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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights (December 2-6)

Job board highlightsHow was the first week of December for you? Are you all done with your Christmas shopping?

If you’re more focused on looking for jobs, here are the job board highlights from this week. Good luck!

Online Copywriter

Blast Analytics & Marketing is an analytics and digital marketing agency that’s been in business for 14 years. They are looking for an experienced, passionate, and well-rounded team member who can contribute his expertise in content strategy and optimization, and has an insatiable desire to continually learn, grow and master new skills.

Social Media Writer

A small niche consulting company that works with hospitals across the country wants to expand their marketing base and are looking for a talented journalist who will write content for the company web site, blog, FB and Twitter sites on a ‘as needed’ basis.

Longform/Narrative Freelance Writers

Curbed is seeking longform and narrative stories from freelance writers and photographers about the topics closest to their heart: architecture and design, real estate, and neighborhoods. They’re looking for features that dig deep while also maintaining Curbed’s voice.

BOMB Online Art Editor

Art editor wanted to work with BOMB’s editorial staff to produce the art section of BOMB Daily, BOMB Magazine’s online edition. The art editor will traffic pitches, solicit pieces, and edit work for publication on BOMB’s website under the supervision of BOMB’s web editor.

Technology eCommerce Blogger

Freshplum is looking for bloggers to write on developments in e-commerce, online promotions, technology, and the impact behavioral economics principles can have on online retail. Writers with writing experience in these areas will be given preference.

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  1. Bananaman ) says: 12/6/2013

    There is this girl that I went to high school with and we used to really like each other. I am older than her and I am in college while she is still in high school. She still texts me a lot and for some reason asks about the college girls and always looks for an excuse to talk to me. The other day I visited my high school and when she noticed I was there she started like hiding or hoping that I wouldn’t see her. I don’t understand why she would do this after four months of me not seeing her. I am so nice to her and we’ve known each other forever. I cant imagine a reason why she would dislike me. I approached her and she seemed really awkward and ended the conversation as quickly as possible. I texted her later that she didnt have to be so shy and that she looked good, and she responded asking what I was talking about and that she looked like ****. I think she looked fine like she always does. What is her deal? I didn’t think I would really care at first but its getting at me I don’t know why


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