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Local Matters: Get Familiar With Your Neighborhood to Promote Your Blog


It’s easy to get caught up in addressing a global readership whenever you post a blog article. But you can’t forget the value behind word-of-mouth marketing and connections.

Your neighborhood is a microcosm of prospective readers, and you can tap into its potential by getting the word out there and engaging with your community. Also, it gives bloggers a great excuse to step outside once in a while, grab some fresh air, and take a break from staring at the computer.

Seek out venues

Chances are, you have access to community centers, libraries, and coffee shops that host events that cater to people with similar interests. You can tap into these great audience resources by calling or emailing event administrators, explaining your blog expertise, and asking to sit in on an event.

If you enjoy a journalistic approach, write up an article that covers a community event. Once you’ve posted it on your blog, follow up with these venues and event organizers, and link them back to your piece. They will likely want to share what you’ve posted with others in your community and on social media.

Trade contact information

Never get caught without a business card or promotional flyer. You might be surprised at how much traffic old-school paper marketing materials can bring in.

While digital ads have taken over our computers and mobile devices, you can tap into different demographics with paper marketing materials. Leave your business or blog contact information on community bulletin boards and in coffee shops.

Whenever you have an interesting conversation with someone, offer that person your business card and invite him or her to check out your blog. People ascribe more value to a website if they’ve received a personal invitation.

Pass out your blog information to friends and family members, and ask them to be your advocate if opportunities arise. Have a few blog articles in mind when you extend the invitation, and tell people about how you’ve featured local novelties, restaurants, and landmarks on your blog. This can rouse curiosity and lead people to your website.

Consider local interests

Pay attention to local news and politics. Subscribe to your neighborhood newsletter, if there is one. This can help you keep in touch with current events, business fluctuations, and new building developments.

You might be able to incorporate this news into your blog workflow, and post occasionally about the newest developments in your neighborhood or city. Civil rights and legal issues debated in your neighborhood can have ripples across your state and the nation.

Work with nearby businesses

Consider selling advertising space on your blog and newsletter to local businesses. If you can demonstrate that you write with your community in mind, these organizations might recognize your blog as prime real estate for their next ad campaign. This can further tie your blog into the fabric of the neighborhood, since it will be associated with nearby businesses.

Get some traction by interviewing local celebrities and noteworthy figures. People love to see their communities featured in the media, and this can help you establish credibility among local businesses. Once you’ve written several features and interviews, put together a rate sheet and begin contacting nearby companies.

Bloggers must consider local and global audiences if they wish to build a successful and engaged readership. Catering to the needs of your community can help you build popularity on a small level, which can then spread through social media and word of mouth.

Featuring your neighborhood can give you a more personable voice, and enable your readers to get a closer look at the personality and environment driving your blog.

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