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Maximize Your Instagram Experience With Insta-WP

The pop culture phenom called Instagram was brought for $1 billion by Facebook. I’m not surprised, everyone I know who has an iPhone or Android phone has Instagram on it!

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Brand Your Twitter Profile with a Custom Background

If you’re using your Twitter profile as an extension of your online brand in order to build your business or career, then you need to read this post.

Your Twitter profile is an essential place to communicate your brand, not only through the content of your tweets, but also through the visual imagery that people see when they visit your profile page.  Don’t let them see the default Twitter background.  Instead, use that background space to make a statement and communicate your brand and primary marketing message to your audience of visitors.

There are a number of sites that offer free, premium and custom Twitter backgrounds.  Depending on your goals for your Twitter profile to directly or indirectly build your online brand, you can determine your budget and choose the type of background that meets your needs.  However, investing in a unique, branded design is important if you’re serious about using your Twitter profile as an extension of your business. Read More

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Tumblr topples Typepad

Today is a sad day for Six Apart, who was unable to slow down Tumblr’s rise against Typepad, despite copying the former’s reblogging feature in 2009.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr is now receiving 10.7 million uniques when compared against Typepad’s 10.6 million stateside, although the gap between the two services expands once you include international users. Read More

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Tumblr Launches Blackberry App (But None For Android Lovers?)

It looks as if my Blackberry friends can finally stop drooling over my iPhone now that Tumblr has launched an official app for Blackberry smartphones.

The app was built by Mobelux, the same company who created the official Tumblr iPhone app (which was previously known as Tumblrette).

Just like its iSibling, the Blackberry Tumblr app can upload images, text and audio, as well as video too (which might explain why Tumblr increased the video size for Tumblr fans everywhere).

Tumblr has yet to be listed upon Blackberry App World (as a quick search reveals), although “BB fans” can download the app over here.

While it’s great to see Tumblr embracing both the iPhone and Blackberry platforms, hopefully they will consider launching an Android app soon (as the only decent app available is Tumblroid, which will leave one $1.55 poorer).

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Buzzie Adds Push Notification, Still Lacks Image Uploading (Google Buzz)

Buzzie, one of the two iPhone apps supporting Google Buzz (a micro blogging service that is slowly gaining popularity) has just launched push notification support for their app.

Similar to how other micro blogging apps like Echofon and SimplyTweet function, Buzzie will send a user an alert whenever they receive a new comment or “buzz” (the latter which I do not recommend if one has over a hundred followers).

While this addition makes the app much more useful than the Google Buzz web app, Buzzie is still lacking in image support, a feature its rival Buzzr has (thanks in part to TwitPic).

Hopefully Buzzie continues to launch new features for this app, as it has the potential of helping bloggers on Google Buzz reach a different type of audience than other types of micro blogging platforms (like Twitter and Tumblr).

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Bloggers Delight: 3 iPhone Apps For Google Buzz Fanatics

It’s now been exactly one month since Google launched Google Buzz upon the general population, and as expected the service has not exactly been a hit amongst the masses.

However, like its Friendfeed predecessor, Google Buzz is slowly becoming a hit amongst many in the tech blogosphere, and I’m beginning to see even art bloggers embrace Google Buzz (as they can easily display their albums to the delight of their fans).

For those of you who are more interested in using Google Buzz as a micro blogging service, here are 3 iPhone apps you may want to check out. Read More

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Would You Pay Twitter To Keep Your Stream Ad Free?

Earlier today Mashable linked to a story upon GigaOM announcing that Twitter–a social network loved by numerous bloggers, is about to embrace tweet advertising.

(GigaOM) According to one source in the media industry, Twitter may launch its new advertising platform at the South by Southwest conference, which starts March 12. The social network is apparently working with several major partners for the launch, including “new and traditional media,” the source said.

Although I do recognize that Twitter can not keep providing a free service and keep the lights on indefinitely, there are probably many bloggers (like me) who have no desire to pollute our tweet streams with random ads sponsoring everything from socks to music. Read More

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iFriendfeed With Freshfeed (And So Should You)

Before the Facebook acquisition last August, Friendfeed was known as an online haven for geeks, free of the tweet spam that has long infested Twitter.

Fast forward towards today and one will discover Friendfeed to be mostly vacant save for the presence of super geeks (like Scoble).

For those of you who still refuse to forsake Twitter’s former rival, you may want to check out Freshfeed, an iPhone app created by Read More

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TweetDeck Joins The Dark Side, Embraces Native Retweets And Geotagging

TweetDeck, an iPhone app that is seriously underpriced (I’d pay $3 for it, but free is good too) now supports Geo-tagging and native retweets.

Users have the option of turning on geotagging, enabling friends (and potential stalkers) to chart your daily route as you tweet across the map.

TweetDeck also now (finally) supports native retweets, joining Echofon, Tweetie and Twittelator in the quest to kill off the oft abused “RT copy & paste” function (although users can still opt to use it if they must).

Despite upgrading their iPhone app, TweetDeck still only supports one video carrier–12seconds–which is perhaps the only underwhelming feature of this app.

Video issues aside, TweetDeck is still one of my favorite Twitter apps as it balances elegance with power, making it a joy for newbie’s and guru’s alike.

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Echofon Revamps Twitter App, Makes Me Almost Ditch Tweetie

Echofon, the worlds most popular Twitter iPhone app (at least they were last year) has revamped their app by adding additional power that was lacking (at least compared to it’s rivals Tweetie and Twittelator).

Here is their press release, followed by my thoughts after giving it a brief test run (since my time was limited within the geek world today). Read More

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