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Is Blogetery A WordPress Blogger’s Best Friend?

When it comes to choosing a WordPress host, many users select freemium hosting companies like (by Automattic) or due to low risk (at least financially speaking).

While and are great ways to experience WordPress without putting a hole in your wallet, they are also very restrictive on what features (think plugins) you can install upon your site.

For those of you seeking a more flexible solution to WordPress blogging, they may want to check out Blogetery who provides users with the conviences of without sacrificing too many freedoms. Read More

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Which WordPress Host Is Right For You?

If you were to survey the vast majority of WordPress compatible hosting companies, you would find that most (if not all) of them could be classified into one of four different categories.

While each category has its own advantages and disadvantages, users should careful to choose the host that best fits their needs (whether those be financial, security, freedom, etc.) before launching your blog to the world.

Although everyone has their own bias (including yours truly!) over which option is the best, here is a “brief” guide to help those of you new to the world of WordPress, as well as for the many considering adopting it as your preferred platform. Read More

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3 Things I Learned About WordPress In 2010

With 2010 coming to a close and many bloggers reflecting on their top 10 lists, I thought it would be nice to share 4 things I learned about WordPress this year that I wish I knew in 2009.

Granted some of these services didn’t exist in 2009 (as you’ll see below), however many of their alternatives did.

Although there were numerous other things I learned about WordPress ranging from security to various SEO tips, here are the top 3 things that stood out this year to me in 2010. Read More

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3 Blog Pages Every WordPress User Should Have

When it comes to blogging many users quickly master the art creating content, utilizing social networking or even monetizing ones site.

However one item often neglected by new bloggers is pages (or rather the creation of them).

Unlike blog posts which are frequently updated and more “newsy,” pages are for the most part edited infrequently and usually receive far more attention from readers than the authors themselves.

While bloggers are only limited by their imagination as far as what types of pages they should create as well as how many, here are 3 page types every blogger should consider have regardless how long one has been blogging.

Note: While these tips can be applied to blog platforms of all types, the second one is geared more towards WordPress users as you will read in the explanation below. Read More

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Should WordPress Bloggers Use Blogger As A Backup?

No, I’m not referring to using Blogger (aka Blog*Spot) as your backup, as you should already be using a dedicated service designed to backup your blog.

Rather I am referring to using Blogger to host a replica of your site online (technically referred to as a mirror site by professional geeks) just in case your blog site goes under due to heavy traffic, hackers or (worse) a renegade plugin that is not up to date.

While the idea of using Blogger as an online backup may not suite everyone (as you will see from the reasons below), certain bloggers sporting WordPress users may need to consider creating a subdomain (or even leaving the “.blogspot” on) if your site falls underneath these criteria. Read More

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Retrieve Your Twitter Followers Number Without API Issues

In this WPShout entry Angela Giese provides the code to use and retrieve the number of your Twitter followers without being hit by the Twitter API restrictions, which popular bloggers can suffer from. This work around is mainly aimed at popular sites not using the Twitter widget.

Once you have added the code to your functions.php you can easily implement the number of Twitter followers anywhere in your theme or design.

Read the tutorial, completely with copiable code, at WPShout.

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Why WordPress Bloggers Need A Tumblr Account

I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I need a Tumblr blog when I’m already using the greatest web platform known to geek-kind?”

While I won’t dispute your blog or convince you to embrace Tumblr as your primary platform, refusing to create a complimentary Tumblr blog could cost you in the future (literally).

Despite the fact that WordPress will be embracing many Tumblr like features in the future, here are 3 reasons why you should seriously consider opening a Tumblr blog to compliment your WordPress wonder. Read More

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Correct Coding for WP Sidebars

Great entry by Justin Tadlock, of Hybrid Theme fame, on the correct way to integrate sidebar into WordPress themes. Also contains a very detailed explanation of the term sidebar and its possible uses in WordPress Themes.

A must read for anyone who want to develop themes for WordPress: Read Justin’s entry here.

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3 Reasons Why WordPress Bloggers Need A Beta Site

One of the joys of blogging upon WordPress is the fact that there are thousands of excellent plugins and themes you can utilize upon your blog, giving you the ability to easily customize your site without having to dig too deeply into the code.

Unfortunately it seems that in their excitement to configure a blog to their liking, many users forget that many of the changes they are making behind the scenes are appearing live upon the site, which can confuse many of their readers (especially if your blog breaks).

While one should always seek out for new ways to improve the appearance and functionality of your blog, users might want to consider establishing a sand box (aka beta site) where they can test out new features “live” without damaging the appearance or functionality of their site. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Your Content, Someone Else’s Site

If you blog long enough, it is bound to happen to you, even if you aren’t aware. Someone will take your content and republish it on their site, sometimes with a link, sometimes without, sometimes the full work, sometimes just a snippet. There are a million ways your content can appear on other sites, some ways legitimately and other ways less so, but they are all interesting lessons in how your readers interact with your work and, in some cases, problems you have to address.

Because, while most content reuse is fairly harmless. Some uses, especially by plagiarists and spammers, can have a negative impact on your site. This makes it important to know both how to track your content, what your rights are regarding your work, when is a good idea to step in and, most importantly, what you can do if you find that you need to.

Unfortunately, the issues are far more complex than what we can discuss in a single column, but we can definitely give a good overview of the situation and what you can expect.

Read More

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