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What to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Service for your Site

Choosing a good web hosting provider for your site or blog can be tricky. There are lots of things to consider and the foundation of a good website is not with its design or its code, but with the server where it’s hosted. A reliable web hosting service has the best combination of features put together this includes bandwidth, storage, security, customer support and a good price to go with the bundle.

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Back Up Your Blog: Why a Data Backup Strategy Will Save Your Sanity

Regardless whether your blog runs on a private server or in the Cloud, you still have to brace yourself for the possible impact of a crash. Ask yourself this- when was the last time you’ve backup your blog? If your WordPress blog suddenly crashed, how long would it take you to get it up and running again?

You can spare yourself the heartache of losing all of your hard work, if you bank on a data backup strategy that you can do yourself and this is the best insurance there is against the possibility of losing everything. Not every web host would back up your data for you, some would, but the question is, how often?

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10 Web SEO Mistakes That Webmasters Make

SEO can be defined as the set of methods that are focused towards improving the search engine standings of a website. You might be thinking that what is the need of knowing such a basic thing and you have worked hard to find out how to get a high rank for your website. You are all pumped up to apply all that you have learned over the internet to your website. But let me warn you that SEO may seem relatively simple but it is a minefield and sometimes even the professionals tend to get off the track with slightest of mistakes. In this article we are going to discuss some common web SEO mistakes that most of the webmasters commit and it will help you to avoid this type of mistakes. Read More

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The Art Of Mobile Blogging (How To Blog From Any Cell Phone)

If you own a mobile cell phone, you can probably (or should I say most definitely) blog from the device without the need to purchase a smartphone.

Many blog services already support mobile blogging (aka moblogging) via email, phone, and text messages (aka SMS and MMS) which can make blogging on the go easier without the need of a WiFi network or a computer.

So instead of being jealous of your iPhone friends, Blackberry buddies or your neighbor sporting the latest Android device, here is a “brief” guide on how you can blog from your mobile phone without adding to your monthly phone bill from buying a smart phone. Read More

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10 Free WordPress Plugins Every Blog Needs and 5 Bonus Plugins

It doesn’t matter what the aim of your is blog, whether you set out to become the next person getting rich in only 4 hours per week, want to run the hottest dating column in town, aim to take Arrington’s crown or just want to blog for fun, if you chose for WordPress there are some basics your blog needs.

You need a theme with solid, semantic code, and you will need some plugins to boost your setup. But before we proceed I have to disclaim that there are things I will not use a plugin for, or rely on WP for. Such as backup, I prefer having a cron based automated backup procedure

A Solid Theme

Before you start adding plugins to your setup, you should first consider a solid theme for your site. Of course you can always change your theme afterwards but often this will result in issues with sizes of embedded images, videos and so on. So better prepare yourself and start with a theme and stick with it for a while.

In the last 2 years the WordPress theme market has literally exploded and never have there been that many great themes to chose from. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to go with a paid theme or with a free theme, as long as your preferred theme is based upon semantical code, you will benefit a great SEO boost. I have had great success with multiple themes in the past and used k2, the first Mimbo theme, Cutline, Thematic, Notesblog just to name a few of the free themes I have worked with in the past and recommend to anyone.

Time to add the most essential plugins to your WordPress installation now. Read More

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The Ultimate Guide to Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog

This is a guest post written by Ann Smarty, founder of My Blog Guest, a community for guest bloggers.

Accepting guest posts on your blog is a great way to give your site fresh insight and to offer some variety. Most of popular blogs in any niche take advantage of guest contributions for a few reasons:

  • Guest authors bring in new ideas and unique style. They also contribute some new information you were not aware of (and thus make your blog comprehensive). Here’s a simple example: as a search expert I am aware of quite a few search tricks few people know or use. Therefore my post on using Google creatively to save money on a popular personal finance blog seemed so fresh and interesting to the blog author and the readers.
  • Guest contributions allow you to take a day off. No, seriously, blogging is a continuous commitment. It is so refreshing to take some rest and relax while keeping your blog updated. I do agree you shouldn’t overuse that because your blog might lose voice but keeping one day a week for guest contributions is a great idea!
  • Guest contributions can be an awesome source of inspiration. You blog daily and a day comes when you realize you don’t know what to write about. You have no ideas and everything that comes to mind have already been covered. Now imagine that a new person enters your community and offers something completely different. Or maybe he even writes something that you have already mentioned – but he uses a unique style, a different perspective and a new format. And your readers find that awesome! Now you feel inspired! You feel you know how to re-use your previously published ideas to find new ones and how to re-think your previously published opinions to spur new discussion.

So I guess, the benefits of accepting guest posts are quite clear. Now, let see how to do that painlessly, almost effortlessly and to the maximum efficiency. Read More

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WordPress 2.8.6 Security Release

The WordPress team is currently hard at work in completing version 2.9 but that doesn’t mean they’re going to allow their older versions to be open with vulnerabilities.

As a security release, WordPress releases version 2.8.6 which fixes two security problems that can be exploited by untrusted users in your blog who have posting privileges.

The first problem is an XSS vulnerability in Press This discovered by Benjamin Flesch.  The second problem, discovered by Dawid Golunski, is an issue with sanitizing uploaded file names that can be exploited in certain Apache configurations.

Download version 2.8.6 from or you could just upgrade automatically through your blog’s WordPress Dashboard.

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WordPress for iPhone 2.0 Video

If you are a WordPress user who owns an iPhone and you still don’t know, there’s this free application on the iPhone called WordPress for iPhone that let’s you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and moderate comments on your WordPress blog just by using your iPhone.

To know more about this plugin you can watch the video below from WordPress.TV which gives a basic introduction of what the application can do.

The app supports both and self-hosted WordPress and is currently in version 2.0. Best of all, it’s free!

You can grab it on the AppStore by clicking here.

Categories: Important, WordPress Tools Mapping Out WordPress Users From All Over the Globe

We all know that there are millions of WordPress users all over the globe. Wouldn’t it be nice to see where they are located? With, now you can!

wpworldmap is a new website created by Oliver Schloebe of that lets WordPress users mark their location onto a map for others to see. Each marked location reveals user profiles complete with personal information, a link to their blogs, and also their Twitter accounts.

Powered by Google Maps, the site is relatively easy to use. To map yourself all you need to do is to place a pin marker on your location and then signing up by filling in the required fields on the site’s registration form. It’s so easy that it only takes a few minutes.

Surveying the world map, on the other hand, is as easy as clicking and dragging. You can zoom in and out and even display the world in terrain, map, or satellite form. There’s also a search functionality that let’s you search according to users. You can even add a filter if you just want to display WordPress users, developers, core developers, WordPress related companies, or even fans.


The great thing about this new site is that it gives us a good picture of how many WordPress users there are, not just in the whole world, but also in a particular country or area. This is great tool if you want to find out if there are any WordPress users near your location which is ideal for making new friends and for blog networking!

But of course, the site needs the cooperation of the community as it cannot populate itself. So if you don’t mind revealing your location to others, why not sign up and map yourself now. Oh, and don’t forget to share it to your friends!

Go WordPress Warriors!

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WordPress Launches Plugin Compatibility Beta

Before, there was no way of finding out whether your plugins would still be compatible if you would upgrade your WordPress other than crossing your fingers and trying it out for yourself. If no problems were encountered then, hooray, lucky you. If problems did arise then you have no choice but to revert back to the previous version and hope that the plugin developers would make haste in making their plugin compatible.

This is the main reason why most people are afraid to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. Thank God WordPress is always on the lookout for better ways of making things easier for its community. Alas, comes the birth of the Plugin Compatibility Beta.

Compatibility Check

If you would drop by the WordPress Plugin Directory you would notice that there is a new section titled “Compatibility” found on the right sidebar of every plugin homepage . This is a new feature that aims to help inform people on whether a version of a plugin is compatible on a particular version of WordPress based on the votes casted by those who have already tested it.


So if you’re not sure whether you should upgrade, just check out the Plugin compatibility consensus of the plugins your using. Though it doesn’t tell us exactly what made the plugin incompatible, at least it gives us a good overview on whether we should continue the upgrade or not.

Powered by the WordPress Community

Of course, this feature would not work without the input of the community as it is mainly powered by votes. If you do happen to experience any problems with your plugins, then please take the time to inform everyone else! All you have to do is to go to the Plugin’s page and log in to vote.


The voting process is simple. Just specify the version of WordPress and the plugin and click on whether it is “broken” or if it “works”. After that, WordPress would automatically log your vote and it will be added to the “consensus” along with the votes of other users.

WordPress warns users, however, that this feature should not be used to report any minor issues with the plugin. You should only vote “Broken” if the plugin is indeed broken to the point that it is unusable or causes problems with your blog. Otherwise, it might give an inaccurate consensus.

Plugin Compatibility is still in Beta so we should expect more improvements to their system soon. I am hoping that Worpdress would soon integrate this inside the WordPress Dashboard for easy access.

More power to WordPress and its community!

What do you think about this new feature? Do you have any other suggestions that could make it better?

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