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Common Challenges Presented With Online Video And How To Overcome Them

Online video is an excellent communication tool that is used in a variety of contexts.  Similar to almost any other form of online content, there are some inherent disadvantages seen in online video.  Also similar to almost any other form of online content, there are practical solutions for most issues that arise with online video.  Combat common challenges with easy solutions.

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Below is a list of the most common challenges with online video and corresponding solutions:

Challenge #1: Little Personal Interaction with Viewers

Online videos used for sales initiatives, employee communication, and customer outreach can appear impersonal.  In addition, online video does not typically offer options for back-and-forth dialogue.  Other concerns include lack of audience feedback and unknown levels of audience engagement.

The Solution

The KZO online video player includes multiple features with online video capture that promotes dialogue and viewer engagement.  Features that include real-time chat and threaded discussions can promote a more personal and engaging approach to online video.  In addition, quizzes and polls can be given after a video ends.  The right measurement tools can help gauge how well content was retained, how well viewers were paying attention to the content presented, and how well the video was received by viewers.

Challenge #2: Videos are Not Readily Searchable

Few viewers will watch a lengthy video in order to find a highly relevant clip that is five minutes in duration.  Many online videos address multiple topics, and many viewers might only be interested in viewing one or two.

The Solution

Add chapters to organize online videos.   Viewers can quickly scan video chapters to determine where the most relevant content is.  Companies can save costs by allowing employees to quickly access necessary content.  Similarly, companies can provide a superior experience for clients and customers by indexing online videos.  In addition, supplemental PDF materials or PowerPoint slides can be added to online video.  Viewers can search for keywords by using text when accessing a broad topic or a particular slide.  Indexing strategies in online video content creation can make video easily searchable and more relevant to different types of viewers.

Challenge #3: Content Will Become Outdated

This challenge is almost inevitable with any kind of communication materials.  Outdated content can be confusing, irrelevant, or counterproductive.  The dissemination of outdated or misinformation can cause viewers to question a company’s overall level of competency and expertise.

The Solution

Add updated information to old videos instead of continually creating new ones.  Optimize the allocation of resources by making simple changes.  Only create new videos as necessary.

Challenge #4: Videos that are not Functional on Mobile Devices

Recent research suggests that a whopping 48% of smartphone users watch online video on mobile devices.  It is paramount to use the right online video platform to increase accessibility.  Viewers need to be able to watch a video that is supported by major mobile device operating systems.

The Solution

Stay on the safe side.  Invest in online videos and online video platforms that are automatically compatible with mobile devices as well as personal computers.

Is Online Video Worth It?

In short, yes.  Online video is effective in a variety of contexts, from consumer education to employee professional development.  Use simple solutions to address common challenges associated with online video.

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  1. Shawn Hartwell ) says: 12/12/2013

    I have always wanted to incorporate the use of video into my website projects. The thing that keeps holding me back is a lack of technical knowledge. I’m not a video creator by any means and the biggest I’ve ever done were AMV’s back in the day with WMM(Windows Movie Maker.)

    The idea of live Q&A’s and other ‘live broadcasts’ certainly intrigues me, and I have plans to incorporate them. They’re not very difficult because, well, their live. There is no need to create fancy video effects and animations. It’s just you and whoever is watching.

    Thanks for the article. Gave me some good ideas.


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