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Making Your WordPress Blog Blind- and Low-Eyesight-Friendlier

Despite the fact that vision issues affect no less than half of the world’s population, it will likely come as no surprise that web developers rarely make readability for the vision impaired a priority in their final designs.

While improving your site’s readability for the blind and otherwise seeing-impaired can be a difficult task with a site written in independent HTML, a site based on WordPress can be improved with the click of a button by utilizing appropriate plugins in order to make changes to the style elements involved.

If making your WordPress blog blind- and low-eyesight friendlier is a task you plan to set your hand to, take a look at these fantastic and wide-ranging plugins to make the job much easier! Read More

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Maximize Your Instagram Experience With Insta-WP

The pop culture phenom called Instagram was brought for $1 billion by Facebook. I’m not surprised, everyone I know who has an iPhone or Android phone has Instagram on it!

Read More

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Nov. 29 Is ‘Pay A Blogger Day’ So Buy Your Favorite Writer A Drink

FlattrToday is the perfect time of the year to pay your favorite blogger for their hard work and dedication to the fields they cover. Dubbed ‘Pay A Blogger Day’ by startup Flattr.

Flattr is a micropayments website that allows users to purchase tokens which they can then use to pay bloggers small amounts of money by clicking on the Flattr button found on various websites (pictured above).

The site is encouraging users to use the Flatt Click Button or even buy your favorite blogger an ebook, their favorite songs or even a t-shirt. Read More

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Tumblr Gives Photo Bloggers Another Reason To Switch


After partnering with SoundCloud in order to broaden Tumblr’s appeal to music lovers, the micro blogging service is now including a small (but useful) feature that will appeal to hard core photo bloggers.

The Dashboard now lets you view the Camera Model, ISO, Aperture, Exposure, and Focal Length of any photo uploaded with Exif data. (Tumblr Staff)

Although the inclusion of EXIF data will not appeal to the average user, it’s inclusion will excite professional photographers who are (not surprisingly) obsessed with the “hidden” data behind each and every photo.

The inclusion of EXIF may also help Tumblr attract more photo bloggers, as well as give them another reason to use their service over social networks like Instagram, and Twitter (the latter who is jumping into the photo sharing wars).

The feature is only available to Tumblr layouts supporting EXIF tags, which theme developers need to include if they want the camera information to be shown (note: you can also add it as well if you are comfortable with HTML).

For those of you who are photo bloggers, what are your thoughts regarding the inclusion of EXIF?

Would this convince you to use Tumblr as your main photo sharing service or would you consider sticking with services like Flickr instead?

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Tumblr Leap Frogs

After passing 20 million blogs 11 days ago, the micro blogging service has achieved another milestone as Tumblr now officially hosts more blogs than (a feat they apparently achieved about 24 hours ago).

As of this post over 20.8 million blogs are hosted by Tumblr, compared to about 20.76 million blogs hosted by (the latter who is also witnessing tremendous growth online). Read More

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Tumblr Users Upset About Dashboard Change?

It looks like the mighty Tumblr has decided to spice up their dashboard a bit in order to make it easier for fans to use.

Or at least that was their intention as apparently users are voicing their complaints upon Tumblr as well as Twitter regarding the change.

While yours truly loves the new interface (as it makes it easier to switch between different blogs), many users are upset that the new default dashboard does not display how many followers one has as well as hiding the messages inbox (among other things).

Note: You can see follower counts, as well as most of the information from the previous dashboard by selecting the specific blog’s dashboard.

Although Tumblr’s change seems suited to making the service even easier to use, they also seems to be promoting their Explore feature by placing it in a prominent spot upon the sidebar (a strategy that seems to geared to helping new comers find new blogs to follow).

For those of you who are fans of Tumblr, what are your thoughts regarding the latest changes? Also, what would you add to the current dashboard on Tumblr if you could?

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Tumblr Flys Past 20 Million Blogs

It’s been only 15 days Tumblr sprinted past 19 million blogs, and now the micro blogging service is now hosting over 20 million blogs upon their servers.

Tumblr’s latest feat puts the service within striking distance of, who recently passed the 20 million blog milestone last month. Read More

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Tumblr Gives Music Lovers Another Reason To Switch

Although there are plenty of options available for music lovers when it comes to choosing a blog service or software, it looks like Tumblr may have edged out rivals with their latest partnership.

[W]e’re so excited to finally announce that we’ve hooked up with SoundCloud to bring their network of sound (music, podcasts, standup, journalism, and pretty much anything audible) to Tumblr.

Not only can you cut-and-paste any SoundCloud track URL into your Audio posts, now you can search SoundCloud from the comfort of Tumblr! (Tumblr Staff Blog) Read More

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Typepad Embracing Private Blogging?

It looks like Typepad (a blogging service by Say Media) is finally allowing bloggers to speak their mind without revealing their thoughts to the entire world.

When you enable password protection, only those people that you supply the username and password to will be able to view your blog. Everyone else will get a prompt to enter the username and password and, if they don’t know it, won’t be able to view the blog.

You can choose to password protect only specific blogs and Photo Albums or you can password protect your entire account. (Everything Typepad) Read More

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Movable Type To Fans: Stop Right Now And Upgrade Your Blog

Movable Type (who is now owned by Infocom in Japan) has recently released critical security updates and is requesting that fans of the service upgrade their blogs in order to avoid suffering at the hands of hackers.

After three months of the beta testing, the official release of the Movable Type 5.1 is now ready to download. Movable Type 4.36 and 5.05 are also released as mandatory security updates. These updates resolve multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Movable Type 5.x and Movable Type 4.x. […]

A remote attacker could execute arbitrary code in a logged-in users’ web browser. A remote attacker could read or modify the contents in the system under certain circumstances. (Official Movable Type Blog) Read More

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