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Movable Type 4

If nothing else, SixApart has to be happy at the amount of attention their latest news is getting. They recently released a very beta version of Movable Type 4, and also let the world know they are going to be releasing a GPL version of Movable Type, which will be an open source project.

Everyone is ranting and raving over the beta of Movable Type 4. I am really excited to see them updating the administration panel design and functions, despite the problems some people are having with it currently.

Movable Type 4

From TechCrunch:

There’s a lot of history between MT users and SixApart. Although Movable Type was never an open source platform, prior to the release of MT 3.0 many treated MT as if it was open source. The decision to enforce licensing with the release of MT 3.0 caused widespread outrage in 2004 (including rather vocally from myself) and in many ways was a tipping point that delivered WordPress from relative obscurity to being the popular blogging CMS it is today.

Dash said that commercially SixApart had no choice other than to enforce licensing at the time. However SixApart in 2007 is a thriving company with a broad suite of popular products, including TypePad, Vox and LiveJournal, and today can afford to give back to the blogging community.

From Carthik’s Wordlog where the title is MovableType: 3 Years Too Late?:

I still clearly remember the day Mena announced the new pricing structure for MovableType. A day later, I wrote up a post on how to move from Movable Type to WordPress. Then, the exodus began – with famous users, like Mark Pilgrim, Molly, and so many others shifting to WordPress. Those were busy days on the #wordpress IRC channel. The number of opinion-leading bloggers who used MT started declining, and most of the new bloggers who came after chose WordPress. While there is no reliable count of the number of WordPress Vs. Movable Type users, I dare say more folks use WordPress than MT.

I think the whole argument about time is a great one. So many people are going to be “once bitten, twice shy”, in that they won’t be moving back to Movable Type. There won’t be a mass return that compensates in any large way for the mass exodus of 2004.

Jonathan Snook also chimes in on the new beta of Movable Type 4:

Unfortunately, I didn’t really feel like much get added besides a new interface and better registration. Many of the more interesting features, like being able to clone a blog, are being handled by plugins, many of which were already available for MT3.

Spam protection seems unchanged. I fear how much spam wouldn’t be caught by it in comparison to what I have now.

It’s also still Perl at its core. This is one area that I think turns off developers. Not that PHP is a dream to program in but more people know PHP than Perl.

And if you want another great review roundup, check out Lisa’s blog, which I found from Matt Mullenweg’s blog.

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Movable Type Enterprise 1.5 Launched

Six Apart has released a new version of its Enterprise package of Movable Type. Version 1.5 continues to try to set itself up as “the most advanced business blogging platform” through addition of LDAP authentication, support and administration for thousands of users, multiple databases, and plug-in architecture.

The company even goes as far as to says that among Fortune 500 companies with blogs, between 75% and 80% use a SixApart product like Movable Type or Typepad.

Over on Read/Write Web, there is some interesting details between Anil Dash, the VP of SixApart , Chris Alden, EVP and GM of Movable Type, and Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web.

I noted to Chris and Anil that the brand of Movable Type appears to be changing. It seems like Movable Type (the system) is being positioned as more of a business blogging platform these days. Chris replied that MT is “good for advanced blogging needs, it doesn’t necessarily mean for businesses.” He cited the usage of MT by power bloggers.

Anil likened MT to the Nikon D80 camera, which is a pro level tool. He said most people who use that are probably not professional photographers, but they aspire to that level of quality, expressiveness, etc. So he said MT is “a professional level tool, whether you’re a fortune 500 company that has 10,000 bloggers on the intranet using MT Enterprise, or somebody like you or me – we’re serious individual or small publishers, our blog is a big part of our professional lives and MT is the right tool for the job.”

This is where I have to admit that I am a WordPress fanboy, not only because it was the first software I used for blogging, but also because I have had nothing but problems with Movable Types among all the installs I log into.

While I also don’t see WordPress being a big in the corporate world just yeat, I see that the shift could someday happen, and so Six Apart should not be too cocky.

I have to admit though, creating an Enterprise edition of their software was a smart way to go for Six Apart. It is a growing segment, highly profitable, and easy to market as the corporate world goes a little blog crazy. Now if only they could take some time to come back to the normal users and fix some more things that are still really buggy in Movable Type for us non-corporate types.

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Movable Type turns 5

Niall Kennedy has a post on his blog, which I found via the Blog Herald, that mentions Movable Type has made it to its fifth birthday.

Five years ago today Benjamin Trott and Mena Grabowski Trott released Movable Type 1.0. About 100 copies of the blogging software was downloaded within the first hour of availability, and over 500 people had requested notification of each release.

Six Apart is no doubt very happy, and hopefully we will see some great updates coming from them soon.

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Snook Given up on Movable Type

While we did not convert Jonathan Snook to WordPress, he did decide to drop Movable Type.

I’ve finally given up on Movable Type. It’s done well for me over the years but I was starting to see its limitations with page builds starting to give errors and taking longer and longer to build a new page.

With that, i’ve moved to a custom-built CakePHP backend. It’s nothing fancy at the moment, as I really just wanted to duplicate what I had before but now that its in place, it should give me much more flexibility to do what I want with this site.

His site looks much the same as it did before the transition. Great work Jonathan. I wonder if he will release an open source copy of what he has made at some point?

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Movable Type 3.3 Fixes Many Bugs

For those of you that did not know, Six Apart has released Movable Type 3.3, and I have to admit, it fixes many problems I have experienced with MT. Everything seems to run a bit faster, and easier. They have added integrated tagging finally, and I have to admit, I am pretty impressed. I still don’t like rebuilding pages, or dealing with some of the interesting changes that had to take place due to some hacks that were running tagging before, but they are getting better.

Some say they are just playing catch-up with WordPress, but I have to admit, when dealing with several blogs, nothing beats logging in once to manage them all and have it work, which while there is a Multi-User version of WordPress, it is no where near ready for prime time. (Note: I have not tried it in a long while, it may be much better now, anyone that uses it, will have to let me know)

If you want to get the latest version, just head on over to Six Apart and grab it. If you purchase a licence before August 30th, you get 30% off.

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TypePad Integrates Technorati Tags

TypePad, a Six Apart product (the same people that make Movable Type), have added Technorati tag integration into their blogging software.

They have also redesigned their TypePad site just like Technorati and how they changed theirs recently.

Finally, we threw another “most wanted” feature into the release as well. You can now easily add Technorati Tags to your blog posts. While Technorati has always treated TypePad’s categories as tags in their tag search, you can now go beyond categories and add additional labels to your posts. So, for example, you might file your review of Miami Vice in the “Movies” category, but tag it with the additional labels Miami Vice, Michael Mann and genius. Check out our Knowledge Base article “Using Technorati with TypePad” for details on how you can customize the display of your Compose page to add Technorati tags to your posts.

Sounds like this should be great for TypePad users, and also it is something that WordPress should support out of the box in my opinion.

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Feedburner and TypePad now Friends

Feedburner and TypePad recently announced a partnership which will allow TypePad users to easily transfer their RSS subscribers to Feedburner’s service, which will give them stats and thus a better understanding of their readers. This is the first major partnership from Feedburner, but no doubt there will be others.

To connect your weblog’s feed to FeedBurner, sign in to TypePad and visit the freshly redesigned Feeds page under the Configure tab for your blog.

feedburner-screenshot.gif In designing the feature we’ve tried to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. When you choose to connect your weblog to FeedBurner, we ask you to provide your FeedBurner username and password. (We only use this for the setup transaction, and we don’t keep it around in our database.) You can then choose to either connect your blog to an existing feed you’re managing, or choose to create a new feed.

The change for your readers will be transparent. If they were previously pulling your feed from TypePad (regardless of the flavor of feed they were pulling), they’ll be automatically redirected to your feed on FeedBurner. You don’t even have to republish your blog – all the magic happens behind the scenes.

Many in the community are wondering if something similar will eventually happen for them, but no word on that yet.

Six Apart’s Announcement and Feedburner’s Announcement.

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eBay has a Typepad Blog

I was browsing my normal feeds today and somehow I got to, a Typepad blog that is used by eBay employees to talk about what is going on with the business, and the community that surrounds it. They also include posts on Paypal and Skype which are both owned by eBay.

A couple weeks ago the eBay Motors folks were out celebrating — the two millionth passenger vehicle had just been sold in the U.S. I went for the food – and to snag a quote or two and get some pictures for the blog. Drew Lieberman, VP for Motors, summarized why this was a big deal: “I think this accomplishment is a testimony to the vitality and innovation of the eBay community. If you go back a few years, you would have heard that there was no way the Internet would be a viable solution for buying and selling a vehicle.”

The design is very eBay and so in my mind, not very elegant, but it looks like they have been posting consistantly since the end of May. Commenting does not occur on the blog at all, but instead redirects you to a forum to post your thoughts, very odd in my opinion.

If you are a Typepad fan, and like eBay, you can now use Chatter, to convince others to follow in your footsteps and sign up for a Typepad account.

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Movable Type 3.3 Coming Soon

As the new version of Movable Type gets ready to hit the internet, Six Apart have let it be known that they are going to run an open beta on it soon.

We have some great news: Movable Type 3.3 is just about ready and the beta test will be starting next week! While we’ll be posting details on some of the goals and best features of the latest version tomorrow, we wanted to let you know that it was coming and gather some feedback while we’re in the preparation phase.

The beta test will last three weeks, and at the end of which, they will most likely release the full non-Beta release of Movable Type 3.3.

Are people excited about this? I know that a few sites still use Movable Type, but once you have it working the way you want, do you update/upgrade to the latest version?

I know Darren Rowse has expressed issues with Movable Type 3.2, and so it sounds like he is hoping this new version will fix those problems. It is pretty sad when you are not excited about new features in a new version, but instead are looking forward to the bugfixes.

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Movable Type vs. WordPress

Over at Business Logs, Mike Rundle, a well known designer, has come up with a little MT vs WP post in which he talks about the changes that both WordPress and Movable Type need to make to really become the market leader. It would be really interesting if they both came together to work on a publishing platform as where one has a problem, the other has that strength.

It seems to me that unless Six Apart really gets its act together and revitalizes the entire Movable Type application, codebase, and community, new bloggers will no longer use MT but will use WordPress instead, a change that’s already happening. WP’s active development and range of free blog themes to choose from are extremely inviting to new bloggers. I know that a very nice WP admin theme is currently brewing so we’ll have to see if it can live up to the standard that MT has set.

Posts like this, especially on bigger websites always strike up a conversation, so keep checking back on the comments, as I am sure opinions will be flying back and forth.

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