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How to Apply “The Power of 100″ to Your Blog


Blogging is not restricted to writing. To get more users to visit and read your blog, you need to spend time promoting it to the right people. Writing still plays a big part in your blog, but spreading the word about your blog is just as important.

If you have been churning out quality posts but receive less visitors than you deserve, then you should let The Power of 100 compel you and your blog.

What is The Power of 100?

The principle behind The Power of 100 is to promote your latest blog post to at least 100 people. The origins of this concept is unknown but can be traced from this post at Bigger Pockets in 2009. It is just part of the many and best ways to promote your blog.

By applying the Power of 100 to your blog, you will get more people to visit your blog. This also encourages you to be more social and engaged with your blog’s target audience. You can get them to become regular visitors and blog advocates if they love your posts.

Below are the best ways on how you can get at least 100 visitors a day on your blog.

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Email Marketing Basics: Building a List, Creating Responsive Emails, and More!


What is the biggest mistake that Yaro Starek, John Chow, and Jonathan Milligan have made with blogging?

According to this post, it’s building an email list.

You may be wondering, “What will I do with an email list if I don’t intend on making money with my blog or won’t sell anything?”

The idea of a blog is to share ideas and make your thoughts known to a wider audience. Getting your readers to sign up to your mailing list will allow you to send them your latest posts straight to their emails.

Now that people are reading their emails more on their mobile devices (even spam), sending out updates to your email list helps keep your readers more engaged with your blog.

Later on, should you decide on making money with your blog, you already have an email list ready at your disposal. You can run email campaigns promoting your products and services for sale on your site.

Besides, building an email list is as easy as following the steps below.

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Everybody’s Live Blogging, Should You Too?


Super Bowl is more than just a sporting event. Its halftime shows and commercials have drawn millions of viewers to the spectacle.

Super Bowl 49 is no different. The game between the Seattle Jawhawks and New England Patriots was a close battle that was ultimately determined by ‘The Call.’

But everybody was just as excited at the current batch of ads to air throughout the game. Excited enough that websites like Marketing Land and Mashable did a live blog sharing their opinions about the commercials.

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Lovely Blogging Tips from Long-Lasting Relationships

Happy Senior Couple Looking To Sea on A Tropical Beach

Quick question: what’s the longest marriage on record this year in the country?

This distinction goes to Dale and Alice Rockey of Olathe, Kansas upon winning this year’s title for the Longest Married Couple Project.

The couple was married on December 29, 1933. That’s a mind-boggling 81 years together.

This annual event was sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encourage (WWME), one of the first faith-based enrichment programs in the US.

The project aims to show that it is possible to have a long-lasting marriage. Difficult, but possible.

It’s no secret that marriage takes hard work, patience, perseverance, and lots of love. That’s what retirees shared about their happy marriage to their respective spouses conducted by gerontologist Karl Pillemer upon conducting the Marriage Advice Project.

Below are the insights he gathered:

  • Follow your heart when choosing a spouse
  • Use your head
  • Look for someone with similar values
  • Talk, talk, talk
  • Tread carefully when discussing difficult topics
  • Put your relationship first
  • Lighten up on in-law relationships
  • Stay out of debt
  • Focus on small things to keep spark alive
  • Enjoy intimacy
  • Respect each other

Using these points above, we can apply the same thing between bloggers and their readers.

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Forget What Google Thinks and Write for Actual Humans

Editor’s note: This post was written by Mickie E. Kennedy, founder of eReleases Press Releases Distribution based in Baltimore, MD.

write for humans

  • Keyword tool? Check.
  • Long tail keyword? Check.
  • Keywords at no more than 2.5% of total content? Check.

Congratulations. You’ve officially just set yourself up to write for a search engine. Read More

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6 Accoutrements Bloggers Need

repair web icon

The vast majority of blogs get abandoned, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Assuming you’re a blogger (or blogger to be) that’s ambitious and committed to blogging, you need the right tools and technology to keep up with your reader’s demands. However, start by remembering that it’s very common to get little or no action on your blog for weeks or even months. Keep an eye on your analytics, tweak your voice as necessary, and welcome comments by ending with open-ended questions. Read More

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The Proof is in the Social: How to Get More Social Proof to Increase Blog Authority

Check List  Awesome

Social proof in online marketing helps shape the public’s opinion about your product or service. These include  but not limited to:

  • Social media shares
  • Endorsements from industry experts
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Press releases

A strong social proof for your blog encourages visitors to form a positive opinion about it.

Having lots of social media shares, positive customer reviews, and celebrity endorsements will compel first-time visitors to believe that your blog is an authority within its niche.

Visitors will then return to your blog to read your latest posts, subscribe to your mailing list, buy your products or services, and others!

If you want to enjoy these benefits from your blog, then you need to leverage your social proof to increase the authority of your blog.

To generate more social proof to your blog, below are things that you can do.

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Things to Know Before Freelance Blogging

Development and internet service. Human resource and self employment

If you have dreams of becoming a successful freelance blogger (successful financially), there are a few things you need to know. First, it’s very unlikely that you’ll earn a lucrative salary if you accept a permanent, full-time blogging position. Those are very few and far between to begin with, but bloggers also need to focus on defining what their “hourly rate” is without actually accepting an hourly rate. Bloggers should determine a per word rate, or a flat rate per project based on an average word count, and then determine what “hourly rate” that adds up to. Read More

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Going All in On Big Data: Ways to Successfully Leverage Blog Analytics

Workstation, web analytics information and development website s

It’s time for bloggers to pay attention to big data.

A recent study launched by Conductor182 Marketing Executives Reveal Their 2015 Success Tactics” surveys 182 execs on these core areas in marketing: customer targeting, performance measuring, interaction within the organization, and technology valuation.

Among the valuable findings featured in the white paper, one thing stands out the most that not only marketers should take notice, but also bloggers: 61% of marketing executives believe that big data is much more important now than it was 12 months ago.

Why is this important for bloggers?

As a blogger, your primary role is to provide high-quality content that abides by your goals and objectives and promote them across all your social channels. This way, your post receives traction with your target audience and drive more traffic to your blog.

While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to this responsibility, it is also important to be able to track and measure the performance of your blog content strategy in order to produce optimized posts based on the data from your previous content.

Using the big data you have accumulated using your choice of analytics tool – Google Analytics and Clicky being two of the most popular – you can see what sticks with your audience, which posts receives the most visits and converts the most, and which referral channels drive the most traffic.

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A Blogger’s Resolution Checklist for Better Content in 2015

Goals 2015

2014 is coming to a close. And with 2015 hours from now, we at BloggingPro would like to greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!

As the New Year is associated with new beginnings, it has become customary for people to come up with a list of resolutions to commit to in the coming year. Most of the resolutions involve people doing something that they weren’t able to do properly this year such as hitting the gym, losing weight, quitting smoking, and others. Through the resolutions, people are encouraged to become better versions of themselves and live life to the fullest.

As a blogger, you will have to come up with a list of things that you could do better in 2015. This way, you will be able to lift the performance of your blog (drive more sales, increase traffic, and other goals you have set for it) by practicing better blog habits.

Below are some suggestions that you can include in your blogger resolutions.

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