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How to Incorporate the Seasons into Your Blog

If there’s one thing most of us can relate to, it’s the seasons. Some places have longer and more grueling winters than others, but we all adjust to the changing seasons regardless of our locale. To get the attention of readers, bloggers often begin their posts with something that catches the reader’s eye.

Considering the variances in taste, culture and age among readers, this is no easy task. But, the changing seasons is not contingent on any unique variable. It’s something we all experience to some extent, which is why it’s a great thing to incorporate into blog posts.

When mentioning the seasons or the holidays associated with them, it’s important to not appear overly forceful. Readers will just scratch their heads if a reference to a season or holiday appears like a non-sequitur. This is one of several tips bloggers should follow when incorporating the seasons into their blog topics.

Be Aware of Your Audience’s Geographical Statistics

It’s a lot easier to incorporate the seasons or holidays into a blog if its audience is very centrally located, such as a blog devoted to a particular city or state. That way, most of its readers can relate to seasonal diatribes, since they’re all experiencing similar conditions. If your blog is based on something else, you can still get keyed into the geographic locales of your visitors by taking a look at the demographics section of your analytics or by paying attention to the times your visitors most frequently engage in your comments section or on social media.

If, for example, you’re running a gaming blog with readers everywhere from Florida to Tokyo, incorporating the seasons into a blog topic can be trickier. If you mention chilly weather, readers from Florida aren’t as likely to react as promptly as readers from Northern Japan.

If your audience is primarily American, then discussions of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will prove effective regardless of the weather. If your audience is international, then references to other countries’ seasonal stereotypes – “it’s as hot as an Australian safari in New York today!” – may prove effective as well.

Essentially, if you’re running a blog with a wide geographic variety of visitors, try to keep your seasonal and holiday statements as universally recognizable as possible. This list of holidays all over the world can help. It’s important for bloggers to recognize their audience and then discern whether they’d be better off targeting a specific chunk of it or trying to appeal to the entirety.

Take Advantage of Holiday Viral Opportunities

Consumers are more willing to share during the holiday season. This applies to both purchasing gifts for others and sharing links they may find interesting. During the holidays, when many people are in Hanukkah or Christmas bliss, any incorporation of these holidays into a blog post is bound to attract the attention of many readers.

Making a “Gift Guide” post (or several!) is a must for any blog that focuses on goods. If a blog is more adept at providing services, such as one that lists the best VPN options, then they should consider offering a holiday discount and promoting it as such on social media.

Engage With Consumers on Social Media

Companies can achieve a significant increase in social media activity by asking holiday-infused questions like, “What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?” or “What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?” This type of universalized, fun questioning will prompt many to respond, further engaging them with the blog or business in question.

It doesn’t even have to be a major holiday either. For example, when Bring Your Dog to Work Day arrives in June, a blog can run a post devoted to pictures of the cute canines that visited the office, which has the potential to become viral gold. (And if you can get a lion, monkey, or warthog, even better!) Tying this in with hashtags on Facebook and Twitter will drive in new visitors to your blog as well.

Implementing holidays and seasons into your blog post can drive up readership significantly. This is especially the case for holidays where many consumers react fondly to even the mention of an upcoming holiday. Themed posts and promotions are highly recommended for blogs seeking to take advantage of the holiday season’s giving tendencies. A successful blog keeps in mind the geographic specifics of its audience and takes advantage of that information.

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