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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights (December 9-13)

Job board highlightsGood morning! Here are the job board highlights from this week.

Wedding Blogger and Social Media Writer

Wanted: a skilled blogger and social media writer who can produce unique, high quality articles on a blog and social media network. This position will require a passion for fashion and wedding industry and the ability to produce beautiful work visually.

Bloggers for Business Solutions

A soon-to-be-launched crowdsourced blogging platform is looking for multiple freelance bloggers to contribute articles and posts about business solutions in a wide array of categories.

Funny Writer

Kind of writing: Humor
Topic: Greeting Card Style Messages
Tone: Informal/Casual
100 messages, must be humorous, similar style to what is seen on Can not be a direct copy. Acceptable to use some as inspiration and reword to make it original.

Education Blogger

Education blog, InformED, is growing and looking for a blogger to join the team. You’ll be writing current news and curating awesome stories of the past.

Fashion Writers with Classic Style

Women’s lifestyle blog is looking for freelance writers/bloggers who have a passion for fashion. Professional or hobbyists are welcome.

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