Is It Still Worth Starting an Online Publication Today?

With the millions of blogs, web sites, and online publications to be found today, is it still worth your time to join the fray? Or is too late to join the game? Source The answer is actually simple: yes. The point where it gets complicated is what you mean by “worth it” and the reasons […]

The Temptation of Shutting Down Your Social Media Accounts

We’ve all faced this temptation at least once. With all the noise there is online, it is only understandable. Take a look at your Facebook feed (although I probably don’t have to say that). What’s the ratio of people complaining/showing off/being passive-aggressive/etc. to people who actually have statuses that matter to you? How about ads […]

Using “Shared Experiences” to Create More Valuable Content for Company Blogs

Image source  “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” – Viktor E. Frankl Many people today are constantly searching for purpose in life. Discontentment transcends age, gender, economic status and race. Fortunately, we are interdependent as a species. We thrive on affirmation and never hesitate to give […]

Why Is Monetization a Dirty Word for Bloggers?

Traditional publishing has long maintained a “church and state” separation between the editorial and advertising departments. Meanwhile, from the reader’s point of view, the two have always intermingled. The daily news appears alongside ads for fashion brands, department stores, and household services. We can almost certainly credit the the abundance of local car dealership advertisers […]

What’s Next for RSS

With the announcement that Google is shuttering Google Reader, its popular RSS reading service, there have been a lot of questions about what is next for RSS, the ubiquitous technology that enables easy syndication of online content. The questions are certainly valid. Google Reader was by far the most popular RSS reader on the planet. […]

How To Improve Your Company Through Failure

Nobody likes to fail. Unfortunately, it’s a part of business, and while “I succeed because I fail” is somewhat of a cliche, it still rings very true, and there are real lessons to be learned from not coming up on top. Besides the somewhat obvious “soft lessons” we gain from failing time and again, there […]

Use of Social Media by Law Firms

I was on my first assignment and task as a writer for a law firm. Because of the trend in social media lately, I decided to check how the law firms utilize and use it for their online promotional campaigns. Recently, the demand for social media marketing has greatly increased for several reasons. One of […]

Why T-Day Probably Doesn’t Matter

Back in 2009, on the Blog Herald I wrote a post entitled “Should Your Blog Be on Tumblr?” taking a look at whether using Tumblr was right for your site or not. While there was no simple answer at that time, it seems a lot of people chose Tumblr in the past 2-3 years. Lately, […]

How to Give Feedback to Guest Bloggers the Right Way

As someone who has been a guest blogger on approximately 80 different blogs, I feel as though I’ve seen it all when it comes to feedback. I have been asked to create an outline, articles have been sent back to me full of red and purple markings, articles have been completely ignored, and some of […]

Blogging Pitfalls: Unlimited Hosting

It’s a promise we’ve all heard before. Web hosting companies all over are offering “unlimited” hosting for mere dollars per month. On the surface, it seems like a great deal. For a low monthly price you get to stop worrying about bandwidth and server space caps and focus on running your site. You can host […]