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Know Your Blog’s Tone

We’ve already established that guest posts are a great way to beef up your blog’s content. But there is a trap…

Even you are fortunate enough to have the best writers in the world contribute guest posts to your blog, it is rare to get a well-written article that also matches your blog’s tone. It’s this tone – the vibe and tenor of your articles – that helps set you apart in an overcrowded blogosphere. Consistent editorial tone is an essential component of success; you need look no farther than TV, moves and magazines.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your blog’s tone is consistent. Read More

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How Revamping Your Blog is Similar to Remodeling Your Home

This is a guest post by Aaron Garcia, a project manager for MorePro Marketing, a search engine optimization and marketing consulting company in Phoenix, Arizona.

No matter how experienced of a blogger, web designer or webmaster you are, redesigning a website is a huge undertaking. In many ways it is similar to remodeling a home in that if the internal structure of the site is compromised, the whole thing will come crashing down. Here are some items for redesigning your website that will help the process run smoothly, leaving you with a finished product that comes in on time and under budget. Read More

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Improve Your Writing: 5 Things I Learned From

This is a guest post from Ines Maric, an Internet marketing consultant, blogger and an avid reader of everything related to marketing and psychology.

I love writing. I always did and always will. But here’s the catch – there’s no guarantee that if you love something, you’ll automatically be good at it. Just take a look at your cousin who just won’t stop singing… That’s another story, though. I’m here to share 5 (and some more!) great, great things I learned from Brian Clark, probably one of the best bloggers of all time.

On his blog, Brian shares his insights about much- needed blogging skills, writing great articles, completely removing writer’s block, creating attention-grasping pieces of content and the best ways to make blogs kick butt. I’ve been reading for quite a while, and can proudly announce that my eyes have seen most of the words written by Clark and other great contributors that share their blogging secrets on the site.

Although it’s quite hard to choose only 5 things I learned from these great writers (it sounds cheesy, but I cannot help myself), it would be very hard and time-consuming for me to write all 1,001 lessons learned. Read More

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