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Why We Don’t Worry About Every Scraper

Dart Board PictureContent scraping is a major issue nowadays and most sites are the victim of scraping. Even here at Splashpress Media many of our sites are duplicated across the web and sites such as The Blog Herald and BloggingPro are duplicated several times every day, often entries are scraped more than 20-30 times. Nevertheless we do not care ‘too much’ about this and have found an own, editorial, approach/policy to deal with the issue of content scraping.

Our own Jonathan Bailey, author of BloggingPro’s Blogging Pitfalls column, founder of Plagiarism Today and CEO of Copybyte, explains how we generally deal with plagiarism and content theft at Splashpress Media in a new entry on Jack of All Blogs.

The surprise for many is probably that in most cases we do not react at all, instead we have found a new way to turn MFA and content scraping sites into free advertising. Check Jonathan’s entry out over at JOAB.

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Evolution of Email

Ever wondered how email functions? This nowadays vital part of communication is a lot older than most people and email has actually already been around for 5 decades. The Infographiclabs team analysed how email functions, together with the history of email and more interesting facts. Below a teaser of the infographic, detailing how email actually functions.

See the complete infographic at The Blog Herald.

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Keeping It Real Online: Degrees of Blogging

Let’s see. You’ve got your following started, you’re blogging on a regular basis, and everything is going well…until it isn’t. Maybe real life intrudes and you find you don’t have the energy to keep up with the original pace you set. Or maybe you find yourself losing interest in your own blog. Or worst of all, your following stops growing. Sigh. What are you to do?

Whatever you do, don’t pull the plug. Drastic thinking may kick in during the holiday season, when you are pulled in a dozen directions at once. But don’t give up and don’t lose hope. There are ways you can keep it real online, degrees of blogging success that you can use to make sure that your blog stays fresh and relevant, so your following continues to grow, and most importantly, so that you continue to enjoy your own creation.

Offer Content That’s Valuable

Let’s start by looking at the content you post. You need to give your readers something of value to take away with them once they finish your article. What are you giving that’s of lasting value to your readers? If your audience knows that you always offer them something of value, they will continue to come back for more. It’s an ongoing attraction, because they want to see what you’ve got today and every day. Read More

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The History of Online Video

One of the topics we barely or not cover at all here at BloggingPro certainly is online video, pod- and screencasting, even though online video doesn’t stop to continue growing and nowadays an amazing 69% of internet users already watch or download videos online.

The Infographiclabs crew created another amazing infographic, this time on request of Techsmith, the creators of the excellent Camtasia screencasting software. The infographic analyses the emergence of online video over the last 5 years. Below a partial infographic, hop over to the Blog Herald to view the complete history of online video graphic.

Read More

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10 Skills Freelance Writers Must Have if They Want to Succeed

Since there are a lot of aspiring freelance writers in the Freelance Writing Jobs community, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the most important skills that freelance writers must have if they want to have a chance at being successful.

In other words, if you want to get paid for your writing, you need to make sure you can do the things in the list below.

1. Spell

If you can’t spell and you choose not to use a dictionary or effective spell-checking tool, then you won’t get far as a freelance writer.

2. Follow Grammar Rules

If you don’t know where to put commas and when to capitalize, then you need to learn how — quickly! Read More

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The Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization often is a difficult topic and not every blogger agrees that much time should be spend at it but too often people discussing the topic do not know what it all entails. So we sat down and created a What is SEO? infographic.

The graphic covers all basics of SEO and explains the different components of search engine optimisation: link infrastructure, keywords, social media campaigns, PPC and linkbait.

Read More

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“Kids Don’t Try This At Home!” Do All “Good Writers” Make “Good Bloggers”?

Truth be told, there’s a bit of an exhibitionist in every writer.
(Wouldn’t you agree?)

No matter how private or reclusive we may be in our own personal lives,
I believe we go “public” because it’s inherent in our “wiring” to want to change the world, inspire, and “win friends and influence people.”
And for us it’s through our creative ability.

As such, many of us set our sites on becoming bloggers as a way to expand our platforms, our influence base, and our bottom lines.
We in fact are told through an array of sources that we must!
Blogging has become the “new black”.


This kind of reminds me of how when a new, “popular” fashion or fad is introduced in the women’s clothing arena, many females will embrace it regardless as to whether or not it’s appropriate to their lifestyle, size, figure or age.
And some really shouldn’t.
Case in point?
(Spandex is not every woman’s friend!)
The point of this piece?
Not all writers should necessarily become bloggers just because it’s the “in” thing to do.

In other words, blogging should not be considered a natural “write of passage”.

This revelation came to me some time ago when I put out a call for bloggers for a creative project I was working on.
I got submissions from folks from all walks of life, with all sorts of degrees, awards and credentials.

And some, to be quite honest, with more impressive backgrounds than my own!

Unfortunately what I ended up with were blog posts that were too technical, or too cerebral, or too long, or too “vanilla” and bland in nature.

I hate to say it, but I was over worked and


These very talented authors were skilled in “communicating” but not “connecting”.
(Are you with me?)

Here are a few reasons that “all” writers do not necessarily make good (pro) bloggers.
They lack one or more of the abilities that fall under the categories I like to refer to as the 3C’s.

• Conversational tone-–Blog writing calls for an informal style, smooth flow, and brevity. Some writers, in their desire to impress, use hundred dollar words, uncommon acronyms, or technical jargon that is not easily grasped by the average reader. Don’t be one of them.
• Consistency—Bloggers with paid gigs, or those hoping to cultivate a solid following for their own personal blogs, must blog well and blog often. One has to produce with or without a “muse”.
• Creativity-–Gifted bloggers know how to take an old topic, theme, or event and give it new life in the way that they spin it. Like good chefs they take the same everyday ingredients and blend them together differently to yield “food for thought” for readers’ enjoyment.

Should blogging have standards?

Do you think that blogging calls for different writing skills than more formal forms of writing?

Are all writers “blogging material”?
What are your thoughts on this?

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Silence of the Lam(E)s? (5 Reasons Readers Should Leave Blog Comments)

Frankly I don’t get it.
Folks requesting organ donations have had greater success than today’s blogger seeking comments on their blog posts.
And I say this with affection: I’m amused but confused.

In my mind, reading an enjoyable (or minimally interesting) blog and not leaving a comment is like dining at a restaurant and not leaving a tip. And isn’t “food for thought” just as gratifying?

Ask any blogger and they’ll tell you that comments left on a blog by visiting readers are the equivalent of finding a 20 dollar bill in a back pocket of some old jeans, or receiving extra chicken nuggets in your value meal package that you didn’t have to pay for.
Or getting a date with Keanu Reeves.

Okay, well maybe that’s just me. :-)

But anyhow…
Consider this a public service message: We wanna hear from you. Read More

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Want to Improve Your Blogging? Improve Your Mood.

One of the most common tips top bloggers give to novice bloggers is to blog about something they are very passionate about. But as we all know, people’s interest level fluctuates and is rarely constant. Today, you may be so inspired you could write a new treatise on food blogging, tomorrow, you could barely even write a word about cupcake.

So how do you avoid that kind of inconsistency? The answer may be found outside your notebook computer.

It has been found that moods can affect work and an improvement in a person’s mood results in a positive outcome at work very often.  There have been studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business that strongly suggests that mood you bring to work sets the tone for the rest of day and affects productivity.

Mood improvement differs for person to person, but here are a few tips that may help bloggers:

  • Blog in a comfortable place – Blogging on the go can be exciting but really stressful. In order to come up with a quality post, try to find a place where you can site comfortably and has good lighting.
  • Take a little break – So you’re a blogging junkie, but that doesn’t mean you should be in front of your computer 24/7. Little breaks can be a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.
  • Work in your own machine – Have you tried blogging in someone else’s notebook? It feels like you’re visiting a foreign country if you ask me. Try as much as possible to bring your own machine if you’re blogging actively and on the go.
  • Avoid blogging right off the bat – Athletes always warms up before competition and there’s wisdom in that. Some bloggers may find it refreshing to watchthat funny viral YouTube video before opening WordPress or Blogger.

Like I’ve said, ways of improving one’s mood vary. But one thing is clear: a better mood will result in better, more enjoyable blogging.

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Be a Member of Performancing Hive for Free!


Performancing Hive is a dedicated forum specially built for professional bloggers. Their membership usually costs $10 a month but right now they’re giving it away for free to anyone who is interested to join. Yes, you’ve read it right, free!

All you need to do is to sign up by filling in the form found here using the code 093588648A.

This promo is valid only until the 11th of December so you may want to sign as soon as possible!

For questions or comments regarding Performancing Hive you could leave them on the post found here.

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