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The 5 Worst Pieces of Blogging Advice I Got

Bad Advice ImageWhen I first started blogging way back in 2005, I had a lot of great people giving me wonderful advice. There are many people to whom I am deeply indebted for their guidance, help and criticism. Without them, I doubt I’d have been able to do a quarter of the things that I have.

However, there were also a few people who gave me what would turn out to be terrible advice. Advice that, if I had listened to it, might have prevented me from as much as getting started, much less, make blogging a major part of my career.

So what were those nearly-disastrous pieces of advice? Well, there’s too many to count but a few have stood out over the years for just how wrong they turned out to be.

Best of all, they’re also pieces of advice just about any other blogger should work to avoid, especially if they know the truth. Read More

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Bloggers Knowhow: How To Respond To a Legal Threat Online

There are a few ways for you to measure your true level of online success. The first is that your blog or website gets hacked by people looking to extort money from you – thankfully this isn’t very common. And the second, and more common, is a legal threat of some kind. Maybe you said something that rattled somebody’s cage, maybe you posted an image you shouldn’t have or maybe you’re infringing on a trademark that you didn’t mean to. In either case a legal threat is usually related to the size of your online profile – so in a way kudos to you for being so prolific! Read More

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How to Handle a Career in Blogging Without it Handling You!

When it comes to having a career on the Net, I consider myself the “go-to-guru”.
I’ve been many places and seen many things. Both good and bad.
In fact, over the years, I have served in more capacities and with more clients than you’d probably care to read about.
But, let’s just say that along the way, I’ve garnered enough “frequent flyer” miles to help you navigate a successful career, without a lot of “turbulence”.

With the introduction of Blogging Pro’s new job board, no doubt many of you will search through and respond to the various great blogging opportunities.
And you should.
Blogging is bodacious!
It’s a great medium to express yourself, influence the masses and earn extra cash.
But be forewarned. All that glitters is not gold.
Read More

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How To Resurrect Your Blogging Career

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to our blogging careers. No one is perfect. Mistakes are natural. Some of us leave our blogs to rot on the vine, after inspiring so much greatness. It’s tantamount to meeting an amazing girl at the bar only to find out she’s a prude. It’s a terrible heartache. Others of us have Post Blog Sale Depression Disorder.

Then there are some of us who just plain fall off the face of the planet. No worries, it happens to the best of us. There is hope however. A few years ago I fell off the face of the planet ended up in a podunk town in Mexico, with a cervecia in one hand, and a cuban cigar in another. Picking up the ashes of a cumulative stretch of poor decisions. There is a path to get back into the swing of things. There is a path to redemption. It takes hard work. Just like any bad habit can be beat so can beating your bad habits around your blogging career. The relationships might never be able to be restored, but new relationships can be kindled, and consistency and trust can be earned again. Read More

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