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Blogging Events: Are They Worth Attending?

If you’ve been working on your blog for awhile (or simply reading a lot of other blogs), then you have no doubt heard about blogging events. These conferences are held fairly often and all over the globe and while some are generic, many cater to certain types (or categories) of blogs. For example, there are conventions for food blogs, travel blogs, activist blogs, and even for people who blog about events (like blog conventions, for example). In short, no matter what your content, there is likely a gathering of like-minded people somewhere in the world focused on your topic of choice. Or at least there’s something general that you could attend to get an idea of what they’re all about. Unfortunately, most have some kind of fee to attend (along with the money you’ll spend for travel and lodging). So what makes a blogging event worth attending in the first place? Read More

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