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Why a Tumblr Exodus to WordPress May Be a Bad Idea

Tumblr LogoOn Monday, after several days of rumor and anticipation, word came down that Yahoo! was purchasing Tumblr for the tidy sum of $1.1 billion.

But While Tumblr investors were certainly happy for their payday and the service itself was in desperate need of cash to keep operating, Tumblr users greeted the announcement with significantly less enthusiasm.

But amidst the criticism and anti-Yahoo! jokes was a possible warning sign for Tumblr, namely reports that, the hosted service based on WordPress and operated by Automattic, had seen a skyrocketing level of Tumblr posts being imported to them.

But is WordPress, in particular, really the right choice for angry Tumblr users? The answer isn’t clear. Because, even if it is the best possible alternative, there are still many reasons why Tumblr users won’t be happy on WordPress and may find it a bad fit.

But to decide if it’s really the go-to destination for Tumblr users, we have to look at why it may be a good fit and, more importantly, why it may not. Read More

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Working From Home: 8 Traps to Watch Out For

working from home
Working from home has many benefits, some of which include avoiding traffic, saving money on transportation, having control over the work environment, and not having to dress up decently (if you don’t wish to). However, it is important that, when you enter the world of telecommuting, you are aware of what you’re dealing with.

Consider these eight common mistakes that could derail your success if you ignore them. Read More

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Is There More to Google Than Just Being a Search Engine?

Google search engine


Many people around the world use Google for finding information and images, as well as for navigation. And there’s also Gmail. is the most visited site of the world, as proven by the no.1 Alexa rank given to it as of February 2013. Ever wondered what goes into making such a wonderful site?

Developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and launched on the 15th of September 1997, Google has come a long way from just being a search engine. Written in the popular C++ language, Google has become a multi-lingual site that offers its services throughout the world. With more than 22 special features other than the word search capability, Google takes care of every kind of person living in the world. Some of its special features include Synonyms, Weather forecasts, time-zones and sports scores. Read More

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Keeping Your Blog Fun, Full And Interesting

funIt doesn’t matter if you’re a huge business or a freelance writer, the importance of having a regularly updated blog is super essential. In our modern age of smartphone, five second attention spanners and… SQUIRREL! Sorry, where was I. Oh yes, in the digital age, we want it here and we want it in an instant. Start to fall behind and you might not find your way back.

This makes having a blog all the more important, and knowing what makes a good one can increase the amount of traffic that comes to your site and build you a reputation as an authority in whatever niche you work in or whatever it is you blog about. In order to do this though, you need to be able to put it all together: Knowledge and personality – and then find the time to keep doing it. Find the time and you’ll start to get the hang of it, and the more you enjoy it, the more your readers will too. Read More

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Maximize Your Blog’s Speed

English: High Speed - Lights

Most bloggers know that a slow site can lose them a few viewers here and there, but very few are aware of just how essential speed can be, both for driving traffic and for presenting yourself in a positive light. According to a national survey conducted in 2010, about a third of viewers will abandon a site after waiting up to five seconds for it to load. And slow loading times are not only frustrating for users; they also make your site appear less polished, modern, and dependable.

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase your site speed: some are sweeping changes that require commitment but yield great results, and others are small alterations that, when implemented, will accumulate into a significant improvement. Read More

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A Look Back: How Bloggers Can Optimize Google+ Hangouts Efforts

Google+ hangouts are one major Google development that had their time in the spotlight and then faded. Many still use hangouts as a way to talk with friends and family, but there are many untapped features that bloggers can utilize to improve their online visibility and overall brand. As Google+ becomes more and more important in the world of search and social, it only makes sense to use their video chatting service as opposed to another. It’s free and easy to use, but bloggers really need to know: What exactly should I be doing to increase readership and clicks?

Read More

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The Best Fonts (So Far) of 2013

We understand it’s a little too early in the year to be coming out with a “best of” article, but there have just been so many awesome fonts released since 2013 started rolling in to pass on the chance to showcase a bunch of fonts you should be using for both web and print needs. And so without further ado, some of the best fonts released for the year (which is really just the past few months).



Image via MyFonts

A crisp, clean, humanist sans-serif typeface by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya of The Northern Block based on early 20th century sans-serifs, Baufra features a coming together of geometric design and a natural flow of lines. Perfect for titling and text use, it comes in 6 weights and 435 characters, as well as manual kerning and Opentype settings.



Image via MyFonts

From Rene Bieder comes this solid sans serif typeface. Relatively condensed with a calculated and geometric appearance, RBNo2.1 is great for typography purposes with a technical aspect. The family includes 2 versions as well as 7 weights with matching italics.

Read More

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How Writers Can Join the Web’s Image Revolution

At first glance, it may seem that the boom of image-based sites like Instagram and Pinterest doesn’t have that big of an impact on writers. After all, you’re a wordsmith, not a graphic designer, so the above-mentioned apps and websites don’t really belong in your department, right? Wrong.

Just because you communicate more with words rather than pictures, doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the power of images to market your content, gain exposure, and reel in more clients. As you’ll find out in this article, there are a number of online tools out there that will enable you to join in on all the Pinterest, Instagram, and Timeline fun—even if you’re not a skilled designer or artist. Read More

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Convincing Your Boss to Budget for a Blog

workYou know having a blog is essential for your business. But your boss? Maybe not so much. Perhaps she’s focused instead on getting those big easy wins, or maybe she’s so old school she thinks blogging is nothing more than a way to give away precious company knowledge for free. Whatever her hesitations, it’s time to shake up that mentality, and the best way to do that is by knowing your stuff. I recommend starting first with a good guide to business blogging, finding a few key statistics, and developing a vacuum-tight pitch strategy. Here’s how to do just that. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Feb 18-22)

Blogging JobsGood morning! I hope you’re all enjoying a nice Friday. Here are the highlights from our Job Board this week.

Contributing Blogger, where you can find the most innovative and creative things online, is looking for a contributing blogger. They need writers who can provide content first thing in the morning (EST), and you can be based anywhere as long as you meet this.
Read More

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