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Blog Comments Do’s and Don’ts

A blog without comments is like having a conversation with yourself.

Having people commenting on what you’ve written and leaving remarks on other’s blog posts is what makes the blogosphere go round.

What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to blog comments? As a WordPress blogs two of the most commonly used anti-spam comment plugins are Akismet and GASP (GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin) and these can save you a lot of time trawling through pointless comments and blatant attempts at getting backlinks.

Blog readers

If you frequently comment on other people’s blog posts, the next four tips are for you… Read More

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Why Bother Leaving MEAN Blog Comments?

I’ve had the good fortune to recently have several blog posts make it to Yahoo! homepage. When I first set out on a blogging path, this was a goal of mine. I wasn’t driven by the fame and fortune (there’s none!); it was the love of comments, lots of them, that drove me to try to get some major media love. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying as a blogger than to write about a topic you are passionate about and spark interesting dialogue.

According to San Diego-based Internet consultant Danny DeMichele, “Comments are an underrated tool you can use to build real relationships with readers, publishers, and site owners to help your overall online marketing goals.”

Unfortunately, despite the volume of comments on Yahoo!, that never happened. Instead, many of the comments were useless, silly and, well, downright mean. Before leaving a negative comment on a blog, consider the following:

THE BLOGGER IS JUST LIKE YOU. Unlike celebrities and athletes, bloggers are not compensated to withstand public scrutiny and personal attacks. Successful bloggers must have a thick skin, and a little jousting is par for the course, but leaving a mean comment just for the sake of it benefits no one. Read More

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How Probloggers Can Generate Cash From The Comment Section

When it comes to seeking out new forms of revenue, most bloggers choose to overload their blogs with advertisements, with a few brave souls charging for content or experimenting with job boards.

Although there are numerous other ways to generate extra revenue through blogging, most bloggers rarely think about finding ways to generate comments from their comments section, which (for obvious reasons) receives a lot of attention from readers.

While probloggers should always be cautious about these ideas listed below (i.e. know your audience), here are three suggestions for those of you attempting to maximize revenue upon your blog. Read More

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Should Probloggers Outsource Their Blog Comments?

When it comes to blogging, nothing says community better than by allowing readers to voice their opinions upon your site.

While most mainstream blogging platforms boast a decent commenting system, blogging pros may wonder whether they should consider outsourcing their comment section or leave the native system up instead.

Since outsourcing ones comments can be a touchy subject (as there are passionate voices on both sides of the issue), here are three reasons why you should and should not outsource your communities voice to third parties. Read More

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5 Ways to Handle Criticism: How to Build a Blogging Thick Skin

For better or worse, bloggers put themselves out there, on display, for the entire world to see. And unlike professional athletes and Hollywood stars, we’re not compensated for criticism. But we get it anyway. Sometimes it’s harsh. It’s actually a small price to pay for having the freedom to do something you love.

Some bloggers are timid writing types, the kind of folks who shy away from confrontation. Others are ‘computer tough guys,’ writers who are looking for trouble by stirring the pot. The reality is that even the best writer has an off day. Spelling errors: check. Typos: check, check. Grammar problems: check, check, check.

When someone publicly (or privately) calls you out for content, style or syntax, take a deep breath and follow these guidelines. Read More

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Kill Blog Comment Spam in 5 Easy Steps

An easy way to ruin the visitor experience on your blog is by allowing the comments sections of your posts to get cluttered with spam comments, which do nothing to add to the conversation and typically include links to useless, irrelevant or spam pages.  Fortunately, you can fight back against blog comment spam!

Depending on the blogging application you use, you can configure your blog settings to fight blog comment spam in one or more of the ways listed below:

1. Identify the suspects.

Prepare yourself for the fight by learning to recognize blog comments that are likely to be spam.  Examples include:

  • Comments that are written with unrecognizable characters or a meaningless jumble of words and letters.
  • Comments that include little more than a list of links.
  • Comments that include URLs in either the comment, itself, or the URL box of the comment submission form, which are completely unrelated to your blog or the comment.  For example, a comment that includes a link to a site to purchase a prescription drug or pornography.
  • Comments that say too little or too much.  For example, spam comments often say little more than “good post” or they might be overly complimentary without adding any value to the conversation.  If you come across posts like this, check the links included in the comment or comment submission form to see where they lead. Read More

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4 Ways To Kill Off Human Comment Spam

Blogosphere, we have a problem.

Our spamming foes are switching tactics on us, and are now using humans to market their “enhancement” products, as their mechanical minions are unable to reach their spam quota (thanks in part to awesome anti-spam technology).

Unless we can find a way to thwart these evil beings, we will have to surrender our beloved comment section–or worse–join the various blog cults out there that only allow a select few to comment, while restricting access to the rest of the world.

Since I’d rather downgrade my blogging platform than surrender hearing opinions from my readers, here are a four methods that can help kill off these annoying pests without threatening our thriving communities. Read More

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4 Questions to Answer Before Leaving a Comment

Bloggers are faced with an obstacle of “time sucks” at every turn. These are evil black holes that take away your valuable time, and leave you with nothing viable to show for your efforts. Surfing the Web, researching topics, fantasy baseball leagues, and constant interruptions are just the tip of the iceberg. Another time oft overlooked time leech can be responding to blog comments.

I know that many blog advice sites recommend that bloggers respond to all comments. After all, we already know that the vast majority of people will never leave a comment. And I agree (to a point) that most comments, short of spam, deserve to be acknowledged. But before clanking away at the keyboard, ask yourself the following… Read More

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4 Dumb Ways To Fight Comment Spam (Use Them At Your Own Risk)

In the never ending war against spam, many bloggers across the internet are utilizing tools (both free and premium) to thwart aggressive marketers attempting to sell everyone useless “enhancement products” or adult rated toys.

Unfortunately many bloggers (both seasoned and newbie’s) are choosing methods that are turning potential commenters into lurkers, killing off what could be a thriving community.

So unless you enjoy massive collateral damage while you battle against comment spam, here are four dumb (yet popular) ways to fight comment spam–as well as alternatives for those of you adopting these methods. Read More

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Who Actually Leaves Blog Comments?

Aside from traffic, one metric that makes bloggers really feel accomplished is the volume of comments they are able to attract.  A blog that generates intelligent conversation between visitors is more likely to get “sticky” visitors who will return in the future.

But all comments are not created equal.

While I am thankful to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment (well except for those annoying Russian spammers), I do think each blog commenter can be categorized into general groups.

  1. The Correctors.
    They point out typos and factual errors. Look how smart I am.  They get off on getting you with your pants down. Read More

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