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Do You Have These Bad Online Publishing Habits?

Habits are formed, whether good or bad; and the sensible person will accept what bad habits he has formed. More so, he will go one step further and do something to rectify the situation.

bad online publishing habits


When it comes to publishing online, bad habits are not uncommon. The question is whether or not you, the writer, have realized that you have some of those bad habits and if you are willing to get rid of them.

Here are some bad online publishing habits for you to peruse and get rid of (if you have them). Read More

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5 Lessons on Letting Go From the LOST Finale

The LOST finale on ABC is over and fans of the show who invested an emotionally-charged half decade were rewarded with more answers than questions. A show that examined science vs. faith and “good” vs. “evil” ended up being a “simple” tale of holding on to your true love and learning how to let go.

Here are five blogging habits that you should let go of immediately.

Let go of…

PERFECTION. How many times are you going to re-write that blog? For how long are you going to plan? Do everything you can to check your facts and produce compelling content, but at some point, you just have to let it go. Hit the publish button and walk away. Just make sure you have good blogging karma! Read More

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