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How to Apply “The Power of 100″ to Your Blog


Blogging is not restricted to writing. To get more users to visit and read your blog, you need to spend time promoting it to the right people. Writing still plays a big part in your blog, but spreading the word about your blog is just as important.

If you have been churning out quality posts but receive less visitors than you deserve, then you should let The Power of 100 compel you and your blog.

What is The Power of 100?

The principle behind The Power of 100 is to promote your latest blog post to at least 100 people. The origins of this concept is unknown but can be traced from this post at Bigger Pockets in 2009. It is just part of the many and best ways to promote your blog.

By applying the Power of 100 to your blog, you will get more people to visit your blog. This also encourages you to be more social and engaged with your blog’s target audience. You can get them to become regular visitors and blog advocates if they love your posts.

Below are the best ways on how you can get at least 100 visitors a day on your blog.

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Engaging Content Posts Don’t Stop After You Hit Publish

BloggingWhen you have a conversation with a friend, co-worker or family member there’s a good chance that many of your conversations will be brought up again in the future, perhaps to add something new you’ve learned about the subject or perhaps to answer further questions about the conversation.

The ability to continue a conversation is one area where many bloggers fail to excel, whether it’s answering a few user questions or adding more information to the conversation the ability to actively engage your visitors can be what truly creates your “engaging” content.

1. Answering Questions

This step serves two purposes, the first is to instill a sense of trust in your visitors. As you answer questions you are able to position yourself as an authority on the subject you have written about (especially important if you are a new voice in the blogosphere). Even if you have to do some research on your own part to find the answer you not only learn something you but also show your visitors that you are invested in them the way you hope they will become invested in you.

The second part of answering questions is the ability to create new content. For example you may find that several of your users are looking for information not covered in your post, by writing a new entry and then commenting that entry as your answer you not only help your users with more than a simple comment answer but provide valuable content to them and other readers who will likely have the same questions asked by many of your vistitors. Read More

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Devil’s Advocate: Why Blogs Should Ditch Comments

Although I’m personally a fan of comment section (regardless of whether you power it with Facebook, Disqus or choose native comments instead), there are a number of prominent blogs who have disabled the comment section completely.

Sites like Daring Fireball and Instapundit (not to mention millions of Tumblr blogs) refuse to open up their posts for readers to comment upon, choosing instead to allow readers to email responses to the writer.

For those of you who are undecided about the value of blog comments, here are a few reasons why you should consider disabling them upon your sites. Read More

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Are Facebook Comments Bad For Blog SEO?

Apparently bloggers implementing Facebook comments upon their blog may be hurting their site’s SEO (at least as far as Google is concerned).

Facebook Comments are served in an iframe.

This means that the comments are not going to be attributed to that page or site nor seen by search engines. In short, Facebook Comments reside in the walled garden. All your comments are belong to Facebook.

This differs from implementations like Disqus or IntenseDebate where the comments are ‘on the page’ or ‘in-line’. (Blind Five Year Old)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

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How To Harness The Power Within Your Readers’ Blog Comments

For many bloggers, a comment is a very valuable thing, especially for new bloggers who are looking for confirmation that their voices are being heard and visitors are actually engaging their new blog. Its very satisfying when our articles are well received by our audience and we begin to build a vibrant community of dedicated readers.

The truth is that blog comments can provide a greater purpose than just feeding our egos and offers a wealth of information that can help to propel us further on our blogging journey. Blog comments contain clues to the things we may be doing wrong and what our readers really want to see.

Let us take a look at what we can learn from our blog comments. Read More

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