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bbPress C*nsor Plugin

One of the features that has been lacking in bbPress is a way to censor out the bad words that people will inevitably put into your forum. Many other forum packages have this feature, but bbPress, as usual, is spartan when you do a default installation.

Terry Smith, in conjunction with b5media, has expanded upon the Censor plugin by Michael Nolan so much so that he thought it was a good idea to release and maintain his own plugin for censoring not only forum posts, but also tags, titles and more. It includes an English *bad word* list by default, making it even easier to stop various bad words from appearing on your forum.

The plugin is called C*nsor, and is currently considered a 0.1 release, though I think it is almost ready for a 1.0 release. A very cool bbPress plugin, and one that I can see becoming a standard install on all bbPress powered forums.

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bbPress 0.9 Released

With WordPress jumping to version 2.5, bbPress needed an update, and getting ever closer to its version 1 release, it has finally hit version 0.9.

The bbPress team is happy to release bbPress 0.9 for download. This release is important for anyone who integrates bbPress with WordPress and wishes to update to WordPress 2.5.

Primarily this is a compatibility release so that we can continue to provide the same integration levels with WordPress as in the past, however quite a few other improvements have made their way into this version.

Some of the new improvements include the installer, more RSS feeds, built-in Gravatar support, and dozens of other both notable and behind the scenes improvements.

Check out their announcement post on the bbPress site.

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