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6 Ways to Develop a Real Estate Blog That Will Attract and Retain Business


Thousands of professionals use blogging to drive traffic to their Web sites and develop their business network. While blogging is generally easy and there is really no potential downside, doing it well enough to successfully promote your image and business is much harder to do.

You should keep a few key points in mind when considering what to discuss with your readers and how to go about doing so in the most effective way.


The importance of the title in generating traffic cannot be underestimated. Unless your topic is something they are keenly interested in, the title has to be intriguing enough that the reader feels they must find out more. Don’t be afraid to dress it up and even be a little pretentious. There are a few proven techniques that work well for titles that you should use whenever possible, in the hopes of avoiding dull titles that elicit yawns instead of clicks.

The boundless potential of lists

Lists are one of the most-used blogging formats for many reasons. List-style posts and accompanying headlines pique readers’ curiosity about what five trends you see shaping real estate in the future or which seven technologies you believe will revolutionize homes. However, instead of just simple putting everything on the list, consider using rankings. This is bound to generate more discussion and debate over your post.

Be concise

If you want to go in-depth on a particular subject, add the topic as a standalone section of your website that readers can easily find when they’re in the mood for a lengthy discourse. Keep your posts concise and filled with as much useful information as possible. When a topic or idea needs more explanation or background, give the reader a relevant link to additional information.

Break up your text

Nothing scares off readers more than a giant wall of text, with no easy indicators as to what the content contains throughout. While list-style articles provide their own natural breaks, it can be more challenging to break down other pieces of content into manageable chunks. You don’t necessarily have to write content with breaks in mind; you can go back through your post afterwards and break it up with simple headlines that explain what the next paragraph or section talks about.

Additional resources

Supplement your blog with additional resources that will benefit the reader. Providing property listings would be a great place to start. Make sure they’re organized by geography or type – houses, apartments, vacation rentals.

You also can provide information on the area you serve and sections devoted to other aspects of the real estate business, from insurance to financing.


Your objective with content should be to provide answers to commonly asked questions or discuss hot topics. Coming up with topics should not be overly challenging; you should already have a good idea of what issues are affecting your region, your customers, and the real estate business in general. Pay attention to your clients and what they’re asking. Chances are that when they want to know about something, there are many other people out there who need the same questions answered.

But on those occasions when the inspirational well is running dry and coming up with a topic to write about is akin to finding a buyer for that derelict old building on the edge of town,consult a good real estate blog to refill your mind with juicy ideas.

Lastly, add some personality where possible. You don’t have to be a tremendous writer or exceptionally witty or creative to run a successful blog and enhance your business, but you should at least aim to provide some personal viewpoints that will make your blog unique from any other, while enhancing your own credibility and the trust readers have for you.

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