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5 Non-Technical Ways to Catch the Mobile Marketing Wave

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As the mobile world goes, so goes the world of marketing. Recent data only serve to underscore this point. Statistics from Pew, for example, put mobile device usage in the United States at about 200 million people. And of these cellular, smartphone and tablet users, a healthy 74% rely on their devices for web browsing and news updates in real time. Of course, the modern marketer is likely well aware of this fact and has a concomitant strategy to help boost that return on investment. As for those who don’t already have a mobile plan of attack in place… well, it’s now do or die time.

That means diving headfirst into a pool that not only has changing water levels, but a changing shape as well. New innovations and trends alter the landscape on a near monthly basis, and its up to the keen marketer to see his mark and take it down. Here are some mobile marketing tactics that should help to boost ROI in the ever-changing world of mobile.

Consider native advertising

For a long time, the term “native advertising,” was an amorphous one with a definition that changed depending upon whom you asked. The concept itself sprang up after PPC ran its course and folks realized plastering pop up ads weren’t making a dent. Some savvy marketer along the way had the bright idea to sugarcoat that pill and incorporate the message into the content. The result is a subtle art form that can pay dividends if implemented properly.

Don’t abandon text

Short message service (SMS) has a sturdy future for the simple reason it was designed primarily for the mobile platform. It reaches 100% of the marketplace. And despite the growing embrace of smartphones in Latin America, some 69% of the populace still uses feature cell phones. For them, SMS is the primary way to get the message across. As for the smartphones, text can be tailored to video, apps, offers and more.

Be “responsive”

This mobile age is one of the few instances in life where being a reactionary can pay off big time. Looking at all the social trends is key, finding out what people are sharing and “liking” is even more important. Crafting advertising strategies around people’s long-term habits is almost guaranteed to hit that target consumer base. After all, this is inherently what Google+ is doing at the moment: building an all-encompassing SEO-based social platform.

Know that social and mobile are fast becoming one

Even more noteworthy than the notion of responsive advertising is the notion of full integration between mobile and social. At the moment, 40% of Facebook’s total revenue comes in mobile form, and Twitter and YouTube aren’t far off. There will come a day, relatively soon, when this percentage is far closer to 100 than 50. Marketers would do well to act accordingly.

Be relevant

The old tenets of successful SEO, such as “offer useful content,” apply to mobile marketing as well. It is crucial to provide the user with seamless, relevant, useful content, as this is the most effective way to get shares and go viral. The most important thing marketers should keep in mind is not to overdo it; smartphone screens won’t handle much text. To this end, think small — get the point across without blowing out the screen.

Many of these strategies will likely remain evergreen for the foreseeable future. However, marketers should always be up to date on the latest trends. Even showing up to this particular party a mere few minutes late can result in being locked out of it for good.

Kelvin Jenkins is a professional blogger that shares his advice on online marketing and SEO. He writes for HigherVisibility, a leading search engine optimization firm.

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