Not Using Antivirus Software? Four Things Hackers Can Steal Without Protection

Do you bank online? Store personal photos behind secure programs such as Dropbox and Do you keep tax documents on your computer? If you answered yes to any of those questions you really need to install an antivirus program. For years I have heard people talk about how they don’t need that software because […]

FreelanceWritingGigs Launches Guest Writer Content Forum For Splashpress Media Websites

Splashpress Media, the network behind,, Apple Gazette and other top niche destinations on the web has announced a new freelance writers guest post forum through the popular freelance writer website Writers interested in creating a portfolio of content for their own use can visit the FWJ content FORUM and then examine various website writing opportunities under […]

WPJobBoard Makes Job Posting On WordPress Sites Simple And Effective

I am all about value added services, It is my personal belief that your websites visitors are more likely to revisit your content if you provide them with all the tools they need to succeed. For that reason a strong job board is essential if you run a tech reporting, freelance writing or related website […]

Properly Implementing Polls To Help Create Original Content

Creating original content is a crowded field that includes hundreds of millions of websites can be a daunting task. In 99.99% of cases you may spend more time collecting information, tracking down news breaks and looking for sources then you will actually writing content. However if you have an engaged user base you might find […]

NextGen Gallery Optimizer For WordPress Speeds Up Pages By Eliminating Non-Used Scripts

The NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress is one of the more robust gallery plugins currently available for the open-source platform, unfortunately once installed the plugin is called every single time a page or post is accessed by a user. If you’re familiar with server load times at all you know that unnecessary script calls in […]

Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild Plugin For WordPress. Fixing Thumbnails After Installing A New Theme

If there’s one qualm I have with the WordPress platform it’s the fact that changing my websites template from time to time leaves me with a broken site. In some cases I may have been using a template that doesn’t require me to use a “featured image” for front page display, in other cases certain […]

How To Easily Increase “Time On Site” Numbers In 3 Simple Steps

Racking up thousands of pageviews and unique visitors might make you feel as if your work is more valuable then it use to be, however in the eyes of advertisers a websites success is based on more than just the number of people it reaches. One of the most important factors is the amount of […]

Sharebar Plugin For WordPress, Always Present Social Sharing

When placing social sharing buttons from various social networks on your website one of the biggest dangers is misplacement of those buttons. Some web designers argue that buttons at the top of each post will provide the most shares while other experts insist that directly after a posts content is best. When I’m building websites […]

How To Score Products To Review For Your Blog

If you operate a blog in which you talk about various products the ability to review those items can give you’re audience numbers a real boost. Of course purchasing every product you want to talk about can become impossibly expensive. For that reason I suggest contacting product manufacturers and simply asking to review their products. […]