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5 Tips to Successful Web Site Design

Building a website seems like a pretty easy process: pick a design, pick a web hosting service, then hit the ‘on’ button when it’s all ready to go. But building a successful, useful site takes a bit more thinking than that: here are five great tips to keep in mind when building a website, whether it’s to highlight a hobby, tell some stories, or build a following for a business.

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4 Tips to Supercharge Your Blog Redesign

blog redesign

As we face the end of the year – and the start of a new year – I am sure that changes are in your mind. And, if you’ve been looking at the same blog for the past 12 months, you’re probably considering starting 2014 with a new look, or at least some new elements. Sure, a blog redesign is not uncalled for at the time of the year.

Of course, a blog redesign isn’t something you go into just because you can. (Although that’s a good reason as any, sometimes.) If you want your efforts to bring good things your way, take a look at these tips that will supercharge your blog redesign. Read More

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How Your Website Design Can Affect Your SEO

Today on the Internet, standing out is harder than ever, but it is more important than ever in today’s hyper competitive market. If you can build a website that is designed in a way that is attractive to both people and search engine algorithms, you can increase your rankings on various search engines, including Google.


Whether you’re designing a simple 3-page introduction site to a site for a corporation with hundreds or even thousands of pages, each site must have a number of particular design elements in place so it will be able to fully benefit from launching an SEO campaign. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing or refining a website for higher search engine rankings.

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Best Responsive WordPress Themes From ThemeForest

Responsive WordPress themes are all the rage these days, and rightly so. While not everyone might be joining the responsive design bandwagon, there is a strong case to be made for this school of thought. After all, with people gaining access to the Internet using devices of all shapes and sizes (well, maybe not shapes, but definitely sizes), a web site owner has to do what he can to ensure that the viewing experience is pleasant across the board.

That’s where responsive design comes into the picture.

If you are looking to tweak your blog so that you can present a responsive experience to your readers, let us help you by showcasing some of the best responsive WordPress Themes from ThemeForest, one of the hottest sources of themes today. ThemeForest offers a wide selection, from Parallax WordPress Themes to Joomla templates. Read More

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5 Creative Blog Design Strategies to Attract Viewers to Your Blog


Not only is blogging one of the most popular pastimes for young professionals, but it’s also a great way to earn a little extra income. Blogging is all about finding your voice and knowing how to identify and reach a niche audience by implementing smart, blogging strategies.

Building or increasing viewership to your blog involves more than just integrating marketing strategies onto your blog, it’s also about finding creative ways to design it in order to captivate viewers and coming back for more. In a society that’s all about visual stimulation, it’s necessary for bloggers to understand the fundamentals of blog design in order to be successful, popular bloggers.

If you’re new to the blogging game, and wish to find ways to build an on audience implementing creative visuals onto your page layout, here are five creative ways you can attract your viewers using simple design layout techniques. Read More

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Simple Web Design Tips for Bloggers

Bloggers are not web designers, but that is no reason for bloggers to pay attention to how their site looks, feels, and works. After all, while we know that what you dish out on a regular basis (your content) is the main thing, we also know that an ugly blog with an awful user experience will not last long.
web design tips for bloggers
If you’ve got the money – or connections – you can always have a custom & eCommerce web designing firm do the job. That should get rid of any design issues. But what if you have neither of the two?

Don’t despair. As long as you have a bit of a taste for beauty and some common sense, you ought to get by with these simple web design tips for bloggers. Read More

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3 Reasons Your Blog Needs Responsive Design


Maintaining a site is an ongoing process. Since technology, the Internet, and software programs are constantly changing, it’s important to decide what style and design is important enough to incorporate and what is just a fad.

Keeping a website fresh is important when it comes to being relevant in your industry and staying ahead of the competition. One important design feature that’s proving to be a essential concern for any site, and one well worth investing in, is responsive design.

What is responsive design? Read More

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Webydo Giveaway: Enjoy the FREEdom of Web Design

There are so many absolutely free, awesome things on the web these days: search engines, video players, chat clients, social networks, website builders – name it, you’ve got it! Today, we are happy to announce a giveaway in partnership with Webydo, a free online site builder. The Webydo team wants to express their gratefulness to their current and prospective customers by offering one free lifetime subscription to their professional web suite.
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Efficient A/B Testing And SEO

SEO Are you an Internet marketer looking to maximize the profitability of your online business? Perhaps you’ve re-designed your website numerous times, only to receive the same predicted response. You might start to re-approach things and realize there are other effective methods of optimizing your Internet presence. Two of them, A/B Testing and SEO, are commonly used by those who want to be found online, and in turn, have the traffic to their site convert into sales, subscriptions, or signups. I’ll touch up on how you can use these modern tools in your everyday marketing in this article. Read More

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Is Responsive Web Design for You?

responsive design
The other day, I was reading an entry here about how to make your blog mobile friendly, and the last thing the writer mentioned is a blog concept that I personally advocate, that of responsive design.  If you are unfamiliar with responsive design, essentially it is designing your website so that it automatically adjusts to fit the screen of most mobile users.  While I personally advocate responsive design, I understand that it is not for everyone. Today, we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of using responsive design for your blog or website. Read More

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