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Marrying Innovation and Automated Marketing Platforms

Marketing is defined as the “business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” Traditional marketing firms include print, television and radio ads. Other traditional marketing firms are print, visual and audio interviews with business owners. The larger the media platform, the better. For example, landing a feature interview on Good Morning America (GMA) or CNN can put you and your business in front of millions of viewers, giving you the chance to introduce your products or services to a larger number of potential buyers.

Yet even these marketing efforts may not yield you the same results they would have if you were operating a business 20 years ago. Social media and other digital platforms are not only changing the way people do business, they are also changing the way firms communicate with consumers. To be successful today, companies may need to combine innovation with a sophisticated automated marketing platform.

Concerning an automated marketing platform, the technique of getting engaging content to the right audience is paramount. At salesfusion, this means building new contacts using a customer relationship management (CRM) database. Box integrations to CRM solutions gives members of marketing teams access to cutting edge technology.

Specific tools used in an automated marketing platform include targeted email marketing, social media marketing, lead scoring and lead to revenue management. Event management and website visitor tracking are other components of an effective automated marketing platform.

Each of the components of the platform delves deeper into various marketing strategies. For example, under the social media platform is social publishing or tools that allow you to send messages to your followers and supporters with the click of a button. You can measure the results of your messages or posts by reviewing stats on a customized dashboard.

While working with social profiles, you can share your sales content, including posts, images and videos, with members of your niche market. The social profile component connects marketing and social activity. It also allows you to score your marketing efforts based on social behaviors. Popular social media networks the tools are compatible with include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Where an automated marketing platform marries with innovation has to do with adaptability and change. It’s reported in BRW that, “There are two types of innovation, sustaining and disruptive. To succeed, a firm must continue adopting the former while embracing the latter – or eventually be beaten by the disrupters. “Beaten” in this sense means lose market share and experience substantial sustained reductions in profitability.”

Signs that you are open to change (and if you plan on advancing your business, it’s a good idea to be) include continuing to develop new products or services and maintaining a healthy appetite for risks. By paying attention to shifts in your market and industry, acknowledging the successes of competitors who are on the cutting edge of new products or services, you can not only accept change, you can also join in with the change that’s leading to greater improvements in your market and industry.

Johathan O’Neal is a specialist in business to business marketing strategies. Follow Salesfusion via Facebook at to get marketing tips and tricks.

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