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Guest Blogging is Not Dead, It Has Matured – A New Guide for Online Writers

The once popular guest blogging marketing technique has been experiencing tough times recently as the method of promoting oneself and brand is being viewed as a spammy, low quality practice. The reason for this is that so many “online marketers” have been littering the web with low quality, oftentimes stolen content as a means of contributing to the target blogs. These guest bloggers approach sites offering to write articles free of charge while only requiring a couple links back to their sites in an effort to build their link popularity, to name a few. Many of these sites being linked to have bad reputations in Google as either spammy or malicious and thus degrades the quality of the linking host’s blog in the process. A majority of guest bloggers in the blogosphere have become like a virus.


This powerful technique of gaining popularity online is being ruined by so-called marketers and even Google has begun to shun the practice. There is a silver lining, however, and excellent quality still trumps it all. The practice appears dead but it is still a useful technique if you’re willing to spend the time to be genuine and offer real content users find interesting.

What’s Your Motivation for Guest Blogging?

Motive is a great determinant of success and how your content is interpreted on the web. Just think about it; when someone is solely motivated to get a sale from you it becomes very obvious. They are absolutely consumed by the hope of acquiring you as a customer and their methods show and its not very attractive. Then you say no. In the scheme of blogging, if you’re madly driven to just promote yourself and your products, your quality shows and your audience sees through your B.S. and your reputation is marred.

So how should you approach guest blogging? Guest blogging needs to be used genuinely for adding value to the community you are engaged with, or are interested in engaging. Your guideline for writing a guest article should not be based on word count but a high requirement for value and relevance. As a roofing expert, for example, you should be approaching a host site with articles that provide a new spin, new roofing methods, interesting discussion that sparks thought or some new useful insight on the industry. It absolutely needs to serve the audience and your writing and message need to be truly authentic.

Don’t Be Discouraged, the Art is just Maturing

Do not be discouraged because guest blogging is not quite as popular anymore. Instead, rejoice because less people are doing it now which means more room for you to take off. Markets always go through this period of maturity where the idlers and feather weights are stripped and fall away because they don’t know how to provide a quality service. The same goes for the economy and periods of depression where the weaker companies die and the resilient ones remain afloat and conquer. Its the same with this guest blogging thing.

Your Goal

Your goal is to step up your game and keep producing awesome content. Personally, I would never reject a guest author who has proven that they want to contribute to my audience by:

A) Producing something shareworthy, original and useful for my existing readers

B) They have a genuine interest in forming a mutually beneficial relationship and becoming active in my community.

If you are truly interested in becoming a major name in your niche and are willing to serve then by all means go ahead, offer that guest article. High quality guest posts on relevant topics on popular sites will still flow excellent link juice your way. This still has a very positive impact on your SEO strategy.

Therefore, as you market yourself and your blog let serving be your guide and continuously think about how you can engage the blogging community in new and enriching ways. Stick to the plan and persevere and remember, it can’t be just about making money, that is not the prize.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph ) says: 2/25/2014

    Change with the times. I have received more article orders from my SEO client than ever in the past month…AFTER Matt Cutts’ announcement. Big money supports guest posting too, as evidenced by positive articles on and forbes. Post quality, check your motivator and link out on good, relevant blogs. Thanks!


    • Robyn ) says: 2/25/2014

      Yup! Thanks for reading Ryan!


  2. Shawn Hartwell ) says: 3/1/2014

    Great article. I have been hating how people say guest blogging is dead just because a few bad apples abuse it. Do any of the many online games out there give up just because some people cheat and abuse the system? No. They fix what’s wrong and punish those that use exploits.

    I see Google as the gamemaster of the web who’s active in their role to catch these people using exploits. They’re not stupid and can easily tell legit content apart from spammy content.

    I find the biggest problem I have is sending out emails offering guest posting, because most of the time people view this as spam, even if someone puts in the effort to make a compelling case. It might also be that I’m fairly new to blogging and I’m not savvy enough yet to risk giving myself a bad name.

    Not to mention I have trouble finding bloggers in my niche(stepparenting) in which to get in contact with, though my first guest post did go live on another website not long ago. That made me feel great and gave me a boost of confidence.

    Thanks for giving me some things to think about and consider writing a followup article about how to prepare your guest post pitches.



    • Robyn ) says: 3/1/2014

      Hi Shawn,

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes, pitching for guest blogging can be quite difficult due to common misconceptions and bloggers diluting the market. Try being original with your approach, try to do something never done before when pitching. Remember, email isn’t the only medium for connecting with people.

      You have an excellent opportunity to dominate your niche since there are very few bloggers doing it. Aim to become a leading author on step-parenting and be known for your journey, advice and whatever you can contribute. Be confident in your current state of exclusivity and work on your appeal to your target audience. Be genuine.

      Thanks for the article suggestion on guest post pitching. I’ll definitely write on that.