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4 Kickstarter Projects Bloggers Will Love

Bloggers, by nature, are curious and innovative people. At least that’s how I like to think. Of course, there will always be exceptions, but when bloggers get creative, some pretty good magic goes into action. And with crowdfunding comes into the picture, there are almost no limits as to what can be achieved.

Kickstarter is the first thing that probably comes to mind when crowdfunding is mentioned, which is only understandable what with how many projects it has helped launch. With the number of successfully funded projects, people now have many options to buy Kickstarter products.

If you’re looking for something blogging-related, or maybe you want a spark of inspiration, check out these Kickstarter projects. Read More

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What Happens to Your Social Profiles When You Die?

Social profiles

That’s a tad morbid, isn’t it? Well, it’s no secret that everybody born on this earth has to die one day. Nobody is eternal and death doesn’t really send invitations before it takes one away. Taking into consideration that this is the 21st century and majority of the people out there are active members of at least one of the top social media networks, have you ever wondered what the status of your social networking profiles will be when you leave the world? Will they be deactivated or deleted? If so, then how? Let’s have a look. Read More

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When Disaster Strikes, It is Good To Have Someone Guarding Your Back

4657851195_e373733ee8On the 31st of March every year, the world observes Backup Day. And yet, we can see that not enough people know about it. Have you heard of the catastrophic loss of data faced by different organizations? There are many hidden in the archives of technology news. Ma.gnolia, Couchsurfing, KDE, Pixar, StackOverflow, the list goes on. Some have folded after the loss, others have resurrected themselves, painstakingly writing every line of code all over again. I’ll recap one instance of each to show how important it is to not just get backup, but the right kind of backup, and the right process for backup. Read More

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Ideaboard Giveaway

“Here’s a useful and innovative giveaway from the folks at Ideafuel.  Portable whiteboard?  Yeah maybe, I guess a Harley is a motorcycle.  But no really, the ideaboard is a versatile tool you can use to ideate, plan, track, collaborate, and present.    

So how are they taking care of us? Read More

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Journalists Forced to Adapt to Technology

journalists at play

Technology has become both friend and foe to journalists. In many ways, it has made life easier for them: it has allowed them to work almost up to a deadline and then electronically send pictures and articles straight to their editors from any place in the world. It has also made it much easier to connect and communicate with sources and to research material for an article.

On the other hand, technology has also been the reason why so many magazines and newspapers have been dying a slow death in recent years. Nowadays, the public can get their news almost as it happens via Internet websites or social media sites. In addition, the advertising dollars that once made print media profitable have dried up and migrated to other outlets. Even the classified advertising dollars that once brought in appreciated revenue have dried up now that sites such as Craigslist offer the same type of service for free. Read More

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9th Graders: The Present and Future of Social Media

High school students will soon need online courses to remain competitive in the workplace, which may present unique challenges for educators. These courses can help prepare students to complete virtual courses in college and beyond. Whatever students end up choosing to study in order to complete their high school online education requirement, they’ll certainly end up savvier in the arenas of technology and social media…and an increased exposure to taking classes in an online environment will likely result in a greater number of students pursuing online undergraduate and graduate degrees after graduating high school. Read More

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Five Types of Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writing makes our lives easier. It gives us freedom, the ability to work when we want (sometimes) and the ability to express our voice through the word combinations we create with our sentences. The Internet has taken “our voice” to places we never thought possible and because of it our thoughts and words can now reach all the corners of the world. Read More

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Becoming An Investor with Assistance of Fisher Investments

With the continued rise of the internet as a marketing, advertising, and commercial force, many entrepreneurs – both the seasoned ones and the more recent ones – have personally grown in wealth.  More than that, they are looking at taking the plunge and becoming investors themselves. For example, people such as Jason Calacanis, of  Mahalo and Weblogs Inc. fame, started mainly as writers. Jason was a journalist with Silicon Alley Reporter. Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame has the core of his business revolving around writing. Jason now is a prolific (angel) investor, while Brian occasionally invests in smaller, but not less successful, projects.

An important factor in making the jump, as with everything, is to be well-informed and to have a great sidekick. Fisher Investments is a money management company founded by multi NYT-bestseller author Ken Fisher.  This group is a great partner in learning about investing, receiving investment advice, and management. With its great series ‘Fisher Investments On‘, the Woodbridge money management company led by the author of The Ten Roads to Riches, several books are offered, each tackling specific markets such as technology, energy, and utilities. These books are great at giving their readers a first introduction in to the specific markets, as well as providing the possible future investors with frameworks to make analyzing opportunities and investments more successful. Read More

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Flat World Knowledge: Learning with Cheap Customized Textbooks

This post brought to you by Flat World Knowledge. All opinions are 100% mine.

Flat World Knowledge, a new entrant in the educational text book scene, brings a new platform and setup to both professors and students. With their “MIYO” setup, professors and students get access to the complete Flat World Knowledge library and can easily customize, publish even, their own textbooks.

The Make It Your Own (MIYO) book editor, allows the user to handpick elements from the entire open books library and render the combined selection in the form of a new book. All expert authored and professionally published, textbooks in the library of Flat World Knowledge are published under Creative Commons License, making textbook customization of books by reuse of content possible. Additionally to the easy ‘click and drag’ setup of Flat World Knowledge’s platform, professors can easily insert rich media to the textbooks, which are rendered upon click.
Books are published in different formats, optimized for digital platforms. Every customized publication is available in the form of a PDF for printing, a HTML ebook with search functionality and option to add notes, and even as .mobi and .epub files, which can be read on mobile platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Kindle, as well as in Android. Textbooks are also published as audiobooks and are available in Braille in order to exclude nobody and make the whole, fully available library, totally accessible to everyone.
Thanks to the possibility to customize books and tailor the textbooks 100% to the learning program, Flat World Knowledge, who has raised over $27 million over the last 2 years in venture capital from investors including Bessemer and BDMI, is able to offer the books in different pricing schedules as well, even free and make education much more affordable.
  • Online edition: free to use
  • Print version: $35
  • Other formats: $25

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Is WordPress Killing Web Design

Brandon Jones over at Envato’s Tutsplus posted the video of SXSWi 2010’s panel, discussing whether WordPress kills the creative design scene. Read More

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