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WordPress Users Still Await podPress’ Return

powered_by_podpress_largeAny of you remember podPress? Yes, I’m talking about the popular podcasting plugin developed by Dan Kuykendall of MightySeek which halted development back in 2007.

PodPress was supposed to have resumed development back in August but two months has already passed and no news about its progress has been revealed at all.

Supporters of the plugin have been trying to contact the author for confirmation but to no avail. Rumors are circulating that podPress might not continue its development but some argue that this is not possible as there are already sponsors backing it.

Whatever the reason for the lack of updates on the plugin, I guess we have no choice but to wait for Dan to reveal any news. I’ll be sure to post updates regarding the progress of podPress here on BloggingPro so be sure to tune in.

Anyone else excited about podPress’ return? Be sure to leave your comments!

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Epic Episode of WordPress Weekly Podcast

Recently, Jeff and I had a great episode of WordPress Weekly that I hope more people will listen to. The episode contains our thoughts on WordPress releases, its user base and its management of press due to hacks. I got a little heated during the podcast, but it made it all the more fun in my mind.

When passion is public, it can make great content.

I hope you’ll all check out episode 72 of the WordPress Weekly podcast.

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SitePoint Podcast: WordPress with Matt Mullenweg

Sitepoint has recently released their twenty-fifth episode of their podcast, and this time round they have Matt Mullenweg on to talk about WordPress and more.

Brad: Why don’t you take a second to just tell us who you are for the 1% of the people out there that don’t know.

Matt: Sure. My name is Matt Mullenweg. About 6½ years ago now, I started working on a project called WordPress, which is open source blogging software that since evolved to really do just about everything. You can use it for a blog, or you can power your entire web site with it. About a few years ago after that, I founded a company called Automattic which the sort of idea was it’s to bring WordPress to the world, and our biggest project is which gets over 200 million visitors a month.

Some of it gets a bit technical, but if you like that kind of thing, you’ll enjoy the questions chosen and Matt’s responses.

Listen to it on Sitepoint, or review the transcript for a better understanding of what’s going on in the world of WordPress right now.

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Press This: a New WordPress Podcast

Joost de Valk, a well known WordPress community member has joined the likes of WordPress Weekly, and other WordPress related podcasts in chatting about the open source project. His new show, Press This, just aired its first episode recently.

Joost welcomes one of the newest member to Automattics WordPress team. John Gridley tells us about his new role with Automattic, and plugins that are in development.

Plus Joost answers chatroom questions on optimizing WordPress for Search.

Looks like a great addition to the WordPress podcasting scene, so please check it out.

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WordPress Weekly Podcast Episode 65

On Friday of last week, I hosted the WordPress Weekly podcast on my own to talk to Nikolay Bachiyski, the person in charge of GlotPress, and the Internationalizer at Automattic. I had a lot of fun doing the show, and would love it if you all checked it out. I never really gave much consideration to the non-English language markets before, but after listening to Nikolay, I’ve reconsidered that stance, and now I really hope to see plugin and theme authors spending time on translating their creations.

Check out WordPress Weekly, the “best” WordPress podcast.

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WordPress Podcasts Make it to 50 Episodes

I just wanted to take a minute to highlight the fact that three WordPress related podcasts have all made it to their 50th episode in the last month.

The WordPress Podcast comes in first, releasing their fiftieth episode on March 2nd and it was entitled “WordPress 2.7.1 released,, How much do YOU love WordPress?”

Charles Stricklin and Jonathan Bailey continue to bring out episodes of the WordPress related podcast that started it all. My favourite episodes will always be the ones that I was able to be on, as it was a real treat in my WordPress career to have been a temporary co-host, and even a guest co-host on the show.

The second one to make it to the big five-O was WordCast. On April 7th, the released “Our Semi-centennial!”. They had Lorelle VanFossen, Liz Strauss and Jonathan Bailey on the show to celebrate. I have yet to be invited as a guest on WordCast, and am shamed to admit that I don’t consistently listen to their great show, but they have a super strong, well deserved following even without me always listening in.

Lastly, on April 11th, Jeff Chandler and I released our episode, and while Jeff did give the episode a little bit of a special notice, the episode was more about our special guest, Cathy Perkins otherwise known as The WordPress Wizard and so the episode was named “Interview With Cathy Perkins”.

All three shows are continuing to bring information to the community in audio form, and all do it in their own special way. I am happy to see WordPress continue to bring people together beyond just using the same software. WordPress is a community.

Kudos to all those involved with these podcasts. I hope to see you all make it to 100 episodes strong and more.

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WordPress Weekly New Co-Host: Me, David Peralty

For those that didn’t stop by WordPress Weekly last night, you missed out on an opportunity to hear me chat about WordPress in audio rather than text, as I became the new regular co-host of the WordPress Weekly podcast.

For me, it has been sort of a full-circle thing, as I used to be a regular co-host on the WordPress Podcast with Charles Stricklin, and lately, I have been the regular co-host on Jeff Chandler’s other podcast, PerfCast, and so it seemed like a great fit for me, and a chance to dive back into WordPress.

It was also really nice that my debut was interviewing an old WordPress rockstar, Scott Wallick, who I knew better as the “ guy”, but will now be guy.

I really hope you’ll all listen to the episode, and come out on Friday nights at 8pm EST from here on out to participate in the show. It is recorded live, so you can call in or leave messages in the chat room.

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WordPress Weekly: Episode 41 – Interview With Scott Wallick

Tonight, Jeff Chandler is back with another episode of WordPress Weekly, live on Talkshoe at 8pm EST and tonight he will be talking to Scott Wallick, the originator of the SandBox theme for WordPress, and someone I have linked to often, better known to most of you as

They aim to talk about the Sandbox theme, as well as Scott’s sale of the theme, and his site. I hope to hear about his future plans, and that he is not only considering the money involved in selling his site, but making sure the best possible person is found to take over the myriad of themes he’s released.

Check out WordPress Weekly this evening at 8pm, or hit up the archive of the show after it is complete. One of the best things about doing a podcast on Talkshoe is that you can interact with it, so if you have any questions for Scott, I suggest you attend live in the chat room.

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WordPress Weekly Episode 40: Live Tonight at 8pm EST

For those of you that can’t get enough of WordPress, I suggest you check out WordPress Weekly, a great podcast hosted by Jeff Chandler and currently co-hosted by Canadian, Keith Murray as they talk about all things WordPress.

Tonight, at 8pm EST, if you head on over to Talkshoe, you can listen live and actually interact with the podcast. Have a WordPress question, you can ask it in the live chat, or call in and have your say. It is a very cool system. Jeff and I use it for PerfCast each week as well, and when people interact with us, it makes the show and experience a thousand times better.

WordPress Weekly is a weekly oriented podcast that takes place every Friday evening at 8PM EST on The format of the show will remain close to what it has been in the past. The co-host and I will discuss the WordPress news of the week. This could be plugin updates, releases, themes, version releases, development updates, a tutorial written by someone in the community, could be anything as long as it relates to WordPress. At the end of each show, Keith and I will give out our plugin of the week. This plugin is picked individually by us and is tested prior to the show.

I am aiming for a relaxing atmosphere where WordPress Users can gather around for 1 hour every Friday evening and discuss the latest happenings with everything WordPress. You could almost consider the show a virtual WordCamp.

So, if you have the time, please check out WordPress Weekly and celebrate their 40th episode tonight.

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WordPress Weekly with Lorelle

Jeff of Jeffro2pt0, recently put up another episode of WordPress Weekly, the informal podcast he runs to talk about WordPress, and this week the show ran two hours thanks to the interview with Lorelle, a strong presence to be sure.

From the show notes:

we covered everything from WordCamp Dallas to tips on using WordPress and then dove into some of the concepts of using WordPress to make money as well as general blogging issues.

The interview was less like an interview and more of a discussion between like minded friends with questions bouncing back from interviewee to interviewer from time to time.

All in all, its a great listen, and I highly suggest you check it out.

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