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How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Site in Just a Few Minutes

mobile version of your site

When 2013 was just kicking off, pundits and aficionados were dubbing it as ‘year of the mobile’. As much as we like to get snarky with the headline catching proclamations, they might actually have been onto something. Taking a look at the numbers between 2010 and 2013, we indeed see that mobile devices’ share of global internet traffic has jumped from 2% to 14%. Research is indicating also that this trend is only gaining steam. Whether in Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa or Scandinavia, there is now an unprecedented amount of smartphone and tablet owners along with unprecedented accessibility to Wi-Fi and 3G networks. Read More

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Is There More to Google Than Just Being a Search Engine?

Google search engine


Many people around the world use Google for finding information and images, as well as for navigation. And there’s also Gmail. is the most visited site of the world, as proven by the no.1 Alexa rank given to it as of February 2013. Ever wondered what goes into making such a wonderful site?

Developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and launched on the 15th of September 1997, Google has come a long way from just being a search engine. Written in the popular C++ language, Google has become a multi-lingual site that offers its services throughout the world. With more than 22 special features other than the word search capability, Google takes care of every kind of person living in the world. Some of its special features include Synonyms, Weather forecasts, time-zones and sports scores. Read More

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Celebrities Guest Post Too! What We Can Learn From Them

Guest posting is an excellent tool that has served blogs well. Not only does it provide fresh content, but also a fresh perspective, style and personality. It draws readers already dedicated to that writer’s work, and offers a unique and helpful chance to network with other blog owners.

But possibly the most popular posts are those written by celebrity guest writers. A number of sources will use this tactic to draw readers, and the posts gather a large amount of attention. Not only for the original post itself, but the potential for reposting, quoting and linking. Social media marketing benefits greatly from celebrity blog posts.

Here are five examples, along with a few tips on what we can learn from each one.

1. Tia Mowry for

Tia Mowry for

Tia Mowry first made it to our TV screen back on the 90’s sitcome Sister, Sister with twin Tamara. Since then she has been in a number of things, including BET’s The Game. But last year she embarked on a whole new journey: motherhood. She wrote a celebrity blog post for Parenting about what the experience was like. From the birth of her son Cree Taylor Hardrict, to the joys of breastfeeding and the strengthening of her marriage, she gave wonderful insight into those first few weeks as a new mother that so many of us cherish.

What Can We Learn? Personalization is key. She did not speak in general terms, but wrote about her life in an intimate way that connects to the readers on a deeper level. She reminds all of us who have children of what it was like in the beginning, and brings back cherished memories.

Read More

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Guest Blogging – Put Your Best Foot Forward

Search engine 0ptimization (SEO) experts often have differing opinions as to the best way to build traffic, optimize page content, and target keywords. However almost all agree that the cornerstone to a successful link building campaign is guest blogging. In this article we examine the benefits of guest blogging, and offer suggestions for how to choose the best site to partner with. Read More

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Guest Posting on a Low PR Site : Yay or Nay?

Many times guest bloggers get caught up on the PageRank (PR) of a website. For those who are unfamiliar, Google uses a tool called PageRank to do just that: rank webpages. Oddly enough, the tool was named after Google co-founder Larry Page and not after the action of ranking pages, but I digress. A website’s PR has to do with the overall quality of the website, which includes a variety of factors including unique content, how often your site is referenced, the authority of the site that references you, etc. Google created an algorithm to measure all of these qualities, and the website is then assigned a PR number from 1-10 based on the algorithm findings. The higher the number, the better the website for users and guest posting.

Whether or not you find this to be true, websites with a higher PR tend to be on the first few pages of a Google search engine page. According to an Optify study, the top three spots on a Google search engine page receive 58.4 percent of all clicks from users. This therefore means that these webpages get the most visibility, so it makes sense to want to guest post on one of these websites. After all, you’re likely guest posting on a blog because you want to improve the visibility of your own blog. This is why guest posting is so important.

Read More

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How to Keep Your Sanity While Blogging

Owning and running a blog can be a lot of fun, but some new bloggers fail to realize how much stress can be involved as well.  Especially if your blog has hundreds or thousands of readers you will be faced with constant issues with webservers, spam, and grouchy readers.  Here are some ways you can keep your sanity while running an awesome blog that readers can’t wait to come back to.

Keep security tight

Security is often overlooked on a blog because it is not a physical place that can be robbed or broken into.  But a popular blog is a prime target for spammers and you should do everything you can to protect your investment.  After all, your blog is a huge investment of your time and imagine how awful it would be to have all of your posts and comments erased suddenly.  Could you recover from this?  Well don’t even tempt fate with this one and get regular backups of your blog, so even if it were magically erased all of a sudden you could be back up and running within a few minutes. Read More

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Using Google To Find a Niche

Researching a new niche is a tedious process, many blogs and internet marketers suggest launching a blog on a topic that is of interest to you and this is great advice. But as your portfolio of sites grow it will become harder and harder to find a niche that you are interested in.

When this happens you need to look at a wide range of niches that you may want to move into. We all have different tactics on how to find a niche, what works for one person may not work for another and often the best ideas will hit you out of the blue, if this happens all you are left to do is to dig a little deeper into the niche, find out how tough the competition is and whether or not it may be a profitable niche to enter. Read More

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How to create SEO content

The major point of SEO is to create a content that will  lead to an increased traffic and hence to a bigger view. The SEO content will determine on how the website will be viewed and also, it will determine to the ranking of the site. The major aspect to be considered in the creation of the SEO content  is by the use of the keywords. The key word should be golden in the whole content, everything should be directing to the key word.

After you have determined the  topic you want to create the content about, you must determine the major keyword or keywords. This is very important as it is the guiding principle during the searching.  There should also be the use of the supporting terms which should be closely related to the key word. Together with the supporting terms in the content, there should also be the use of the core core terms which will be able to summarize the content of the page. Read More

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Promote your Site Using SEO and Online Advertising

One of the most popular areas for trying to get more traffic to a website is by using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques so that the site receives a much higher ranking from the major search engines such as Google. There are a number of techniques that will contribute to successful SEO marketing, and for most sites looking to do this successfully securing some help from an experienced consultant in this field can help to boost the ranking given to a website. Read More

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SEO Tips For Website Owners: Running Your Website Like A Library

Library InternetFor new website owners SEO is often a confusing mess of on-site and off-site techniques that can leave them confused, however the truth about the basics of SEO is that they can be easily understood and applied by using the real world example of a library.

Before I provide specific SEO tips picture yourself walking through a library, each section is divided into separate parts, for example there is usually a children’s section, fiction section, periodicals, etc. Also inside that library is an electronic catalog and within those catalogs users can search for books based on titles and categories (tags). If the library your visiting doesn’t have the book you want the catalog will point to other libraries where you can check out materials through inter-library loan.

Now let’s apply the library to website SEO.  Think back to how the library is broken up into sections based on user needs. If you’re running a news website you’ll want to break up sections so users can visit and find right away what they want in terms of subject matter, for example your sections may include: Politics, Sports, Social Media, Health, etc. Those clearly defined sections are not only good for visitors, they help search engines quickly determine what type of content your website offers.

After creating sections you’ll want to tell search engines where to find specific books (articles/posts), the easiest way to accomplish this is through “tags” which are generated on a per article basis. Tags are essential since a general topic like “Politics” could have 500 articles while a user may only want articles about “President Obama.” Search engines use tags to browse through your site and to determine the exact focus of the sites articles.

Next let’s explore inter-library loans, If you’ve searched the card catalog and the “Google SEO” book you need is located two towns over you probably found that information in the catalog, but how did the catalog know where to find it? Because the electronic catalog saw the term “Google SEO” on another library’s catalog. In this analogy you will want to have your articles marked on other sites with the right terms. For example if  a website owner links to your “Google SEO” article inside their own Google based article and they specifically link on the words “Google SEO” they will be automatically creating a reference from their resource to your own. When search engines see specific keywords linked to articles they visit those article and give them more authority.

Now let’s walk through your site like it’s a library. A visitor sees a link on another site with a link to “Google SEO” and they click that link where they discover they are on a clearly defined “SEO” section, they read the article and see tags pointing to more “Google” and “SEO” posts, clicking through to read more articles. Replace the site visitor with a Google bot which follows the same steps, not only does the search bot find the article through off-site linking practices, the bot also sees that your site offers more articles about the same subject, information that is sent back to servers which process all of the Google SEO articles on your site, eventually giving you better ranking for that subject.

A library is a website without a plug, it’s populated with information that quickly allows people to find certain sections and then find specific information within those sections or through other connected libraries in the system. When I give SEO tips I always start by telling users to follow a libraries example for a well rounded SEO setup.

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