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How to Easily Customize Your WordPress Blog CSS Design – For Beginners

As a followup to my previous article, 5 Powerful Drag & Drop Page & Layout Builder Plugins for WordPress, in which I discussed how non-developers could easily customize their WordPress blogs with easy to use drag and drop plugins, I’ve decided to delve just a little bit deeper into WordPress CSS customization. This will assist any WordPress blogger, and any other website owner for that matter, to achieve mastery overtime of basic web design.

wordpress blog customization

There comes a time in every webmaster’s work when a little tweak here and there becomes necessary to make your site look and feel just the way you want it. Coding can be a bit daunting for beginners, especially if you’re new to WordPress. However, here are some fool proof methods for customizing your site’s design. Read More

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5 Powerful Drag & Drop Page & Layout Builder Plugins for WordPress

Gone are the days of being completely reliant on a web developer for getting the most out of your website or blog design. To make any changes that affected design and functionality, one would almost always have to consult a developer or designer to get the job done. Or maybe you’re still in that boat. With the rise in availability of free and premium WordPress themes many non-developers have been able to easily launch respectable web presences.

Wordpress Page Builder

Theme and plugin marketplaces such as Themeforest, Eleganthemes or Woothemes provide lots of quality themes to choose from with functions that seamlessly offer the average person, with a little heart, the ability to customize their website to a certain degree. Read More

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Best Positions for Social Share Icons & Other Elements on Your Blog

There are no absolute rules for where and how you design your blog and where you choose to place your content elements whether they are call to action buttons, subscription boxes or comment boxes. The general rule of thumb is that wherever you choose to place your content it needs to make sense for you, your message and what readers are expecting from your site; sticking to what is proven to work best.


Most bloggers will have different experiences based on their audience’s profile and the type of content they’re producing. Regardless of that fact there are certain guidelines on how to place social share buttons and other elements designed to get some feedback from readers. Its very important to put yourself in the mind of your readers and customers, request feedback and approach your blog’s design strategically versus in a random manner. Read More

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Developer to Build Your Blog

A professionally designed and developed website is always best when launching your blog with the hope of captivating an audience and seriously making your mark in the blogosphere. A beautiful, user-friendly design can contribute significantly to the success or failure of your site as more readers are now keen and hungry for good quality design and content. If your blog lacks standard functional elements such as a seamless reading experience, facilitating easy communication and basic up-time you’ll quickly find your blogging efforts doomed.


Hiring a professional developer may not always be the best option as I’m sure many are strapped for cash and doing it yourself may be the only option. Regardless, I recommend seriously considering hiring a pro with the experience and vision to walk you through and take care of the hard work. Read More

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6 Overlooked Website Elements That Slow Down your Blog

Load time and responsiveness are very important factors to consider when building a blog design to deliver content and services to the public. Think of your blog as delivering a service and if your site takes a long time to load its no better than going to a restaurant and waiting half hour for a meal that should be delivered in 5 minutes. Faster load times simply mean a better experience for your readers plus your chances of converting sales or acquiring a loyal reader is significantly improved. In addition to that, Google and Bing now use your websites’ load time as an indicator for your placement in search engines. Faster sites are placed higher in the results.

speed up website

I know there are hundreds of good articles on the web about website speed but there aren’t many for the WordPress newbie. So without getting too technical, here are some simple changes you can make to your blog to speed it up and offer a more natural experience for your readers. Read More

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Thinking of Selling Stuff Online? Start With Responsive Design


When you want to begin selling online, it’s important to not only consider the audience of consumers to whom you want to appeal, but also the methods and tools you want to use to do so. With the rising trend of mobile devices, and consumers using them to access the Internet, responsive design is a critical starting point.

Not only does it reduce bounce rates, increase time on site, and lead to higher revenues, it also your brand’s credibility, trustworthiness, and reputation online. Read More

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7 Considerations for Designing a Blog in 2014

It’s the beginning of a new year and the time when we begin to wonder how we can make our blog presence even more profitable, this year. What are the changes we can adopt and considerations to keep in mind to craft a powerful web presence? The truth is, if you’ve a successful blog on your hands, why change a good thing. If it delivers returns, don’t do anything different.

However, if you think your blog isn’t delivering value, in spite of consistently creating useful, actionable and engaging content; it’s time to take a close hard look at the design of your blog. It might be playing spoilsport by interfering with the UX and bringing down the quality of your blog. In such cases, it needs a facelift and a rethink that will help it compete to its optimum potential in 2014.

Whether you’re starting a brand new blog or giving the design of your existing blog a facelift, keeping these 7 considerations in mind will ensure your blog delivers the value you’ve come to expect from it:

1. Design Shouldn’t Supersede Content

designing a blogSource

Read More

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Darwinian Design



QWERTY.  Mean anything to you?  Chances are pretty high that the answer is yes if you are reading this since QWERTY has become the standard arrangement of keys to facilitate fast, accurate typing since the very first typewriters went into production.

Back then issues such as key jamming were rife and there was evidence that placing frequently used letters further apart from each other, actually increased typing speed.  Keys were also angled diagonally to minimise issues with the mechanical linkages of the machine.  Read More

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5 Tips to Successful Web Site Design

Building a website seems like a pretty easy process: pick a design, pick a web hosting service, then hit the ‘on’ button when it’s all ready to go. But building a successful, useful site takes a bit more thinking than that: here are five great tips to keep in mind when building a website, whether it’s to highlight a hobby, tell some stories, or build a following for a business.

Keep the rich media to a minimum Read More

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4 Tips to Supercharge Your Blog Redesign

blog redesign

As we face the end of the year – and the start of a new year – I am sure that changes are in your mind. And, if you’ve been looking at the same blog for the past 12 months, you’re probably considering starting 2014 with a new look, or at least some new elements. Sure, a blog redesign is not uncalled for at the time of the year.

Of course, a blog redesign isn’t something you go into just because you can. (Although that’s a good reason as any, sometimes.) If you want your efforts to bring good things your way, take a look at these tips that will supercharge your blog redesign. Read More

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