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Quantcast: Tumblr Is Greater Than AT&T

It looks like Tumblr has achieved another milestone as of late, as the micro blogging site is now a top 40 player according to Quantcast, just one spot above the US telecom giant known as AT&T.

In November of 2009, Tumblr stumbled past the top 100 sites and approximately 8 months later they broke through the top 50 sites (and as a bonus stealing the bronze away from Typepad).

Although Tumblr’s unique visitors pale in comparison to rivals like and Blogger, respectively, Tumblr’s users seem far more engaged on the site when one looks at their page views (note: since Blogger isn’t quantified, Quantcast can only estimate their size).

Currently Tumblr hosts over17.2 million blogs, which is incredible considering that the service only boasted 15 million sites in March (which is about 2 million additional blogs in less than 40 days).

With the micro blogging site showing no signs of slowing down, it will be interesting to see if Tumblr is able to catch up, the latter who currently hosts about 19.4 million blogs (up from 18 million last March).

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Melody Leaves Movable Type’s Shadow, Embraces 1.0

After spending many months in beta, Melody (a fork from Movable Type) has finally shed its Release Candidate skin with the unveiling of its first professional version.

Although the team behind Melody boasts about the platform’s stability and security (which everyone usually says about their preferred CMS), the blog software might have one advantage when compared against rivals. Read More

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It looks like Google is once again getting tired of supporting legacy accounts, although this time the fight appears to be on Blogger (aka BlogSpot).

For a number of technical and operational reasons, we’ve decided to finally end our support for all legacy accounts and blogs after June 25th, 2011. So if you have a Blogger account and haven’t logged in since 2007, you will lose access to the account and associated content permanently unless you update to the Google Account system before June 25th. (Blogger Buzz)

Unless someone is totally paranoid about Google Accounts, it’s puzzling why anyone would not upgrade (especially with Blogger offering features like Layout Views and Theme Creator).

Google hasn’t indicated whether they will also delete BlogSpot blogs refusing to upgrade, although I would not be surprised if Google did take them down eventually (especially those that have remained inactive for a period of time).

For those of you still using the archaic login system, you can avoid losing access to your blog by clicking upon the legacy claimer which will associate your BlogSpot blog with a Google account.

Note: For those of you who migrated away from Blogger to another platform, you might want to claim your content (especially if you have links pointing back to on your site).

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Textpattern Receives Its First Mobile App?

After watching rivals platforms receive official apps upon various smartphones, fans of Textpattern (which is a blog/CMS software similar to WordPress) have been demanding an app to use while on the go. [edit]

Now it appears a company has created an app for the Textpattern tribe, although fans might be disappointed over which platform was chosen.

Mobile Textpattern is your Textpattern client app. Create new articles, edit existing ones and store them on your device as draft. Ideal if you want to save your ideas for new articles or extend existing articles with more informations. (Mobile Textpattern for webOS)

Although webOS isn’t as popular as iOS or Android, the mobile platform has been neglected by most blog platforms (although that might change once WordPress releases their webOS app).

Mobile Textpattern is priced at $0.99 and seems to be limited to basic blog functions only (i.e. create and edit posts), with no mention of additional features such as uploading videos as well as images.

Hopefully Mobile Textpattern’s entrance will inspire developers to create third party apps upon other platforms in the near future, although for now webOS fans can acquire a taste of mobile blogging without logging in from their Palm Pre’s.

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Facebook To Bloggers: All Your Comments Now Belong To You

After receiving criticism over their commenting system, Facebook has refreshed their commenting system in a bid to appeal to bloggers resistant to outsourcing their communities.

Aside from adding permalinks (via the timestamps) and making comments SEO friendly, Facebook is also launching one feature that may appeal to bloggers.

We are introducing a modified Comments Box News Feed story to feature more social context. Simply include the og:image, og:title, og:url, og:description, and og:site_name in the Open Graph meta tags on your site to generate the following larger story:

Optimizing the News Feed story increases the click-through-rate (CTR) back to your site and encourages people on Facebook to contribute to the discussion. To verify the image, title, and description Open Graph meta tags, visit the URL Linter. (Facebook Developers Blog)

As an additional bonus, Facebook is now allows bloggers to export their comment via the Facebook Graph API, which should help ease fears of having blog communities “locked in” without an exit strategy.

With Facebook comments boasting  social analytics and troll unfriendly technology, we may see even more bloggers and web domains outsource their communities to Facebook now that they have addressed most (if not all) of the objections.

Self hosting WordPress fans can install Facebook comments via a plugin while BlogSpot fans will need to dive into the code (or ask a geek to implement if for you).

For those of you who allow users to comment upon your sites, will you now consider outsourcing your comment section to Facebook? If not, why?

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Why Is Tumblr Winning The Blog Wars?

If you look at the top 3 blog service platforms, you’ll notice that Tumblr is a distant third to and Blogger, the latter two who occupy second and first place, respectively.

However if you notice the stats between the platforms, you’ll realize that while Blogger and are growing at a healthy clip (especially who just passed 19 million blogs), Tumblr is growing much faster than its rivals.

Boasting approximately 16.5 million blogs (up from 15 million about a month ago), Tumblr is obviously doing something right, which might explain why every major blog service except has copied them.

Although Tumblr’s keep it simple approach might explain the site’s popularity (as Joshua Strebel of fame explains upon WP Candy), there might be several other reasons why Tumblr is growing faster than their rivals. Read More

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US Government Embracing Tumblr?

While Tumblr is used by millions of people ranging from fashion artists, news organizations and professional bloggers, this is the first time the platform has been embraced by the US Federal government.

“GSA negotiated the Tumblr terms of service, and we are the first federal agency using Tumblr,” said GSA spokesman Robert Lesino. […]

“We chose Tumblr because it is a rapidly growing platform,” said Jessica Milcetich, Blog manager. “It not only is for blogging, but it offers social features so people can share, comment and connect.” (Federal Computer Week)

It’s unclear what the GSA was using before (note: does anyone else know?), although they imported all of their posts upon Tumblr from their previous platform.

The agency is also using Disqus to power their comment section, and seems to enjoy writing lengthy posts (which isn’t exactly typical of the average Tumblr user).

While it’s not surprising to see the government adopt blog service platforms (after all, the “much loved” TSA uses Blogger), Tumblr’s embrace by the agency signals that the micro blogging service has gone mainstream (which should please their investors).

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Do You Dig Blogger’s New Layout Views?

Although I have been impressed with many features from (ranging from Live Stats to their theme creator), Google’s latest feature appeals to the inner photo blogger within me.

Dubbed Dynamic Views, the new layout lets readers view a stunning photo summary of your site by simply adding /view at the end of the blog (example: Read More

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Disqus Embraces Google, Bumps Down Facebook

In an attempt to help broaden their appeal amongst bloggers and news organizations, Disqus has announced that they are now including the search engine giant as an ID option for commenters.

Nearly 13% of users choose to login through Twitter or Facebook when participating in Disqus communities. Today, we’re happy to introduce another recognizable choice: Google accounts. Millions upon millions of people are already logged into their Google accounts, and now they can easily use those accounts to jump into discussions all over the web. (Official Disqus Blog) Read More

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Are Facebook Comments Bad For Blog SEO?

Apparently bloggers implementing Facebook comments upon their blog may be hurting their site’s SEO (at least as far as Google is concerned).

Facebook Comments are served in an iframe.

This means that the comments are not going to be attributed to that page or site nor seen by search engines. In short, Facebook Comments reside in the walled garden. All your comments are belong to Facebook.

This differs from implementations like Disqus or IntenseDebate where the comments are ‘on the page’ or ‘in-line’. (Blind Five Year Old)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

Read More

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