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WP Review Site Theme/Plugin Set

WP Review Site turns WordPress into a powerful review site engine. It allows you to easily create niche review sites about anything and everything you want, be it products, computers, gadgets, music, movies, services, websites, restaurants, hotels, credit cards or even beer.

WP Review Site combines has these features:

Add a star rating system to your comment forms – This enables visitors to your WP blog do more than just leave comments: they can write a review and rate it via mousing over star icons. You define the categories, and your visitors can rate between 1 to 5 stars. And WP Review Site is completely customizable to fit your blog’s design; you can display rankings as you see fit, whether you use tables or CSS.

And WP Review Site lets you sort reviews by weighted average rating: you can set it to display reviews by the highest/lowest-rated, and not in chronological order. You can even choose to not show the rating system in some parts of your site. WP Review Site even has various sidebar widgets for you to add a list of top rated items to your site’s sidebar, or a list of recent reviews with the average rating that user left.

And what makes WP Review Site even better for me is that it already comes with seven themes preconfigured to work with the plugin:

  • WP Review Site
  • WPRS: Aqua Featured
  • WPRS: Award Winning Hosts
  • WPRS: Bonus Black
  • WPRS: Double Silver
  • WPRS: Green Featured
  • WPRS: Ocean

And even better, WP Review Site has already got its own affiliate link management system that will let you configure your links easier. Instead of inserting the URL for the same anchor text over and over, you can set your review blog to automatically insert affiliate links.

What I don’t care for, however, is the fact that the customization features of WP Review Site is spread over two options pages. I’d like to have everything in one configuration page.

For $97 dollars, you’d get free upgrades for life along with all the features mentioned above.


  • WP Review Site does the work of many different plugins to make WordPress work as a powerful affiliate review site.
  • It comes with seven preconfigured themes
  • Affiliate link management system is powerful


  • Too many separate options pages
  • Switching themes would clear the sidebar of widgets

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Comments features for WordPress 2.7 from Otto

If you’re a WordPress theme developer you may want to keep your themes technically aligned to new commenting features that will most probably make it to WordPress version 2.7. Otto, who is a well-known and respected WordPress community member has published this article regarding his commenting features. Check it out! There is a preview to the new 2.7 commenting system at that page too.

Here are some of the enhancements that Otto covers:
â–ª Creating a 2.7 compatible comments.php file
â–ª Password protection check
â–ª The comments loop
â–ª The power of Ajax
â–ª Styling

We all know that commenting is one of the great features that WordPress is known for. Apparently the development team is taking this feature a step further by offering important feature upgrades like threading, paging and javascript enhancements.

I bet ‘ya this will result in better blogs as people can now interact intuitively from one comment to another.

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WordPress Theme: Fervens A, B & C

This is my first theme recommendation, and a WordPress theme just recently released by Smashing Magazine and Design Disease.  I sure hope the author submits it to the WordPress Theme Directory soon because I think this is a great find.  I found it really cool that the author has also included the PhotoShop Document (PSD) design files for modification.  An extra point as well for giving us an online demo of each theme version.

Fervens Theme – Available in 3 versions, each with a different sidebar position.  They all can be downloaded right here.

“Fervens is a 3 column theme that has a base idea of “freshness”. Summer is my favorite time of year as it always amazes us with a rainbow of sensation and colors, making this time of year the best of all.  The green of the plants and trees, the blue of the water….I love this time of year :)”

What I feel is so lovely about this theme is the Flickr plugin.  While pros can do this thru code-level, newbies would appreciate that it’s coming out-of-box.  Something that makes it more useful turn-key.

Main Features of the Theme

  • 3 columns of fixed width
  • widget-ready — two widget supporting sidebars 
  • the theme is using 3 plugins; 2 of them are integrated into functions.php, so there is no need to install them. These plugins are Gravatar, Recent Comments and FlickrRSS. You can use the last one to present your Flickr images in a Flickr Photostream (see the demo).

***a bit of trivia: The author of Fervens designs also developed the theme. :)


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Prologue update: A WordPress theme for the iPhone

Ah, I’m not really sure why I missed this news regarding theme updates for the iPhone.   While I’m not an iPhone 3G user just yet (fearing all the wierd wierd user reports, thank God I’ve held off getting an iPhone 3G!), I follow developments closely… for my friend’s sake. :)

Here are the updates:

  1. A WordPress/iPhone friendlier log-in page, check it out at (using your iPhone, of course).  Tried opening it using my current laptop browser, and wadayaknow… i could!  Ah, simplicity is really good if you’re on 3G and have limited display area.
  2. An update on the Prologue theme to be much friendlier to posting and browsing.

Look at the pretty iPhone screen below…  beauty, ain’t it.



Well, as soon as I see a much happier iPhone 3G user I’d be holding-off on getting one myself.  I feel it would be a step-up to personal productivity once Apple irons out these kinks.  Ohhhh Stevie… could you hurry up, man the product hype is no match for the frowns I’m seeing.

At least for the sake of Veronica Belmont who had an aweful experience! :)  You gotta love her!






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A revival : Theme Directory

I remember visiting one central resource for WordPress themes, the ThemeViewer. Since December 11, 2007 things literally stopped.  No new theme uploads… with the latest count being 1,618 themes and 4,190,494 themes downloaded.  Very impressive numbers and I guess it would have multiplied many hundreds of thousands over if it continued.  According to the latest post, that site was up for an upgrade… for its code backoffice, indexing, theme upload, theme integrity, seach and download processes.  Well, I’ve waited and waited… until finally this news from .

It’s been a long time since stopped accepting new themes. Since then most theme authors have been distributing their themes from their own sites, without a good centralized place for people to browse, search, comment on, and rate themes. With the success of the plugins directory, we’ve wanted to have those same benefits in a theme directory. Today is the day we start making that happen, with the introduction of

Yeehaaa!  Now something for me to check where I know the code would be clean and right.  Love the new skin the site dresses up now,  actually it’s dressed like the WordPress plugins site.  Which I thought was cool and generally useful.  I visited the new page and saw that currently there are 3 themes uploaded… and check this out… 772 downloads so far.  I tried to see how downloads move, hey it jumped from 667 to 772 in 15 minutes.  Not bad at all.

So anyway, is this goodbye to my usual WordPress theme spots?  Maybe not as quickly as I’d like.  I’ll continue the old routes until I see a substantial amount of themes at  Hoping that it will be sooner than I think.


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WordPress Theme: Pro Profile 1.0

Over on eXtra For Every Publisher, I have released a new WordPress theme called Pro Profile.

Pro Profile

Here are some details on it:

It is a three column, widget ready theme with a really nice and simple look to it. One nice feature is the ability to allow users to select the colour set they feel comfortable with, and hopefully this will be something that all of you will take full advantage of in making new styles for the theme to be added to the set.

The theme is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license, as it is the licensing system I trust the most. Hopefully, the theme will be well received by the community. Let me know what you think of it, and if you have any problems.

Sidenote: I will be looking at all the other themes released on Blogging Pro over the last two years to make sure they comply with WordPress 2.5 as soon as I have a chance. Sorry about any wait.

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WordPress Themes: Live Wire Series

Adii has released three new themes under the Live Wire name. We have Live Wire 2.0, Live Wire Edition and Live Wire Style. Very much a magazine theme, the Live Wire themes are still very usable without needing to have your own magazine blog.

Starting at $99.95 for a single license, $149.95 for a three pack, which contains all three themes, and two licenses, or $249.95 for the developer license which allows you to use the themes on an unlimited number of blogs, the features help speak for the pricing.

Live Wire Edition


  • Automatic Image Resizer
  • Custom Page Templates for Archives, Sitemap & Image Gallery
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Authors & Comments
  • Author Profiles & Archives
  • Featured news section
  • Video Panel (for use with Flash videos)
  • Navigation Dropdown Menu’s
  • Sidebar Tabbed Box
  • 2 different homepage layouts (featured section)
  • Widgetized sidebars
  • Integrated Banner Ad Management (easily switch this on / off)
  • Integrated Flickr & Feedburner

My favourite is Live Wire Edition, as you can see from the image above. If you want to get your own copy of one of the Live Wire series from Adii, check out his site Premium News Theme.


Even more amazing, if you want to get the Live Wire theme set today, Adii has agreed to give one away to the winner of this contest. Blog about what you would use the Live Wire theme for, which version is your favourite, and link back to both the Live Wire area on Premium News Theme as well as this post on Blogging Pro, and you will be entered into a random draw to get the three themes. This is a $149.95 value.

Posts must be a minimum of two hundred words, and other than that, you have until April 2nd, 2008. Entries will be selected from trackbacks on this post, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the new Live Wire theme set.

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Mastering WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

Over on Noupe there is a great post that goes over some of the millions of ways you can effect major changes on your WordPress theme. Some are difficult, others are very easy, and almost all of them are powerful to bloggers looking to add customizations to their blogs.

It includes links to dozens of tutorials from all the great sites on the web that cover WordPress, and can help you answer some of those questions you’ve been interested in finding out more about. Covering things like the loop, conditional tags, post excerpts, and dozens of other things, the guide is a great starting point to those looking to dive deep into theme customization in WordPress.

This is the first article in the four-part series, “Powerful guide to master Your WordPress”. Throughout this article, we’ll be focus on many WordPress Theme hacks, ideas, tips and useful tutorials you need to have ready in hand when developing WordPress websites.

Check it out on Noupe.

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WordPress Theme: SpringLoaded

SpringLoaded WordPress Theme

A good friend of mine, Chris Garrett, has released a nice looking WordPress theme called SpringLoaded on his WordPress theme development company site, The 449.

My friends, it gives me great pleasure to announce SpringLoaded, the 449’s very first free theme! With support for Widgets, Gravatars and a handful of other nifty plugins, SpringLoaded is one sexy little number designed and built by the 449!

Chris (Rowe, visually gifted) worked his magic on the design and Indranil brought code excellence to the table once more (despite a very challenging layout) to ensure a fantastic and highly functional theme.

SpringLoaded is a two column theme, sporting a green, beige, white and orange colour scheme. I find it to be a very nice looking, effective theme, but it could do without the little grassy bit near the search box. All in all, a theme worth checking out over at The 449.

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Prologue: Twitter-killer or Not?

So the WordPress team has released a super theme called Prologue. The basic idea is to create a Twitter-like system for teams of bloggers. I, personally, can’t think of many uses for Prologue, and I know it won’t replace Twitter any time soon, but the uses I can come up with are very interesting.

Twitter shouldn’t fear Prologue because of the differences between the system. With Prologue, you don’t follow your friends, and the system is closed for growth. This means if you want to see what your friends are up to, you have to go ahead and invite them to post on what is basically a tumblelog.

What I do like about it is that it doesn’t require people to go into the WordPress Administration panel to post. If they are logged in, they see a quick way to add their thoughts to the site.

Prologue will make a great inter-blogger communication system for blog networks, and even better, it can be easily closed off to the general public, making it useful for business conversations. Sure, there is e-mail, and instant messaging, but I think Prologue could sit between them.

You need to talk to many people who aren’t always online at the same time, but the conversation would get too unruly in e-mail? You could post to the private Prologue blog, and all the other people on your team can respond via the comment form on the post, making it easy to follow and helping create clear communication.

I am very happy to see that they have already released an update, showing that they are willing to support the community in developing this into a powerful extension to WordPress.

The front page on Prologue originally only showed one post per user. Many people were confused by this or didn’t like it. After taking a step back I tend to agree, so a more traditional stream of the most recent posts is now shown. Pages are first class citizens again with their own template. Since posts in Prologue don’t have user supplied titles it now generates a title for WordPress based on the content of the post. This makes other features of WordPress work as expected (like the Recent Comments widget).

For those of you who want to try out Prologue on your own site you’ll be happy to know that it now works with WordPress 2.3.2 out of the box. Initially I’d made use of a function (in the author template) that wasn’t available in 2.3.2, now that has been fixed. Sorry about that.

I really love the simplicity of the theme’s design, and I enjoy the fact that they have made it available to users, but I dislike that it isn’t bundled in an easy to use downloadable file for the general public.

Currently, if you want to download and use Prologue, you have to grab it using Subversion, or download each file one by one using your web browser.

It would be nice if they packaged it up, and even better if they continued to help support the theme. I really think this could create some nice communities on and for if given support from its creators.

If you have a customized install of Prologue, with different design elements, or plugins used to extend its features. I would love to hear about it. Is Prologue a great addition to WordPress? Do you intend on using it?

I am thinking about getting the Splashpress team to share a Prologue powered installation of WordPress as part of our communication system. Do we need another communication system, or should e-mail and instant messaging be enough?

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