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How Using a VPN Service Makes a Blogger’s Life Better

A blogger has so many tools at his disposal, that sometimes, instead of being an advantage, the fact becomes a hindrance. From productivity apps to to-do lists to calendars to newsreaders – there comes a point when one just simply shakes his head at all the choices.

VPN Service


Then there are other tools such as VPN services, mobile Internet providers, mobile Wi-Fi hubs, tablets, and the list goes on and on.

We’re zeroing in on VPN services in this post for one simple reason: privacy. Read More

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Webydo’s 50K Designer Community is Leading The Way in Code-Free Website Creation, See Why

It’s a good time for web designers, with more potential clients looking for excellent work for fees that are more competitive as compared to agencies. Wherever you are in the world, you can vie for work as long as you have the skill, talent, and dedication to your work.

These are fun times for web designers, although we can’t totally overlook the fact that there are also downsides, one of them being the headache that coding sometimes brings. You may have the best design in mind, but coding a website can be a whole different story. This is where we would like to introduce you to the leading professional online design studio Webydo.


While you can expend time and effort learning the ins and outs of coding to make sure you keep that competitive edge, there are other things you can turn to so that you can focus on the essence of your business: design. Read More

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The Four Necessary Pillars for SEO in 2014

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Christy Kunjumon, an inbound marketer at TechWyse with more than three years of experience. He primarily focuses on analytics, CRO, SMM, local SEO and link earning. You can follow him on Twitter @christykunjumon to get his latest insights.

2013 was an interesting year for SEO’s as there were number of algorithm updates from Google. Many thought SEO has breathed its last breath, but as we know SEO is never dead but alive and well and just… different!

For spammers and link networks, the year 2013 proved to be a game changer. Many link networks, article posting, exact match keywords and directory sites were penalized.

So what is there to expect in 2014? Here are some suggestions and predictions for SEO’s and companies who look forward to seeing what 2014 brings for SEO. Read More

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Where Do You Work Best?

Bloggers are generally work-at-home (or coffee shop, or wherever) people. It does not mean that we can’t work a desk job if we have to, and I am risking making the mistake of over generalizing here, but I do think that many people who make a living out of blogging have a proclivity for finding the most comfortable nook to work from.

where do you work best


I’m the type who “needs” a comfortable corner on the sofa (Sheldon’s spot comes to mind), with lots of throw pillows to be adjusted depending on my position. Today, however, I tried working at the table because I cannot deny that sitting on a real chair and having the laptop on a table does help with focus.

Read More

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2014 Website Builders Round Up Review

Website building or website design has turned from a long tedious process with a designer and developer to now offering designers a new range of options and platforms to create their sites independently. There is a wide range of website builders to choose from, some free and some paid, which will enable you to create your own website no matter the degree of your tech knowledge. The best place to start is to identify your skill set, how many sites you plan to create and how creative you want to be. With the market open to a whole host of website creators from DIY basic template builders to professional online design studios catering to the creative professional, it’s important to look around and check out the options.

If you’re looking for a website builder for your projects this year, we’re here to help. We’ve taken a look at some website builders, and we’ve put together this quick guide to help you decide which one suits your needs best.



website builder

Read More

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Social Media Posts Can Lead to Jail Time

social mediaSource

In today’s society, most people don’t think twice about posting all the details of their lives to social media accounts. It’s a way to stay connected with friends and family and a way to establishing ties with new people. Usually, it’s harmless enough. However, some don’t seem to understand that a little bit of discretion is a good thing. In some cases, social media posts can lead to more than an embarrassing moment or a total loss of dignity. According to the bail bond agents at Around the Clock Bail Bonds, there is a noticeable increase in defendants being charged due to comments or postings on their own social media accounts. These criminals don’t appear to have any boundaries when it comes to social media. Read More

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Getting Away from the Norm: How to Start a Business with Just Your Writing Skills

As entrepreneurs launch businesses all over the world, many business owners often wonder why their websites sit like isolated rocks on the expanse of a desert. How is it that some businesses do so well and many don’t? What is it about some blogs – as another example – that succeed and make money while most other blogs fade into the oblivion?

There has to be something missing for many businesses that don’t make it online (or offline).

That something, surprisingly, is the forgotten (or often dismissed) art of writing.

There was a time when writing was for writers. While copywriting was already at play for traditional businesses, it wasn’t regarded as important. The times were different then. Read More

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Commonly Asked Questions About Free Web Hosting

When people know that they can get something for free that will benefit them as a website owner, they are all over it. For instance, the availability of free web hosting is something that a lot of people would most definitely take advantage of, especially those who are just starting out with creating a new website.

However, as many people know, when something is free, it does not mean that it is the best option to go with. Free can mean that there are some things that are comprised like the best features or the best tools that are available to be used. When there is something available for free like the use of free web hosting, people are going to have questions that they want answered before they decide to go with the free hosting. They have an understanding that just because it is free that there are some things that they will possibly have to go without since they are not paying for it. In other words, free can go hand-in-hand with cheap.

There are plenty of questions that a website owner might want to ask. Many of the questions that you will read more about are common questions that people have before they decide to dive into the free web hosting. Read More

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Top Ways to Protect Online Business Ventures

Online business ventures are a hit among the youth nowadays, mostly because startups only need an idea and webmaster or two to launch. But online ventures face grave threats that come in the form of cyber-attacks. Many newcomers to online business think all they need is a plugin or two to protect their sites, but the reality is they need to invest in sustained vigilance. This can only be provided by top-notch software coupled with advanced cyber security management.

Here are some of the very basic steps that can be followed to avoid a cyber-attack against your online business venture: Read More

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4 Kickstarter Projects Bloggers Will Love

Bloggers, by nature, are curious and innovative people. At least that’s how I like to think. Of course, there will always be exceptions, but when bloggers get creative, some pretty good magic goes into action. And with crowdfunding comes into the picture, there are almost no limits as to what can be achieved.

Kickstarter is the first thing that probably comes to mind when crowdfunding is mentioned, which is only understandable what with how many projects it has helped launch. With the number of successfully funded projects, people now have many options to buy Kickstarter products.

If you’re looking for something blogging-related, or maybe you want a spark of inspiration, check out these Kickstarter projects. Read More

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