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WordPress Tutorial: Opening Links in New Windows

While we’re on the subject of opening links in new windows here is another option allowing the target attribute to be changed only for specified links. This hack allows you to open links in a new window using Quick Tags.

A few points of this hack are:

  1. Requires the editing of only one file quicktags.js.
  2. It is integrated into the quicktags toolbar.
  3. Doesn’t require the editing of your theme files and works across all themes. If you get a new theme, you wouldn’t need to reapply the hack.
  4. You have the flexibility of choosing which links you want to apply the target attribute.
  5. You can choose the value of the target while inserting the link.

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Open Links in New Window

Here’s a tutorial for making WordPress open links in a new window. It would be nice if the user could set the link attribute in the options page but until that option is available, Paladin has the hack. This tutorial does include altering core files so unless having links open in the same window keeps you up at night, you probably don’t need this.

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WordPress JabberBot

WordPress JabberBot lets you post directly from your IM.

Features list:

  • Clones protection [only one instance of script is allowed]
  • Posting notes from multiple jabber accounts
  • Simple cron installation [GET http://blog_url/wp-jabber-bot.php]
  • Configuration directly from WP-admin
  • Compatible with Jabberd2 servers
  • Custom posting category
  • Simple & Quick installation

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Disabling Smart Quotes in WordPress shows how to disable smart quotes in WordPress 1.5. For the average blogger this isn’t necessary, but if you display a lot of code that people will be copying and pasting from, you may want to take a look.

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WordPress Hack: Apache Authentication

Here’s a hack for enabling apache authentication in WordPress 1.5.

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Minor Title Tag Hack

I know this is minor but has a nice tip to make the title tag of your blog more search engine friendly. By default WordPress outputs the blog title when on the home page. Then blog name plus post title for individual entries. This small hack displays the blog name and blog description on the home page.
< ? bloginfo('name'); ?> < ? if ( is_home() ) { ?> » < ? bloginfo('description'); ?>< ? } ?> < ? if ( is_single() ) { ?> » Blog Archive < ? } ?> < ? wp_title(); ?>

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Spam Karma Hack: Spam Leftovers

If you’re using Spam Karma here is a hack to have your spam saved in the database rather then deleted. Why?

The benefits of this are twofold. First, if a legitimate comment gets caught by Spam Karma, you can easily restore it, as it is still in the database. Second, future versions of Spam Karma or WordPress may make spam decisions based on the known spam you have stored in your database, so eventually this could increase your blog’s ability to recognize spam.

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Searching Pages In WordPress 1.5

You may or may not of noticed that the WordPress 1.5 search feature does not return results from pages, only posts. I’m not sure why but I’m sure it will be addressed in future versions. Until then you can implement Kwebble’s Searching Pages hack. It’s a pretty simple hack but does require editing core WordPress files.

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WordPress Hack: Coloured Calendar

This is a short hack to add some color to your WordPress 1.5 calendar. You can see an example on the bottom left hand side of this page. The hack does require modification of WordPress core files.

Thanks NickM

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WordPress 1.5 Speedup

Apparently the foreign language version of WordPress 1.5 is slower then the English version. MEX Blog has a hacked version of gettext.php available that will supposedly bring your foreign language version of WordPress up to speed.

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