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Listen to our PandoWeekly interview with NYU professor Jay Rosen about the media in an NSA state

Listen to our PandoWeekly interview with NYU professor Jay Rosen about the media in an NSA state (via Pando Daily)

By David Holmes On August 30, 2013Jay Rosen is a journalism professor at NYU (disclosure: he taught me). But it’s the summertime, school’s out, and so he’s in full-on blogging mode over at his site PressThink, which just turned ten years old.…

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Bloggers Make Money Charging for Content: Interview With MediaPass CEO Matt Mitchell

MediaPass is service that allows bloggers to choose price points and subscription terms for their content. Taking only mere minutes to implement and helpful support staff available to assist, I decided I needed to get more information from MediaPass CEO Matt Mitchell.

Q: Many bloggers discover that selling banners and links is not the best way to generate revenue. What type of blogger is the best fit to cash in on the MediaPass business model?

A: This may sound odd but the answer is most. Yes, some blogs (e.g. finance, parenting, cooking, medical, science, health, fitness etc…) convert better than others but even the lower converting blog’s subscription pages still far out monetize purely ad-based sites. Take for instance a blog that converts 0.5% of their users that arrive on one of their subscription pages. Our average subscriber spends about $60 with renewals. That means that the effective CPM on those pages is $300, many fold over the ad rates any blog is getting. Read More

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Interview with Yury Polnar from Demand Studios

Today we have the honour to feature an interview with Yury Polnar from Demand Studios. Demand Studios, who are also advertisers here at BloggingPro, are a known name in the freelance and online writing sector and provide freelance writing opportunities to many writers.

Anyone looking to get started as a paid content provider, or publishers looking for content should consider Demand Studios, several authors who write for Splashpress Media also write for Demand Studios. But now I will let Yury answer some questions we asked.

What Is Demand Studios?

Demand Studios is the creative arm of Demand Media and is responsible for producing in-demand articles and videos for a large network of industry-leading websites and some of today’s most respected online publications. Comprised of thousands of talented freelance writers, editors and filmmakers, Demand Studios creates and delivers handcrafted content to an audience of over 80 million people yearning to be informed and entertained. Read More

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R. Bhavesh, Founder of Templatic Interviewed and Exclusive Ecommerce Theme Giveaway

One day closer to New Year 2010 can only mean one thing here at BloggingPro: it’s Giveaway time again!

Today Bhavesh Radadiya from Templatic joins us and explains why they rebranded from PremiumThemes to Templatic, as well as shares his ideas on the future of WordPress. Templatic also gives some licenses for their recently launched, excellent WordPress ecommerce theme ‘Store’ for our readers.

Hello Bhavesh, thanks for taking time for our interview. You have been long involved in the WordPress and theme community but somehow are not one of the ‘brands’ out there. Could you quickly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everybody. This is R.Bhavesh. A 27 year young net entrepreneur from India. I love to design websites with a blend of usability and a perfect architecture, helping the end user achieve to their goal. Creating products at allows me to do exactly that and that’s why I am working full time at that.

Congratulations on the successful relaunch and rebranding of PremiumThemes/Templatic. Why did you decide to ditch a long standing name and a great URL? Does it mean that we can expect themes for other platforms from Templatic in the near future? Read More

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Jeff Starr, Star Behind ‘Digging into WordPress’ Interviewed and Giveaway

In the second part of our BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway we are happy to interview Jeff Starr, co-author of the popular Digging into WordPress book. Some weeks ago we interviewed Chris and now it’s Jeff’s turn. We asked Jeff to dish up all juicy gossip he knows about Chris but more important to share his views on WordPress’ popularity, its marketshare and Expression Engine.

Hello Jeff, thanks for taking time for our interview. You have become part of the select crew of ‘WordPress Rockstars’, how did you come to WordPress?

I actually began on the WordPress path with b2evolution, which was a precursor to WordPress. At some point, there was a mass exodus from b2 to WordPress and I decided to go with the flow. Working with WordPress 1.2, I began designing many different themes, each of them pushing my knowledge as a designer and WordPress’ capability as a blogging engine. Back then, there was much that was not possible using default WordPress functionality, and at the time, the number and variety of plugins were far less than what we currently enjoy. So, achieving design goals required LOTS of WordPress hacking — themes, plugins, and even the core itself. Fortunately, the many talented individuals working within the WordPress community have, over the course of the past five years, helped WordPress evolve into a much more powerful and robust piece of software. With all of the time and effort that I have spent working with WordPress, I am stoked to see how popular it has become. This is one case where going with the flow turned out to be the right decision.

‘Digging into WordPress’ is hot commodity and seems to be the WordPress Bible right at the moment. We recently interviewed Chris here at BP, how was it to work with Chris? Any interesting things we should know about Chris? Read More

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Interview With Designer and WordPress Book Author Thord D. Hedengren and Exclusive Giveaway

In the first part of the first ever BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway we have an interview with no one less than Thord D. Hedengren. Thord is most known for his WordPress designs and his time as Editor of The Blog Herald.

Thord has been rather quiet in the international WordPress scene over the last months but now is ready to return to the front stage with his soon to be launched book Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog. We were lucky enough to interview Thord and are exclusively giving away a copy of his book for 3 of our readers!

Thord, thanks for taking time for this interview. You have been rocking the WP design community for years with your very own signature style but recently you disappeared. What happened?

It’s my pleasure. As to me disappearing from the scene, well, it’s a mix of work and personal life that switched my priorities. I’ve been doing a lot of writing the last year or so, the book as you well know, as well as doing freelance work for magazines like MacWorld. I’ve also worked with Swedish newspapers to roll out a local blog network, and projects like that. It has been nice to return to my own backyard so to speak, being Sweden of course, at least for a little change in work scenery. It was never a conscious decision to slide out of the WordPress community, and I’ll remedy that by giving the Notes Blog theme a boost early 2010.

You are the next of a very elusive group to publish a WordPress book. What motivated you to write a book about WP and what can the reader expect from your book and when will it be released? Read More

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Interview with ‘Digging into WordPress’ and ‘CSS-Tricks’ Rockstar Extraordinaire Chris Coyier


Chris Coyier has been rocking the design scene since a while now with his very popular CSS-Tricks design community but recently Chris made a well noticed intro to the blogging scene with Digging into WordPress which he co-authors with Jeff Starr (Perishable Press).

Only 6 months after starting Digging into WordPress, the duo released the wonderful Digging into WordPress book, 400 pages of useful information for the most popular blog platform, WordPress. Check out the Table of Contents and a sample chapter here (PDF link). Time for an interview we thought.

Chris, thanks for taking time to participate to our interview here on BloggingPro. You are rather new to the design and development scene but are already one of the rockstars. Tell us a little why you decided on web development as a career.

I think this field is just a perfect match for me. It’s art, it’s problem solving, it’s technology, it’s all the stuff I find fascinating. As I kid I was way into computers. In high school I was really into my programming classes and then later into ceramics. When I went to college I ended up going with computer science, and gave up on it right before graduating and switched to ceramics. I always gone back and forth between art and technology. Now I can do design and development, and it’s like doing both at the same time!

You have been working around a year with Jeff Starr on ‘Digging into WordPress’. Congratulations on releasing the book. 400 Pages is no small feat!
Why did you guys decide on WordPress?
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The 449: Blog Design Interview

I recently had a chance to speak with Chris Garrett, owner of Chris Garrett Media Ltd about his new company The 449, which sells beautiful, custom themes for £449.

So, lets start with a little about the 449, and its history. Who is involved, and you mentioned somewhere that you had worked on this idea before?

I started the 449 originally as a spin-off of my main design business, Chris Garrett Media Ltd but about six months ago decided to stop doing it as I’d been doing much more involved work on large web applications. I noticed that a lot of people missed it and discontinuing the 449 had left a large hole in the market, so I reinvented it and bought in my good friends Chris Rowe, Indranil Dasupta and Dave Nichols to help tackle the work. I’m now acting as project manager and the work being rolled out is the excellent result of everyone working together.

Next question: Why £449? Why not more or less, and why in Great Britain Pounds?

I’m based in the UK, and I’ve always considered it professional to charge in your own currency, it also saves my accountant a lot of effort. When I started the 449 I was working at a rate of £150 a day, we worked out that to put together a high quality, bespoke WordPress theme would take about 3 days. We knocked a pound off because “the 450″ just didn’t sound that good.

Indie Anthems

What is special or different about 449? Couldn’t I get the same thing for $50 off SitePoint?

Harsh! We don’t just spend time pushing pixels in photoshop and hacking together some WordPress code. When you come to us, we take the time to dig deep into what it is your looking for and respond with a design concept that reflects that. We also take the time to get into the head of your user, my expertise lie in user experience design so you can be sure that your theme will be optimised to make life as easy as possible for your readers. By encouraging discovery by cross-pollenating content and defining calls-to-action for the parts of your site that really command attention, we can make sure that your visitors convert to customers, subscribers and lovers.

Our code is also highly optimised, accessible and includes use of cutting edge niceties such as microformats. This alone will get you a major boost in search engine results. We also don’t work off any standard templates, everything we do is unique to your project and we’re always on hand to offer the best support money can buy.

One client even mentioned that we should be charging more for our service, so I think that alone is reason enough to not just buy something cookie cutter off SitePoint.

You guys are the only people that I have heard of that do Microformats for WordPress themes. Can you tell me why that is interesting or even a basic bit on what Microformats are?

Microformats are basically a series of predefined standards for marking up specific pieces of information, such as contact information, events and even blog posts. By assigning specific classes to data, we’re able to add a deeper level of semantic richness to it which makes the data more machine readable (without impacting on human readers). They’re essentially bridging the gap between XML and HTML. Microformats are rapidly being adopted by emerging search engines and can even benefit users with disabilities such as visual impairments, so while the benefits right now aren’t that obvious, in a years time you’ll be glad you ordered a microformat rich blog from

Wow that was a lot of buzz words, but it sounds like something serious companies and bloggers will want to invest in.

Why WordPress and is that the only blogging software your deal covers?

WordPress is a fantastic platform, our clients love it, we’re able to work very quickly on it and the community is unprecedented. Having said that, we’re established developers and can work with any platform you need, in the past we’ve worked with Textpattern, Expression Engine and Movable Type. I’m really looking forward to Habari reaching a stable release and hoping some clients will request we use it.

What else can you tell me about the 449 that bloggers en masse will be interested in? Can we expect any freebies from the 449?

Well the site only launched last week so it’s been a hectic few days, but we’re in talks with some very high profile bloggers who will be offering their readers discounts and we’ll also be running a few competitions with free blogs as the prize. But with Blogging Pro being such a cutting edge resource, I think it’s fitting that it’s readers be the first to take advantage of our early bird discounts The first 10 people to email the promo code “bloggingpro” to chris[at] will receive a £50 discount. A 449 for just £399.

Lastly, if we want to find out more about 449, where do we go, and who do we contact? is the place to go for more information, I recommend you also check out the blog as we’re in the process of preparing some really good content. To get in touch, you can email me at chris[at], give me a call on +44(0)1453890326 or use our contact form at

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Breakfast with PayPerPost

Today I got to meet up with Ted Murphy of PayPerPost at the Mesh Conference. He was really down to earth and easy to talk to. He laughed at the mention of the verbal jab Michael Arrington directed his way the day before. Arrington called Ted Murphy the “the most evil person” in the room.

Talking about PayPerPost and its features, he believes that they are the only worthwhile system in regards to companies paying for such content. He talked about the features in the system and their work at combating the issue with review quality, and blogger quality issues that have been plaguing the system. They have added a way for their users to have their reviews ranked by the purchaser, so others have a way of telling how good or bad a writer is.

It is understandable as currently, they are the biggest system that I know of. He brought up the number of features they have brought up over the course of nearly a year. PayPerPost’s one year anniversary is coming up soon.

He also let me know that there is a new release of features, or information coming out in the next week or two. He wouldn’t pin it down any more than that, but he said that it will get people talking again, more than even PayPerPost Direct, one of their newest services.

Overall, he wasn’t as evil as people believe. He really stands behind his product and compares it to paid search results. He believes that the industry of blogging was hurting for a better monetization system, and that is what PayPerPost and its counterparts have provided.

An interesting breakfast indeed.

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OpensourceCMS: Interview with Matt Mullenweg

OpensourceCMS has a short interview with Matt Mullenweg on there site. Unfortunately, with no date next to it, I don’t know how old or how fresh this interview is. They go over a few things, and really it is nothing substantial or new though Matt does have one interesting and quotable sentence in the interview, “I think it takes 10 years to make truly great software. (We’re only 4 years into it.)”

Check out the interview at OpensourceCMS.

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