30 Killer Stats to Make You Rethink Twitter Marketing [Infographic]

Editor’s note: This post was written by Cent, a freelance visual content creator and infographic link builder. You can find him and his experiments at YourEscapeFrom9to5.com. When I first started blogging about a year ago, I had a tough decision to make: to choose the social media platforms where I was going to build a […]

Tips for Ranking in Mobile Search Results

After Google announced the rollout of their mobile-friendly algorithm update, codenamed Mobilegeddon, back in April, more and more companies have redesigned their websites to be mobile responsive. Unfortunately, most businesses focus on optimising their desktop content only, paying little or no attention to how mobile content ranks. If you want your website to rank high […]

5 Ways Bloggers Differ from Copywriters

Blogging and copywriting are often considered one and the same in business. If your company has a blog, that makes you a blogger, right? Perhaps, but you may also be a copywriter. There are actually some key differences between the two, and understanding these differences can shape the way you approach content.

7 Top Destinations for Travel Writers in 2016

Whether you’ve been involved with travel writing for years or you’re just starting out, it’s important to keep an eye on the current top travel destinations. It’s vital that you consider your audience and what they want to hear about, and paying attention to the top trends can help. Since your job revolves entirely around […]

Delivering Content: What Bloggers Can Learn From FedEx

If you’re a FedEx driver, peak season arrives with the holidays and seems to stretch on as an interminable chain of packages to be delivered, regardless of weather, threatening dogs, or other barriers. And while blogging may not typically expose you to the elements or any pets besides your own, there are more similarities between […]

How to Design a Modern Logo for Your Blog

While big businesses typically spend lots of time and money developing logos, you’ll rarely find a blogger who dedicates enough energy to logo design. This is unfortunate, as the right logo conveys value and allows you to connect with your readers. If you’ve never designed a logo for your blog – or don’t like the […]

Branding Your Blog With a Superior Heading

Bloggers are now more aware than ever that the layout and design of their blogs matter just as much as the quality of the content. This also means that blog headers are getting more attention than they have in the past. However, some bloggers are still lagging behind and using old, outdated headers that need […]

Laws to Stop Online Harassment Could Do More Harm Than Good

Harassment and threats have been part of society even before the Internet existed. The problem escalated exponentially, however, when access to the Internet became easier and social media became the prime venue of communication online. The Pew Research Center estimates that, in 2015, 65% of adults use social networking sites. That’s an almost tenfold increase […]

How Your Blog’s Color Scheme Impacts User Experience

When was the last time you thought about color theory? Maybe it was that high school art class you had to take to get your diploma? Or, perhaps you were forced to listen to your spouse ramble on about why the living room needed to be repainted last summer. Whatever the case may be, most […]

How to Take Your Own Blog Pictures

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that content marketing is becoming increasingly visual. As a writer that can be sobering to admit; however, it’s important. The numbers prove that internet users respond better to blog content that’s visual in nature, as opposed to primarily text based. And while you can’t forget about the quality […]