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Movable Type Answers Critics with Pricing Remodel

Six Apart unveiled licensing changes to its popular Weblogging software, Movable Type this week.

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Time Magazine article on weblogging.

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International Symposium on Online Journalism

I found a list of Symposium Research Papers on blogging from the University of Texas. Some interesting titles are Blog, Blog, Blog: Experiences with web logs in journalism classes, When the Audience is the Producer: The Art of the Collaborative Weblog, and Wikipedia as Participatory Journalism: Reliable Sources? Metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource.

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WordPress Bug Tracking

WordPress has a new bug tracking system.

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Ping-O-Matic – Over 1 Million Served!

Ping-O-Matic has sent between 1.25 and 1.5 Million pings since they launched 7 weeks ago. Nice job Matt Mullenweg and company.

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Comprehensive Review Of RSS Feed Readers

There’s a comprehensive article in on RSS readers.

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New UI For The WP Admin Area

If you would like to experiment with a new admin UI for WP and are adventurous follow along with Chris J. Davis as he goes on a quest to reinvent the admin area.

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Tantalizing Banter Is Weblog’s Hook

It’s nice to see positive articles in the press about blogging. “I see Weblogs as one of the most exciting developments in the online world — a relatively new, still-evolving form of expression, full of passion and possibility.”

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Pingback vs Trackback

This technical article is a few years old but it gives an in-depth analysis of the difference between Pingback and Trackback. The non-technical difference as I understand it is pingback automatically finds URI’s in the post and pings them while a trackback needs to have a URI entered manually.

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Tutorial: Using WordPress to Power Your Website

Need a website up and running quickly? Aaron Ogle posted this turotial on how to run WordPress 1.2 as a non-blog website. Here is his personal website that is powered by WP 1.2. It’s great to see people get outside the box and use current technology to work for them.

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