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5 SEO Metrics You Don’t Need to Obsess Over

SEO metrics

While reviewing metrics will help your overall SEO efforts, there are some that shouldn’t be worried about as much. Even if they have some value to them, there is no point in obsessing over them on a daily basis because in the end, they don’t affect how well your SEO is doing. Let’s go over 5 metrics that are ok to ease up on.

Top 30 Keyword and Phrase Rankings

A lot of people gauge how well their SEO is doing by the amount of times their site is listed in the top 30 rankings, but in reality, most people that are using search engines never end up leaving the first page. Why obsess over a number doesn’t actually increase your traffic or profits?

It is understandable to obsess over these rankings if you’re listed in the top 5, else it is a waste of time. While this metric might let you know how close you are getting to the first page of listings, it isn’t something you should check a lot. Read More

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Web Analytics and Your Business: Why Analytics Can Help You Succeed


Successful marketing largely hinges on how well you understand your customer. Being able to anticipate their needs and wants and how well you can communicate your message across to them without alienating them are factors that contribute to effective marketing, and ultimately, a successful business.

The best way you can anticipate your customers’ needs is by reading their minds, but while there’s no technology yet that can grant you telepathic powers, there’s a tool that, when used properly, can offer you the same results – web analytics. Read More

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Analytics for Dummies:

Have you just started to create a presence on the World Wide Web? Or have you been online for some time, but are currently trying to increase your site’s page rank and organic traffic? Designing and building an eye-catching website is the easy part; getting potential clients and customers to find you and your business, while essential, can be much more challenging. One issue may be that you do show up on search engines, but below some of your competitors. This can hurt your business tremendously, so staying on top of this type of data is vital. takes the guesswork out of determining how your site ranks and how easy it is to find online. It uses a simplified set of analytics tools to help you determine your online prominence and traffic. BrandYourself’s tools help you tweak your business as necessary to boost its online prominence without having to first wade through excessively complex analytics data. Read More

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5 Ways Your Stats Are Becoming Less Useful

Google Analytics LogoEvery blogger loves statistics. It’s nice to know how many people came to our sites, how they got there, what they read, how long they spent and where they went when they left.

It’s a comforting feeling knowing exactly what’s going on with your site and we even have services like Woopra and Google Analytics Realtime that can follow what’s going on with your site right now.

But as neat as all of that is, as anyone who uses two or more systems knows already, these stats are far from perfect. Simply put, there’s a lot of wiggle room when it comes to getting those numbers and, despite having over a decade to perfect and hone our stat-gathering abilities, we seem to actually be getting farther away from firm, consistent information.

How so? There are actually too many ways to count. But here are just five ways of the more important ways that the stats you’re looking at every day are becoming less and less accurate and, more importantly, what you can do about it (if anything). Read More

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Social Metrics Plugin For WordPress. A Simple Dashboard For Your Social Sharing Analytics

Social Metrics Plugin WordressThe Social Metrics plugin for WordPress has quickly become one of the very first options I add to my new WordPress blogs as they are being built. The plugin in it’s most simple of terms allows me as the administrator on my website to examine which social networks are having the greatest impact on the posts I create.

Using Social Metrics is extremely simple, after downloading and simply clicking activate the program can be visited in a section located directly below the “Dashboard” option within the WP-ADMIN area:

Social Metrics Dashboard

After clicking on the “Social Metrics” section the main display is then shown. Before choosing any settings the program automatically displays your newest posts first.

As you can see from the screenshot below the title for each post is displayed (you can click on the hyperlink to visit each story). Next you’ll find some of the most used buttons on most sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+,StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn). Next to each type of social sharing button is the number of shares it has received. Unfortunately Reddit is now implemented which is a real shame given the buttons increasing prevalence. Read More

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Po.ST Brings Competent Analytics And Advertising To A Sleek Button Sharing Platform

PoST Homepage

I have recently begun testing a new plugin (in beta) from the team at Po.ST and I have been so impressed with the initial results that I decided to share the company’s progress with our readers.

Po.ST, much like other offerings from ShareThis and AddThis allow users to place Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other share buttons within their posts, while that setup isn’t exactly groundbreaking it’s what Po.ST does with the shares that makes the program worth the download and constant monitoring.

To get started the team at Po.ST allows users to choose the type of widget they would like to use. I personally chose the button design widget because I like to showcase various buttons along with a pop up option (the P icon shows other sharing networks). Read More

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3 WordPress Plugins That Make Analytics Gathering Easy And Maybe Even Fun

AnalyticsUnderstanding where your users are coming from, which pages they access and what content they peruse for the longest periods of time is a great way to help better your websites content.

Whether you choose to use a free Analytics program such as Google Analytics or a paid program like GetClicky there are several WordPress plugins that make integration simple.

Here are a few of my personal favorite analytics programs with WordPress integration, all of which I use on my personal and business related websites. Read More

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Blog Analytic Services: Which Ones Should You Use?

After settling upon a web domain, selecting a theme and choosing a niche for your blog, one decision that bloggers eventually have to make is, “which stat tool should I use to measure traffic upon my blog?”

Although analytical tools will not by themselves boost your blog’s SEO, they can provide invaluable information on how many people are visiting your blog (as well as from where).

Although everyone has their own preference for which tool they used (based upon price, features and UI), here are a few general rules you should follow when selecting a stat tool. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: How Worshiping Analytics Can Kill Your Blog

Generally speaking, bloggers view analytics as a very good thing. There’s hardly a blog that isn’t running some kind of stats program whether it’s Google Analytics, stats or one of the countless other systems.

Analytics provide information that can be very valuable to a blogger. A good analytics system will give you stats that can tell you how many people are visiting your site, where they are coming from and what they do while they are there. This is practical information that can help direct on-the-ground action to improve a blog.

But many bloggers take analytics too far and become obsessed over them. Though we know that lack of blog growth is one of the key reasons for blog abandonment, it doesn’t always have to be, many bloggers make the mistake of treating the improving site statistics as the end goal for the blog, defeating the purpose of having analytics in the first place, which is to help you get the information you need to reach your goal.

This is how analytics, if used improperly, can actually do more harm to your blog than good and why you need to be careful not to take them too seriously. Read More

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Stat Geeks Take Note: 4 iPhone Apps To Analyze Blog Health

Have you ever tried to cook a steak without checking the time, temperature and (most importantly) the steak itself?

As silly as that sounds, the same is true when it comes to analyzing your blogs traffic and stats, which can provide invaluable feedback on the health of your blog.

For those fortunate enough to have an iPhone, here are four apps you should consider owning. Read More

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