Are Online Social Networks Healthy or Harmful to Your Well-Being?

What does a typical day in your life look like, technology-wise? Perhaps you find yourself waking up each morning feeling as if you simply must check your Facebook and email. And then maybe you decide to send a wake-up message into the Twitterverse…but not before looking at your Myspace account (just in case). After which […]

10 Web SEO Mistakes That Webmasters Make

SEO can be defined as the set of methods that are focused towards improving the search engine standings of a website. You might be thinking that what is the need of knowing such a basic thing and you have worked hard to find out how to get a high rank for your website. You are […]

Effective Time Management for Bloggers: Some Useful Tips

Most people think that blogging is an easy job. But what people don’t know is that, just like any other job, it has its own unique set of obstacles and challenges. Blogging may allow you to work at home, which to some people sound like the best deal in the world. But working at home […]

What You Can Learn About Viral Marketing From Design Blogs

Any niche blog has a good chance of generating a fair amount of buzz. Because it is specified to a single category, it focuses the traffic it brings in and is able to reach a targeted audience much better than more general websites. One great example of this principle in action is the design blog, […]

3 Potent Blogging Tools to Build Your Rank

I don’t know if you ever thought about it but the most potent factor in any business is time.  No matter what your field of endeavor, it takes time to do the tasks associated with making it a success. Since time comes in the same quantity to everyone, how you utilize your time is of […]

5 Really Annoying Blogging Mistakes That Will Make Your Blog Annoying To Visit

One of my biggest pet peeves when reading really good material is to read that content on a website that gives me a headache to navigate or view. While there are many website design mistakes a blogger can makes I have compiled a list of 5 mistakes that can kill a blog before it even […]

Four Tips For Creating A Successful Photography Blog

If you take amazing photographs that people want to view the thought of creating your very own photography blog may have entered into your mind, however unlike a standard blog there are certain considerations you will want to take that can help your pics based website gather a loyal following. 1. Make Your Photos The […]

5 Signs that Your Blog is Dying and How to Cure It the Simple Way

As blog owners, there are times when we are too overwhelmed by our blog’s physical appearance, especially if our blog has an impressive design, a good amount of traffic and followers, and good search engine rankings. Yet having these positive traits does not mean your blog is in good condition. Sometimes, these traits can be […]

Online Earning Myths Uncovered

Does it seem as though every time you turn around, someone else is telling you a story about how they made a ton of money online? What’s frustrating about this is that although you can make a living with online revenue, it’s hard to tell which story to believe and which ones are simply gimmicks. […]

HostUCan: A Web Hosting Relevancy Tool For Finding The Right Service

Choosing a web hosting service can be a mind boggling task, first you need to make sure the type of software you are using is supported (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.) and then you have to determine data uptime levels, check pricing levels to meet your budget and perhaps even find user and editor reviews of […]