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WordPress Websites Targeted by Russian Cybercrime Network

WordPress websites are battling with a new threat involving a Russian cybercrime network, which is stealing login credentials for U.S. and European banks. Using a botnet, the cybercriminals have already obtained information from 800,000 online-banking transactions. More than 50 percent of these are reported to be from five of the largest banks in the U.S.

online banking



The illicit activities of the cybercrime network were discovered by Proofpoint, Inc., a Sunnyvale, California-based security company. It has released information on how cybercriminals get around security measures. Read More

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WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 Is Out; Want to Try It Out?

WordPress 4

It’s no secret we love WordPress, and every time something significant comes up, we can’t wait to test it out. Yesterday, announced that WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 is out.

Of course, it comes with the usual warning that it is still in development – that’s why it’s a Beta – and that it is not recommended that you run it on a live site. Still, that doesn’t mean you cannot play with it! Read More

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WordPress for Android Will No Longer Support Gingerbread

New versions of mobile operating systems always excites users for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the improvements that are supposed to come with them. On the other hand, app developers have the issue of needing to consider the different versions when creating their apps.

WordPress for Android

Image source

Needless to say, in the case of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) was a major update that was welcomed by practically everyone. Sure, developers had more to take into consideration, especially the fact that they would want to take advantage of what Ice Cream Sandwich has to offer while continuing to maintain compatibility with older versions. Read More

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Why Bloggers Should Care About WordPress 3.6

WordPress LogoAfter well over half a year since the previous 3.X release, two weeks ago WordPress 3.6, named “Oscar”, was released and the blogging world, it seemed, barely took notice.

Sure, there was the standard griping about having to update X number of blogs and clamoring to learn about the new features, but it can’t be said that those new features set the world on fire in any major way (good or bad). Sure, they were welcome additions, but most of the features aren’t particularly useful to any established blogger who is the sole author of their site.

Still, bloggers should be taking notice of WordPress 3.6, there are several additions to it that represent not just a pivot point for WordPress, but for blogging in general. If the release feels like WordPress isn’t moving forward, it’s likely just because it’s changing direction and soon, whether you like it or not, it’s likely that you’ll be going along with it.

In short, WordPress 3.6 may not drastically change how you blog today, but it may have big implications for your site down the road, implications you can start preparing for now. Read More

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What Will Eventually Replace and/or Kill WordPress?

Wordpress security hardeningThis past May, WordPress turned ten years old. It’s longevity and continued growth in the tech community is nothing short of astounding and a testament to the hard work of Automattic, WordPress’ developers and the entire WordPress community.

As a long-time WordPress user, my thanks go out to everyone who has helped make it possible and kept WordPress relevant, even as the Internet around it has changed drastically.

But the other day I began thinking about a difficult question: What will kill WordPress?

While this might seem to be a morbid question for a WordPress lover such as myself, it’s one I felt I had to ask. After all, in the mid-2000s, it seemed absolutely impossible for Myspace to be replaced but, in 2008, Facebook surpassed the former social networking juggernaut and Zuckerberg and company haven’t looked back.

It’s a simple truth that, on the Internet, the playing field is very fluid. Though old technologies don’t “die” in the strictest sense of the word, some people still use them, they certainly can fall very far, very fast.

Though WordPress has been amazingly resilient, even as competition has grown from established and new players alike, there will, eventually, be life after WordPress dominance.

So that raises the question, what will bring about WordPress’ downfall and what might replace it? Since I can’t predict the future (WordPress hasn’t added that feature yet), I’ve decided to take some guesses and run a few possible scenarios. Read More

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WordPress and 10 Years of Relevancy

WordPress LogoWith the 10-year anniversary of the first release of WordPress coming up on May 25 of this year, a lot of attention is already being paid to the reigning champion of the blogging platforms and both how it changed the Internet and how the Internet changed around it.

On one hand, it’s amazing to look at how an upstart fork of b2/cafelog, one that was created simply because Textpattern wasn’t being updated, came to be such a dominant force on the Web and launch a company, Automattic, that now employs some 150 people worldwide.

On the other hand, it’s easy to look at WordPress as a besieged king. An application and a service created in a world of desktops and blogs now living in a world of mobile devices and social media.

It’s obvious that WordPress has helped to shape the Web we’re in today. It’s used by millions of blogs large and small, including many of the most popular sites on the Web. However, the question remains, will WordPress and the WordPress platform be as important in the next ten years as it has been the previous?

It’s tough to say, but I agree with Matt Mullenweg that there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic.

Read More

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3 Scenarios: Blogging in a Post-WordPress World

WordPress Logo StackedI have been a WordPress user for over 7 years and I deeply love the platform, it’s developers and its users. WordPress currently powers over 16% of the entire Internet and the latest WordPress release, 3.4, has already been downloaded some 2.8 million times since it’s release barely two weeks ago.

WordPress isn’t going anywhere quickly but the fact remains that WordPress is vulnerable to the same tidal shifts that have affected other companies. After all, Yahoo! was once the runaway lead search engine and MySpace was by far the most popular social network.

Like MovableType before it, WordPress faces threats to its dominance both in the traditional sense, meaning other platforms that compete directly, the existential sense, meaning shifts to the Internet that could wipe out such platforms, and even from within in the form of forks and community splitting.

So what would a post-WP blogging world look like? Here are a few possible scenarios to consider and what they might mean for the bloggers working within them. Read More

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Win A 1-Year Premium Membership To WPMU DEV

bloggingpro-christmas-giveaway-250The WordPress experts at have created a support and features system that is unparalleled in the WordPress environment. Customers to their platform receive hundreds of templates, plugins and support for Wordress, WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress.

As part of our holiday giveaway series WPMUDev has agreed to give away two 1-year licenses to their system for just 1% of the cost. That’s a $408 value for just $4.08!

So what do you receive for that price? How about 300+ WordPress plugins and WordPress themes, quality code, updates guaranteed, 24/7/365 WordPress Support and Manual, Videos and Webinars!

Because their experts in the field and intimately aware of WordPress coding standards the WPMUDev team also guarantee each plugin they create will work out of the box or they’ll give you your money back guaranteed.

You can see what they have to offer by visiting:

Read More

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WordPress Powers 50 Million Websites – WordPress 3.2 Downloaded More than 1 Million Times

The colleagues over at The Next Web report that WordPress has hit the 50 million websites milestone. The open source software now is used on 14% of all sites on the internet, half of them being hosted by

How many websites use WordPress: More than 50 million users now publish close to 3 million posts per week and more than 1 million pages. Around 4 million files have been uploaded weekly per week in 2011 already and on average more than 4 million comments are posted every week on the platform managed by Automattic.

Check out more WordPress stats here.

At the time of writing WordPress 3.2, which was released less than a week ago, had already been downloaded more than 1 million times.

WordPress 3.2 Downloads

Check the WordPress download counter for actual up to date numbers.

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Automattic (the company behind has released a new feature that will please non-geek bloggers attempting to customize their sites.

Today we’re excited to bring you Custom Design, a powerful new tool that combines easy to use, code-free font selection from Typekit and a beautiful CSS editing interface with world-class support from our famous Happiness Engineers. […]

The Font Editor provides a visual preview of your blog with over 50 gorgeous premium Typekit fonts—from foundries like Mark Simonson, exljbris, FontFont, and the League of Moveable Type—and allows you to easily modify the size and style of your fonts. (Official WordPress Blog) Read More

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