitely is key to stick to the market niche you are most known for. This will build a great amount of credibility for yourself, as well as your online reputation. Straying away from this will just make readers think that you are guest blogging wherever you want just to guest blog.


  18. Cory R. says: 10/7/2013

    Guest blogging shows the search engines you’re part of a community and are respected. They will boost up your blog’s prominence because of that.


  19. Dan Connolly says: 10/7/2013

    If you can create engaging content, readers will be interested in what you have to say–it’s that simple.


  20. Mia Wallace says: 10/7/2013

    Guest blogging is a great first step to growing your online presence. Great best practices!


  21. Tom N says: 10/7/2013

    Guest blogging is a great way to get noticed by not only your peers, but also the search engines.


  22. Jake says: 10/7/2013

    That last post is so important. Having a natural link profile will not only help your rankings, it will also increase traffic by targeting a relevant audience.


  23. Ian S says: 10/7/2013

    Guest blogging is essential for individuals looking to control their SERPs. It gives the reader a credible third party referral. Great piece!


  24. Genevieve Moser says: 10/7/2013

    So many people value the information they read on blogs these day. This makes it extremely important that you are contributing to blogs, but it is even more important that you are doing it right. The tip about quality content is so true and everyone should take note!


  25. Michael Petrucci ) says: 10/7/2013

    Talk about what you know!


  26. Greg Stathes says: 10/8/2013

    I agree with this article, investigation is only the first step. The hardest is taking an action plan, getting your quality diverse content out there, and taking the time to ensure that it can be discovered easily.


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