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WordPress for Android Will No Longer Support Gingerbread

New versions of mobile operating systems always excites users for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the improvements that are supposed to come with them. On the other hand, app developers have the issue of needing to consider the different versions when creating their apps.

WordPress for Android

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Needless to say, in the case of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) was a major update that was welcomed by practically everyone. Sure, developers had more to take into consideration, especially the fact that they would want to take advantage of what Ice Cream Sandwich has to offer while continuing to maintain compatibility with older versions. Read More

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Android Dominance And Consistent Increase In Overall Smartphones Usage

Android smartphones
As ubiquitous as smartphones are, the market is fragmented with iOS and Android leading the fray. Of course, they are not the only players, with Microsoft, Nokia, and Blackberry still breathing.

From the average person to the blogger to the tech professional – smartphones of all shapes and sizes and OS(es) are part and parcel of our lives. If you’re curious about smartphone usage statistics, here’s a quick guide.

Feel free to share the infographic by embedding it on your site. We’ve provided the code at the bottom of this post to make it easy for you.

Read More

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Best Analytical Tools for Your Mobile Phone

Google Analytics Hacks

Google Analytics Hacks (Photo credit: Search Engine People Blog)

Keeping track of your website is a big deal, and with pretty much everything else going mobile, your analytical tools should be too. Most analytics update in real time, so why not get a mobile analytics app to help you actually track your site as views happen. Here are the best analytical tools for your mobile phone.

Google Analytics Mobile – One of the most popular analytical tools of all time, Google Analytics is now available on your mobile phone. The app features complete access to Google’s Analytics dashboard including website, app, and site analytics. You can log into this in the same way you would online, which makes the app simple and easy to use. Read More

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LiveJournal Sneaks Out Android App

It looks like LiveJournal (a popular blog platform in Russia) is expanding beyond iOS and has quietly launched an app upon Android.

Get the official LiveJournal app and access LiveJournal wherever you roam. LiveJournal is a vibrant, social journaling platform that allows users around the world to find each other based on common passions and pursuits. Users share thoughts, experiences, guidance, artwork, fiction, and more by posting to journals and interest-based communities. (Official Android Market)

The Android app seems to be very similar to its iPhone sibling, as both allow users to upload images, create polls and edit previous entries. LiveJournal also seems to have mimicked their iOS app’s elegant layout upon Android (which is a rarity upon Google’s mobile OS).

Unfortunately the Android app lacks the ability to upload videos directly to ones LiveJournal blog (just like its iOS sibling), although hopefully they will consider adding this feature in the not so distant future.

LiveJournal has yet to announce their Android app upon their official blog (or even reference it upon their mobile page), although users can download the app from Google’s official Android Market.

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WordPress For Android: The App Is Now Complete

Android lovers will be pleased to hear that their beloved WordPress app has finally added features long enjoyed by your iOS and Blackberry brethren.

You can now easily set the publish date and time in the app when creating a post or page. The date can be set to the future which will set the post status to ‘Scheduled’ and publish on your blog when the time arrives. […]

At the bottom of the post editor we’ve added a Post Password field to help protect your content. Simply enter a password here and the post will require that the password be entered for viewing on the blog when published. (WordPress for Android)

The Android app also supports HTTP Authentication for self hosted blogs, which means WordPress fans no longer have to choose between mobile blogging an tighter security via select plugins.

Unfortunately for those of you who have installed the app from Amazon’s App store, this update is not yet available (it’s awaiting approval from Amazon’s app tribunal).

However fans of Amazon’s app store can always install a fresh copy from Android Market (which might be wiser in the future, especially if WordPress releases a security update).

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Posterous Makes Group Blogs Fun Again For Android, iPhone

The Posterous team have recently updated their iPhone and Android apps, which now allow users to create private groups without having to power up the notebook.

With today’s iPhone and Android releases, friends, family members and colleagues can now create and participate in a Posterous Group from their phone, the Web or via email without limitations.

And because every group deserves a home, each Posterous Group gets its own beautiful private web site. In other words, you can communicate with members entirely by mobile and email but your group’s memories are permanently archived and viewable on your group site. (Official Posterous Blog)

Posterous fans can add friends directly from their contact list, although unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to add new members later on from within the app.

Users can also comment upon group blogs as well as like individual posts within the apps as well (two features which are sadly unavailable for regular Posterous blogs).

The only major bug that I discovered in iOS was when adding images from ones album, as Posterous does not show any images (note: is anyone else experiencing this?).

The latest update is available to Android and iPhone fans, and for those of you sporting a Blackberry device you may have to resort to email until Posterous launches an official app.

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Google Reader: Did You Update Your Android App Today?

The boys and girls from the Google Reader team have announced some recent changes to their official Android app that should help make it much easier to use for news junkies on the go.

News ticker widget – if you prefer a bit more information, you can add a larger size widget that cycles through items on any stream you want in Reader. Clicking any headline will take you to the article, while clicking the folder will take you to that stream.

Mark previous as read – if you’ve used the mobile version of Reader before and missed this feature, it’s now back! As you scroll down your reading list, hit “Mark previous as read” at any time to only mark things above the screen as read. (Official Google Reader Blog)

The app also includes an unread count widget which was surprisingly left out during the app’s premier launch.

Unfortunately for iPhone fans, Google has no plans on launching an official iOS app in the future and thus far seems dedicated to only supporting the Android platform (although iOS has plenty of third party apps to help fill in the gap).

Google Reader fans can download the app for free from the Android Market, and for those of you who sport an Android device do you prefer the official app over the numerous third party rivals? If so, why?

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Blogger Courts Android, Is iPhone Next?

After watching rivals like WordPress reap the rewards of creating mobile apps, Google has finally decided to court the mobile universe by creating an official Blogger app upon Android.

While launching an Android app first wasn’t surprising, the Blogger team is apparently working on other mobile OS’s which means we might see an iOS Blogger app in the near future.

We are excited to announce our first version of the Blogger Android App. Using the app you can easily compose a post, attach a photo that you just took with your phone, and either save it as a local draft for later or immediately publish it to your blog. If you are an Android user, you can start using the Blogger app today by downloading it for free from the Android Market. […]

Note: this app is available only on Android devices but we are working toward supporting other smartphone platforms to allow more of our users to easily post to Blogger on the go. (Blogger Buzz)

Note: Emphasis mine. Read More

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New WP Version for Android

WordPress have realeased the latest version (V1.3.8) of the blogging platform for the Android Market, which has addressed a wide range of issues that have been raised by users.

You can now choose what the post status (Draft, Pending Review, Private or Publish) whilst editing or writing

They’ve also addressed a wide range of bugs:
* Fixed crash when adding media on Dell Streak
* Fixed crash when attempting to add a self-hosted site with an invalid blog URL
* Fixed local db problem when upgrading from a 1.0.x or 1.1.x version
* Updated Polish translation strings
* Fixed crash when trying to add a second blog from a account or WordPress multi-user install
* Fixed no-name blogs from showing as blank in the multi-user blog selection screen
* Comments Loading progress bar no longer hang

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Family Feud: WordPress Vs WordPress (On The Blackberry, iPhone And Android)

After initially releasing WordPress 1.0 upon the iPhone many moons ago, Automattic seems to be spreading the love by creating WordPress Apps for Android lovers and Blackberry fans.

Although I am grateful for their latest update for the iPhone, it became apparent that not all WordPress Apps were created equal, with some mobile platforms receiving extra attention in the “feature department” than one notable other.

Whether this has to do with the nature of the app stores themselves (i.e. Apple’s aristocracy vs Google libertarianism) is unknown, although here is a brief chart comparing the apps against each other, which may make a few geeks “iJealous.” Read More

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