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Let’s Give Thanks to 5 Things that Happened in 2014 to Online Marketing

Let’s Give Thanks to These 5 Things that Happened in 2014 to Online Marketing

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! However, before you gobble down that succulent stuffed turkey with friends and loved ones, take time to list down the things you’re grateful for this year.

If you’re an online marketer, celebrate the year that was with these key events that took place within the industry.

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Blogging for Bargains: Why Couponing Can Save You Money

Couponing is the easiest and smartest way to clip your way to big savings. If you’re very good at it like some bloggers are, you may go home with a bag full of free groceries every time you visit the store. Sure it maybe an extra can of tomato sauce or tuna you may not need at the moment, but stocking up your pantry with food won’t exactly hurt your budget.

Growing up we may remember our moms clipping away at flyers and newspapers for rebates. Today, all we need to do is go online and find printable and reedemable coupons.
With the economic downturn, there’s no shame in becoming quite frugal or crazy with the coupons, as you might have notice coupons have an interesting way of popping up on the internet- you have these extreme couponing sites, your fave mommy blogs and online deal sites like to thank for! These sites update you with their latest coupon finds on the web, they even have digital coupon holders where you can sort the value of your coupons and best of all, you can even go out and trade coupons with other pennypinching bloggers.

Bloggers may also stretch their dollars not just on food, but on personal hygiene products and other wares. In the long run, the money you save through couponing, can free up your wallet to buy items you really need.

And when you do finally get to redeem those online coupons at the supermarket, don’t forget to be kind to the cashier, after all you are going home fully loaded with freebies.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Blog Interviews

Blogging interviews are a cool way to improve your blog stats and you don’t need to be as gab a Charlie Rose or Piers Morgan to pull it off. Hey, it’s not TV, there’s no producer to pressure you to make every air time count. Still, you have your blog visitors to think about and just like TV, blogging interviews should not be in any way boring. In fact, you have all the time to be creative with your blog interviews – so ask the right questions, edit out the kinks and make sure to present the interview as an enjoyable and informative piece of web entertainment.

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Customize your Own Blogging Icon with PROFICON

Bloggers often get recognize for using a universal avatar across various web platforms. By using, a profile icon that can easily be linked to their brand of blogging. There are millions and even billions of icons online, and behind all those images are real people who are out to make a statement with their chosen web identities. But to grab people’s attention with just a small pixel icon, you may need something extra special- why not spice up an old photo of yours and take a creative leap! Whether you decide to leave your mark on a popular commenting system, or crosspost on someone’s Facebook Account, the icon you use should be well-thought out and should at least, reflect a part of your personality.

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FreelanceWritingGigs Launches Guest Writer Content Forum For Splashpress Media Websites

FWJ Forum PostSplashpress Media, the network behind,, Apple Gazette and other top niche destinations on the web has announced a new freelance writers guest post forum through the popular freelance writer website

Writers interested in creating a portfolio of content for their own use can visit the FWJ content FORUM and then examine various website writing opportunities under the  Looking for a guest author section.

SPM is currently offering various opportunities from Apple Gazette, BloggingPro, 901AM and various other websites on the network. More website opportunities will also be posted in the future.

After guest posts are submitted they are chosen for publication by a SplashPress Media editor.  Read More

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Blogging and Taxes: Yes, Bloggers You Need to Pay Up

As a blogger you should take steps to minimize your taxes and maximize your savings. Every cent you earn online counts especially in this economic climate.

Years ago, blogging used to be a creative outlet that filled most our lazy nights after work, once monetization and ad revenues came into play, blogging as a business and blogging as freelance work has become a possible source of steady income for some netizens.

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Maximize Your Instagram Experience With Insta-WP

The pop culture phenom called Instagram was brought for $1 billion by Facebook. I’m not surprised, everyone I know who has an iPhone or Android phone has Instagram on it!

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Blogger Embraces Change, Makes BlogSpot Beautiful Again (Themes And Design)

After offering users the same stale templates for months on end (if not years), it looks like Google has finally added some decent themes for blogspot fans, as well as making it easier for non-geeks to redesign the layout of their blogs.

(Blogger Buzz) We’re thrilled to announce that the Blogger Template Designer has launched toBlogger in Draft, our experimental playground where users can try out Blogger’s latest features. The Template Designer brings a new level of customization to your blog. […]

We worked with iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace, to put together a great collection of beautiful images and patterns to use as backgrounds on your blogs. The photos are stunning, and are free to use on your Blogger blog.

Google is also teaming up with the Blogger theme designers in order to have their creations featured within the new theme store, which should help make BlogSpot blogs slightly more attractive (as not everyone is gifted in web design). Read More

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Google To Shut Down FTP For Blogger (Thousands Cry Out In Terror)

After unleashing custom domains to the world for Blogger, it looks as if the boys and girls at Google will be shutting down FTP access for the small faction who refused to host themselves upon Mountain View’s servers. Read More

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Microsoft Rips-off Plurk’s Design and Code

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For what Microsoft did to start-up company, Plurk, it’s more like a slap to the face.

Plurk, one of the biggest microblogging services in Asia, is accusing Microsoft China for ripping off not only their design but also their code with their beta release of MSN Juku, Microsoft China’s newly released microblogging service based on Windows Live Messenger launched last November 2009.

According to Plurk’s blog post,

“… we were absolutely shocked and outraged when we first saw with our own eyes the cosmetic similarities Microsoft’s new offering had with Plurk. From the filter tabs, emoticons, qualifier/verb placement, Karma scoring system, media support, new user walkthroughs to pretty much everything else that gives Plurk its trademark appeal, Microsoft China’s offering ripped off our service.”

To see for yourself, below is a screenshot of Microsoft Juku and Plurk:


If Microsoft wanted a horizontal style layout, they could’ve at least changed the design elements! I mean, c’mon!

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