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How To Use “Growth Hacking” to Propel your Blog & Business to Millions

The term “Growth Hacking” has been around for several years and is essentially the art of gaining an avalanche of users and customers via trackable, testable and scalable tools such as emails, pay-per-click ads and blogs instead of blind traditional methods. The growth hacker eliminates big marketing spending and their products gain traction like a spreading virus, multiplying and spreading from user to user. Gaining much for very little.

One of the earliest notable examples of the concept was when the creators of Hotmail decided to add the signature line link, “Hotmail: Free, trusted and rich email service. Get it now.” to every email sent, which meant that everyone who received an email via a Hotmail account would see a link to sign-up. This free and simple tactic moved Hotmail’s user base from a few thousand to 12 Million in a year at a time when there were only approximately 36 Million internet users. (Source: Internet World Stats)


Though the term is somewhat new, the concept has existed for a few decades and as bloggers we are growth hackers in our own unique ways. The goal is to now direct all our attention on the technique and how this approach can help you achieve all your business goals whether its gaining more web traffic, increasing sales, getting more customers into your brick and mortar store or growing exposure for an idea or brand. The key for us bloggers is to be aware and strategize each step of the way as much as we can.

We have, for the most part, abandoned traditional marketing strategies such as TV and print advertising but the question is “how much further can we go?” This is the question you need to ask yourself as a blogger and business owner.

How Can I Get More Traffic?

The most powerful way to get more traffic is get people recommending and sharing your content. If you’ve gained 100 targeted visitors to your blog, ensure that your content or service is share-worthy. Those 100 visitors have a minimum circle of influence of 10 other persons, that’s 1,000 potential reach just from spending the time to create something useful, unique and noteworthy. Get people excited about sharing your content, ask them to and encourage them to and make your call to action clean and clear. Asking goes a long way.

All of this falls back to spending the extra time to build quality stuff. If it takes you 3 days to pump out the perfect article, then do it. No shortcuts, they just don’t cut it anymore.

Try Rewarding Your Readers / Customers

Rewarding your clients to share, send referrals your way or completing any action on your site is a sure way to get engagement. The key, however, is to make the process meaningful and enriching; like who rewards users with badges for each lesson completed and milestone reached.

Search for areas in your online business where you can offer discounts, add-ons, deals and other valuable things for free and use that to offer your reward. Ensure that you never overdo it. Don’t turn your blog into a “gaming website” unless that aligns with your niche and vision. Otherwise, your message and product gets diluted and the real value ignored. So when the rewards stop, your users disappear.

Leverage the Industry Giants

Identify and approach the influencers within your niche and form mutually beneficial partnerships. Forget the competitor mentality and think about how you could make an existing successful business better with your product or service. Pitch an idea where you offer your service at a discount, bundled with the influencers’ product or service. This gets you tons of exposure and good market entry. This applies to blogging as well! Find those influencers and collaborate on a new book, case study or some other product. The more you give the more you receive.

Offer Something New & Promote the Heck Out of It

Think about your niche and identify what’s missing. Look at the filthy, dirty work that other players in your market are too lazy to do and ignore. Look for the “i’s” that aren’t usually dotted and the “t’s” that are not crossed. How can you do better that everyone else? Maybe provide more content, more detailed images, better prices, more features, offer more time, do whatever it takes to do more and be good, no, awesome at it. Get down and dirty and master the work that no one else wants to do. You’ll be known for it!

Think Different

Tradition is dead, there is no status quo anymore, you set your standards and starting a new revolution is within your reach and ability as a business person, blogger and marketer. We are in a time when absolutely anyone with a great idea can grow it into a billion dollar earner by providing useful content on what people want and need and making it easy to share with the world.

Focus on your products’ share-worthiness and make the process seamless and incentivized whether in a way that evokes an emotional response or in a tangible way.

Share with us some growth hacker tactics that have worked for your blog and business. How do you anticipate this concept can propel you forward? Let us know in the comments below.

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