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How to Craft the Perfect “About” Page for Your Blog

If a reader checks out your about page, it usually means one of two things. They either like your blogging and want to learn more about who you are or they are seeing if you are interesting enough to start reading in the first place.

Regardless of which motive brought them to the page, you want to be sure to do a killer job of talking about how awesome you are and why they should keep coming back to read your blog posts. If you only spend five minutes and throw up a paragraph of text and an email address, you are costing yourself readers, traffic and much more.

The most important message to convey through an about page is communicating who you are. It sounds simple, but properly telling your story requires a bit of work. Don’t write a few boring paragraphs about your background in whatever industry you blog about. People want to know interesting things about you. What is your day job? What’s your favorite drink? What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Put some personality into the page and let people know you are a living, breathing person. Read More

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