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Battle Plan for the Small Business Blogger

small business blogger

Many small business owners across the United States are stretched thin as far as overhead costs are concerned. Indeed, many folks simply don’t have the means to expand their operation in a manner they would ideally like.

Perhaps they don’t have the resources to mount an aggressive marketing campaign geared towards maximizing exposure, gaining more leads and increasing ROI. But to not have an online marketing presence in this day and age can be particularly detrimental to the livelihood of any small business. And the cornerstone of any good online strategy is blogging. Read More

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3 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Blogging

Blogging is exciting, especially if you’re covering topics that you truly are interested in – and if you are new to it. After a while, though, even if you may have an inherent passion about the topics you write about, you will find that dry periods occur more than you want. After all, how many ways can you spin a topic? How many angles can you approach a niche from?

One thing you have to realize is this: blogging involves some effort.

supercharge your bloggingSource

You may have regular bursts of inspiration and productivity, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you will have to consciously work on things.

If you’re in a rut – or something of that sort – you might want to take steps to supercharge your blogging this year. Here are three really simple ways you can do this. Read More

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Boost Your Blog’s Success By Choosing The Perfect Photo


Your blog may be the most articulate, witty site in the blogosphere, but without photos, it’s simply not goint to get the traffic it deserves. These days, a distinctive voice and interesting point of view aren’t enough to gain new readers. Being strategic about your use of visuals, such as photographs or infographics, will set your blog apart. With Pinterest demonstrating a whopping 1,047 percent growth in 2012, according to Nielson’s Social Media Report, including engaging photos is more important than ever. Not only do they encourage pins and repins on Pinterest, but great photos add visual appeal that keeps readers interested. Read More

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6 Ways to Develop a Real Estate Blog That Will Attract and Retain Business


Thousands of professionals use blogging to drive traffic to their Web sites and develop their business network. While blogging is generally easy and there is really no potential downside, doing it well enough to successfully promote your image and business is much harder to do.

You should keep a few key points in mind when considering what to discuss with your readers and how to go about doing so in the most effective way. Read More

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How to Eliminate WordPress Blog Comment Spam

How to Eliminate WordPress Blog Comment Spam (via

By Sven Hylten-Cavallius in Blogs & Podcasts Featured One of the most serious problems with any blogging system, including WordPress, is that the comments area is wide open to that scourge of the Internet, spammers. In this case, it’s comment spam…

Read More

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Marketing Strategies for Your Blog

marketing Source Every blog has its own purpose and reasoning behind it. Some blogs are personal, and are a good place for the blogger to vent about his/her life. Other blogs are corporate, and are there to increase customer awareness of the company and its product. Some blogs are religious, while you can find sports in other blogs. Every blog is different, but there is one blogging goal that is universal: You want your blog to be seen. Read More

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6 Ways to Make Your Blogs Work Harder in 2014

This may be the year for you to re-engineer your blog marketing. Unless you’re totally satisfied with your 2012 and 2013 results, doing things in the same way om 2014 will produce the same or poorer results. Keeping your blog fresh is key to not only satisfying your existing readership but also to attracting new ones. Here are some tips to enhance your blogs and make them work harder and more efficiently for you in the coming year.


More targeted visitors

A blog should be geared to producing more targeted visitors. Your blogs should show that you are an authority in your subject area and you’d like to thank the readers by providing them with articles they’d enjoy.

Personalised Gifts Shop in the United Kingdom is an e-Commerce site that offers a full range of gifts. Their blog site is a perfect example of targeting the right audience. With posts such as “DIY Christmas Decorations,” and “Modern Day Alternatives to Sending Christmas Cards,” the blog delivers stories to a demographic the company has targeted as innovative and creative gift-givers. Read More

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How to Make Tomorrow More Productive Today

The challenge of earning more money almost always comes down to getting more things done. This sounds simple, but it can be a huge hurdle for many. As many freelancers are aware, the very nature of freelancing is that your income is dependent on great productivity. This is the main reason why so many blogs and websites focus on instruction for increasing productivity.

Despite these resources, many actually fail to cover how to end your working day to enable yourself to be more productive the following day. Many successful freelancers are aware that setting the stage for a productive day actually happens the evening before. This can be done with a number of simple tasks. Establishing these good working habits will enable you to finish work and relax in the evening, while helping improve your productivity in the morning. Read More

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How to Incorporate the Seasons into Your Blog

If there’s one thing most of us can relate to, it’s the seasons. Some places have longer and more grueling winters than others, but we all adjust to the changing seasons regardless of our locale. To get the attention of readers, bloggers often begin their posts with something that catches the reader’s eye.

Considering the variances in taste, culture and age among readers, this is no easy task. But, the changing seasons is not contingent on any unique variable. It’s something we all experience to some extent, which is why it’s a great thing to incorporate into blog posts. Read More

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5 Ways to Increase Your Blogging Productivity Without Sacrificing Quality

A Hungarian psychologist named Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is recognized as the leading researcher of “flow,” or that state of mind where you are completely immersed in your work, experiencing high levels of focus, productivity, and creativity. As bloggers, we strive to reach and maintain a flow, battling against a slew of distractions during everyday life.

Research shows that environment and mood can either aid or disrupt our flow state of mind. The following tips explore ways to decrease distraction and clutter, so that you can reach your maximum work potential as a blogger. Read More

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